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Create an OC or choose a canon character and RP in Berk. Please watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 before RPG unless you want major spoilers. I'm only saying this because the movie is still in theaters.
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Dragon Faller

(This is the forum thread made for roleplaying.)

9/6/2014 #1
Dragon Faller

Two small silver dragons flew after each other in a game of tag. "I'm gonna get you!" cried one in a little voice. Suddenly a brunette girl stepped in front of them, casing them to crash into her. Sunset smiled at Shimmer. "What are you two doing?" she asked. "We're playing tag," the boy dragon responded. "Yeah," Shimmer agreed, whacking her brother Lightning in the face with her tail. "You're it!"

9/6/2014 #2
Dragon Faller

Sunset chuckled at their game and whistled with both fingers in her mouth. "Hey Blast!" she called. A large red horned dragon few down from the roof. "Do you want to race?" she asked him. He smiled in a way only a Monstrous Nightmare can. "You're on." She transformed into her Night Fury form. "Ready? Set? Go!" They both took off, each trying hard to outfly the other. In the end though, Sunset won by a long shot.

9/6/2014 #3

A dragon was flying above the ocean with a young girl on its back. The young girl was screaming in delight as they flew across the ocean, feeling a few water droplets hit her bare feet. "Come on Sapphire! Let's see what you got!" The girl exclaimed. Sapphire smiled and flew upwards. She the closed her wings and the two began diving towards the ocean.

9/6/2014 #4
Dragon Faller

(Do you want to use the canon characters yet? Just asking since you're Hiccup.)

9/8/2014 #5
Dragon Faller

(And I'm not sure where to start with them.)

9/8/2014 #6

(Um...I'm not sure, maybe later)

9/8/2014 #7
Dragon Faller


9/8/2014 #8

(Yay! XD You want to have our character meet now or not yet?)

Just before they hit the water, Sapphire opened her wings, causing the two to glide above the water. The two continued to do this for a while before they started to head back to their home. As they were flying, the young girl grew tired and soon fell asleep.

9/8/2014 #9
Dragon Faller

(Sure! And want to use Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless yet?) Sunset smiled at the dragon. "Hey let's head back to Berk and get some fish, ok?" she asked him.

9/10/2014 . Edited 9/10/2014 #10
Dragon Faller

Sabril sat at the cove, her knees pressed up against her chest. A growl came from behind her and a large dragon landed beside her. "Hey boy. Just watching the sunset." She smiled and looked out in the distance. She was waiting for she best friend Sunset and her dragon Blast.

9/10/2014 #11

(*shrugs* What do you want to do?)

Sapphire smiled and landed on an island that was near by. She set the girl on the ground and curl up around her, soon falling asleep. A few moments later, the girl opened her eyes and looked around. ' island. Sweet!' She thought.

9/10/2014 #12
Dragon Faller

(I kinda want to use them.)

9/11/2014 #13

(Ok, you can use them :D)

9/11/2014 #14

(How do I put them in the rp?)

The girl managed to escape her mother's grasp without waking her up. She wandered around the forest on all fours, looking around for anything to mess with.

9/14/2014 #15
Dragon Faller

(I don't know.)

9/14/2014 . Edited 9/14/2014 #16

(Oh. XD)

9/14/2014 #17

(Hm...maybe this could work?)

Hiccup was sitting on Toothless' back, looking don at the island as they flew around.

9/14/2014 . Edited 9/14/2014 #18
Dragon Faller

(I guess this could work.) Toothless growled with pleasure, happy they could finally have some free time. Ever since Hiccup became chief, he hadn't had very much time for his dragon friend.

9/15/2014 . Edited 9/15/2014 #19

(I guess so)

Hiccup smiled and patted the side of his friend's head. "What do you want to do today bud?" He asked.

9/15/2014 #20
Dragon Faller

(Seems pretty good, so I guess we'll do it.)

Toothless warbled and flew up higher until they were above the clouds.

9/15/2014 . Edited 9/15/2014 #21

(Ok XD)

Hiccup looked around to see if any of the dragons were flying around.

9/15/2014 #22
Dragon Faller

(XD Can I do something uncreative for a sec.?) Sunset and Blast happened to be flying by at that exact moment, and the Night Fury was paying little attention to the duo flying by them. (The Night Fury being Sunset.)

9/15/2014 #23

(Sure I guess XD)

Hiccup looked to the side and noticed that Sunset and Blast were flying near them. He kept quiet, knowing that they probably haven't noticed them yet.

9/15/2014 #24
Dragon Faller

(XD Yayz for being uncreative for absolutely no good reason.)

9/15/2014 #25

(Woo!!!!! XD)

9/15/2014 #26
Dragon Faller


9/15/2014 #27


9/15/2014 #28
Dragon Faller

Suddenly Sunset felt someone watching her. Even though Blast had left her behind, she stopped and turned behind her and saw Hiccup and Toothless.

9/15/2014 #29

"Hey there!" Hiccup called out and waved at Sunset. "Come Toothless, let's catch up with them" He whispered.

9/15/2014 #30
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