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Create an OC or choose a canon character and RP in Berk. Please watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 before RPG unless you want major spoilers. I'm only saying this because the movie is still in theaters.
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Dragon Faller

(What were your characters doing before Vikings and Dragons were united?)

9/6/2014 #1
Dragon Faller

15-year-old Sunset sat on the docks of Berk at sundown, waiting for the dragons the start raiding. She though about joining them-she'd never done it before, but had always wanted to. Maybe_maybe she could. As the sun went down, a roar sounded from nearby. "They're here," she whispered.

9/6/2014 #2

A 7-year-old girl sat on the back of one of the dragons, clinging onto its horns. "Mama, we're here!" The little girl exclaimed, seeing a familiar island approaching.

9/10/2014 #3
Dragon Faller

Sunset stood up and checked behind her, making sure no one was watching her. Then she jumped off the docks and transformed into a large black dragon. She roared and joined the large dragon flying toward the island. Then she saw the girl on her back. A little girl with a dragon's ears and tail.

9/10/2014 #4

The little girl hadn't noticed Sunset flying with them and continued to look at the island. The dragon she was on began to make some noises to the girl. "I know mom, don't go wandering into the village, stay in the forest, blah blah blah" The girl said.

9/10/2014 #5
Dragon Faller

(Do we bring the canon characters into this, considering we know where they were?)

9/15/2014 #6

(We can do that)

9/15/2014 #7
Dragon Faller


9/17/2014 #8

(Woo! So...where do we start again? XD)

9/17/2014 #9
Dragon Faller

(XD I don't know. Random spot I guess.) Sunset joined the other dragons headed for the main part of the island. (This is probably the part where Hiccup shoots down Toothless)

9/17/2014 . Edited 9/17/2014 #10

(Ok, sounds good to me!)

Hiccup could be spotted on a cliff, far away from the village with one of his inventions in front of him. "Come on, give me something to shoot at, give me something to shoot at" He whispered to himself as he looked for a target.

Skylar was in the forest, watching the raid. She was more focused on the people fighting in the village.

9/17/2014 #11
Dragon Faller

(Sorry I haven't been on here for a while) Toothless flew through the sky on his first raid. This was exciting for him. He was a Night Fury after all. Night Furies never miss, he thought to himself, searching for a place to shoot at. He had almost searched the entire island-at least it felt that way-until he found a watch tower perfect for shooting at. He took off toward the tower and shot a powerful blast of plasma at it. It collapsed instantly.

Sunset flew toward the village, searching for somewhere to attack.

9/27/2014 . Edited 9/27/2014 #12

(It's fine!)

Hiccup continued to look for a target until he spotted something moving in the night sky. He closed his eyes and hoped for the best before he pulled a trigger, causing a bola to fly up towards the sky.

Skylar was curious on why they were attacking the dragons. Did they not know why the dragons were attacking? She then decided to ignore what her mother told her and walked into the village.

9/27/2014 #13
Dragon Faller

Toothless only saw it for a spilt second until he was caught and fell. He fell through the air and felt pain in his tail, and that's all he remembered before he hit the ground.

Sunset saw a small figure moving from the woods, so she headed down toward it.

9/27/2014 #14

Hiccup opened his eyes just in time to see the dragon fall towards the woods. "I did it, yes! I did it! Did anyone see that?" He asked before hearing something behind him. He turned around to see a Monstrous Nightmare climbing up the hill. "Except for you..." He said.

Skylar saw the something fall to the forest. 'Oh no! Something hit the Night Fury!' She thought, starting to worry.

9/27/2014 #15
Dragon Faller

Sunset stopped when she saw the Night Fury going down. Terrified suddenly, she took of toward the woods.

9/27/2014 #16
Dragon Faller

Toothless opened his eyes, still feeling the pain in his tail. He roared and tried to see his tail, but he than realized he was tied up.

9/27/2014 . Edited 9/27/2014 #17

Skylar just stood there for a moment, staring at the forest before she heard someone screaming.

Hiccup ran as fast as he could from the dragon. He saw a pillar and hid behind it, hoping it would protect him.

9/27/2014 #18
Dragon Faller

(Should I be Stoick since you're Hiccup and Astrid already?) Toothless managed to turn himself to face the direction where he had fallen down.

Sunset followed in the direction of where the Night Fury had fallen down.

9/27/2014 . Edited 9/27/2014 #19

(You can if you want to :D)

Skylar ran over to where she heard the screaming and stopped when she saw a boy behind a pillar and a Monstrous Nightmare creeping up on him.

9/27/2014 #20
Dragon Faller

(I don't know if I want to. I will if you don't want to though.)

Sunset landed on the ground next to the Night Fury. He growled at her but she crawled toward him, worried he was seriously injured.

9/27/2014 #21

(I don't know if I want to XD)

Skylar didn't know what to do, should she save the boy or just leave him?

9/27/2014 #22
Dragon Faller

(Same here. :3 So who's gonna be Stoick?)

Sunset gasped in horror as she realized the dragon's left tail fin was missing.

9/27/2014 . Edited 9/27/2014 #23

(I don't know! XD Maybe you should *shrugs* I'm so confused!)

Skylar walked around in a circle for a minute before she made up her mind.

9/27/2014 #24
Dragon Faller

(*cries* I don't know! Maybe we could switch off... :3 Can you be him for now I'll take over whenever you want to be done?)

9/27/2014 #25

(Ok, ok. This could work....Woo! Problem solved XD)

The Monstrous Nightmare was about to attack Hiccup until a man appeared and punched the dragon in the face.

Skylar sighed and decided to check if the Night Fury was ok. She ran away, towards the woods.

9/27/2014 #26
Dragon Faller

(Yayz! :D I blurted out a random solution and it worked! :D)

Sunset heard a noise nearby in the woods and growled. It was probably the person the shot that Night Fury down.

9/27/2014 . Edited 9/27/2014 #27


The man and dragon continued to fight until the Monstrous Nightmare retreated in defeat. The man then looked at Hiccup with an upset look.

Skylar heard something growl at her and growled back, heading towards the noise.

9/27/2014 #28
Dragon Faller

Sunset heard the growl. Well, it wasn't human but it was still unknown to her what it was and she didn't trust it. She wanted to try to protect the injured dragon at all costs.

9/27/2014 #29

Skylar crawled out of the bushes and saw Sunset next to the injured dragon. "Is he alright?" She asked.

9/27/2014 #30
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