Berk RP
Create an OC or choose a canon character and RP in Berk. Please watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 before RPG unless you want major spoilers. I'm only saying this because the movie is still in theaters.
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Dragon Faller

Rules of the Forum (please read):

1. Yes, Night Furies are allowed (one of my OC's is a Night Fury) but I don't want Night Furies crawling my forum. If you are insanely in love with Night Furies (like myself) I will allow your OC. If you don't care, just come up with another dragon. (Heck, you could even have a Frightmare or Bewilderbeast OC for all I care.)

2. Halfs. Yes, weredragon OC's are allowed. (and highly encouraged) My Night Fury OC is a halfy, because I love Night Fury halfies.

3. No killing other's OC unless they ask for you too.

That's it! Any questions? Ask down below or PM me, your choice!

9/7/2014 . Edited 9/7/2014 #1

I accept these rules! XD

9/7/2014 #2
Dragon Faller


9/8/2014 #3


9/14/2014 #4
Dragon Faller

Yayz! (That's my new favorite thing to say!)

9/15/2014 . Edited 9/15/2014 #5

Mine is a weird word I made up :P

9/15/2014 #6


9/16/2014 #7

Rules officially accepted!

9/18/2014 #8

(I think we need a chat topic XD)

9/19/2014 #9
Blade - Changeling Overlord

I accept the rules. Can I join?

4/7/2015 #10

Sure! :D

4/9/2015 #11
Blade - Changeling Overlord

Yay! Making a character now.

4/9/2015 #12


4/9/2015 #13
Blade - Changeling Overlord

character made. Will somebody check it?

4/9/2015 #14

Already did :)

4/9/2015 #15
I accept!
4/17/2015 #16

Welcome! :)

4/17/2015 #17
Silver Blue Eyed Wolf

I accept the rules! :)

5/15/2015 #18

Welcome! :D

5/15/2015 #19
J The Potato

Can i make a Hobblegrunt OC?

7/14/2015 #20
J The Potato

Oh and i accept the rules

7/14/2015 #21

Is this Forum still alive? If so I accept the stated rules.

1/11/2016 #22
Bolt Greywing

I accept these rules.

6/15/2017 #23
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