Whodunnit?: Iniquitous Intentions
As thirteen unlucky contestants enter Rue Manor, they are faced with a diabolical serial Killer! The secret? The Killer is amongst them and will do anything to kill everyone off one by one! The only way to survive is to solve The Killer's riddles and figure out Whodunnit!
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The outdoor Gazebo has a rather regal feel to it. It's a peaceful spot where you can come outside to relax for a while.

6/21/2014 #1

After conversing with a few others about what they found and meeting Cherry, Tip had decided not to wait for her reaction to being trapped in a murderer's game. Instead, he decided to go to the Gazebo.

He sat down within it, sighing and drinking a glass of ice water as he read a book. This place truly was relaxing, despite all of the murder...

6/21/2014 #2

It began to rain.

6/21/2014 #3

Jet ran towards Tip.

"Hey! Hey you! Hey guy! Hey you, person! HEYHEYHEY!!!"

6/21/2014 #4

Tip frowned, but it didn't quite hurt him; he was under the safety of the gazebo for now, after all. He just wouldn't be able to get out from under the gazebo for a while without getting wet...

"Um, yes...?" Tip Vulpix inquired of Jet.

6/21/2014 #5

Jet got drenched running towards Tip.

6/21/2014 #6

"My name is Jet! Hahaha! What's your name!?" Jet asked.

6/21/2014 #7

Tip raised an eyebrow at the boy; he seemed... Off... Just like a lot of people at this manor.

Perhaps he was the only sane person here. It seemed like it, at this rate.

"I'm Tip Vulpix." The teenager nodded.

6/21/2014 #8

"Tip? Hey, our names both have 3 letters! Hahahahaha! Hey, hey Tip! Hey Tip, I need advice! Can you give me a Tip!? HAHAHAHA!!!!"

(gtg yes my character is strange.)

6/21/2014 #9

Cherry knew it was raining...Yet she walked over anyway. There were people here. She needed to meet people. Plus, she just liked rain. Rain was cool. It refreshed the soul and mind and made one wiser every time they walked in it.

So she approached the two under the gazebo, not seeming to mind getting drenched. "H-Hello...Wh-Who are you?"

6/21/2014 #10

(Oh dear.)

"Um... Yeah, sure..." Tip wondered if he could use anything in the gazebo as a weapon.

"Hello." The teenager awkwardly waved to Cheery. "I'm... Tip Vulpix... And this is Jet... I suppose..." He muttered, still making sure Jet wouldn't try to kill him or anything.

6/21/2014 . Edited 6/21/2014 #11

"N-Nice to m-meet you...I-I'm Ch-Cherry V-Vines..." She smiled and offered a hand.

6/21/2014 #12

"Ah, like that Warriors thing my friend Hawk ranted to me about."

"Nice to meet you as well." The boy nodded, shaking Cherry's hand. "I have to say, I don't remember seeing you anywhere so far... I'm surprised this is the first time we've met, actually."

6/21/2014 #13

"wat you talk bout? Cherryvines could never be a warrior name! Perhaps Cherryheart or Cherrylight Cherryclaw or Cherrytail or Cherrystripe or Cherryfang or Cherrypelt or Cherrynose or Cherrypool or Cherrywing but never so silly as Cherryvines!"

"I-I'm new here..." She smiled. "I-I c-came here for m-my b-boyfriend b-because he had m-medical p-problems...S-Someone here t-tried to pull a joke on m-me and told me th-that there's a k-killer...S-Silly, right?" She laughed lightly.

6/21/2014 #14

Tip frowned. Should he tell the truth, or lie to her to make her feel better until the truth hits her?

"... No, as crazy as the people in this house are... They're not lying." The boy sighed and shook his head. "Some lunatic locked us in here and now we have to figure out how they're killing our fellow housemates... Otherwise, we become the next to die. I'm very sorry about this, but there's nothing much we can to about it at the moment. We just have to play the game and pray someone finds out we're here."

6/21/2014 #15

Her smile vanished. "...Wh-What?"

6/21/2014 #16

"There have been two victims so far." Tip spoke in a more professional tone in an attempt to convince Cherry. "Hawk and Freek. One was killed by being stabbed with a fireplace poker, and the other... Well, it seems obvious, but we're still investigating the other murder." The boy nodded, frowning. "So if you see any sort of message that's luring you anywhere... Don't follow it. You will die."

6/21/2014 #17

She looked dreadfully frightened. "...O-Okay," she squeaked. "Th-Thank you for t-telling me..."

6/21/2014 #18

"I'm... Very sorry." Tip Vulpix frowned, looking downcast. "It appears there isn't an escape... But we may find one soon. Don't give up yet."

6/21/2014 #19

"D-Do you r-really th-think s-so?" She looked hopeful for a moment.

6/21/2014 #20

"S-So wh-what d-do you th-think is g-going t-to h-happen?"

6/21/2014 #21

"I think so." The teenager nodded. "I think we're going to get a chance to solve the riddle soon... Then we're going to learn who's spared verses who's scared... And perhaps the killer will slip up now that we know what to avoid?"

6/21/2014 #22

"R-Riddle?" Confusion filled her eyes. "S-Spared? S-Scared...?"

6/21/2014 #23

"Um... Once we're done investigating, we get a riddle and have to run throughout the house. I solved the first one... I think you basically get to know what the murder weapon is." The boy attempted an awkward smile. "So do your best in those, alright? And only share the info with those you trust most."

"Oh, and you have to give a theory on how you think the murder happened after the riddle... If you do well, you're Spared and don't die next. If you do horribly, you're Scared and you might die next."

6/21/2014 #24

Her eyes widened, and a whimper escaped her. "I-I'm going t-to d-die," she squeaked, tears beginning to well in her eyes.

6/21/2014 #25

Tip Vulpix winced. "W-what? No, no, that isn't true... I mean, the three who were Scared last time didn't even submit their theories... All you have to do to survive at this point is submit a theory that seems logical. Don't cry..." He grimaced. He wasn't too good at comforting others...

6/21/2014 #26

"B-But if I'm already s-scared, d-doesn't th-that m-mean I g-get a s-scared c-card a-automatically?" She sniffled. "Th-The others w-weren't s-scared..."

6/21/2014 #27

"That's because they're insane, Cherry." Tip reassured. "And no. Even if you're scared out of your mind, that doesn't mean you become Scared in the sense that you might get killed by the killer... Do you understand? Fear doesn't work in the killer's mind like it does in ours. They think that a lack of intelligence or ability to solve mysteries is to be Scared... I think."

6/21/2014 #28

She nodded, wiping her eyes. "...O-Okay...Th-Thank you, Mister...um...Pit?"

6/21/2014 #29

"Tip. Tip Vulpix." Tip nodded. "Not the Kid Icarus character. But a lot of people joke about that. My friends used to call me the evil version of Pit until Dark Pit came out." He chuckled lightly. "Though I never really liked being called the opposite of an angel..."

6/21/2014 #30
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