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(Um okay, not much to say really. )

6/18/2014 #1

Haruka walked down the street, humming to herself.

6/18/2014 #2

Ryuji just so happened to have been leaning against a wall on the ground, peeking around the corner. Waiting for his target to show up.

6/18/2014 #3

Ranma was now in his girl form as he walked beside Akane.

6/18/2014 #4

As soon as they got close, Ryuji splashed the bottle of water on Ranko.

6/18/2014 #5

Ranma looked around and glared."What th-"

6/19/2014 #6

And before she could blink, there were two. Two twin identical Ranmas that were so alike it was as if they were looking into a mirror.

It worked! Ryuji thought in triumph with a grin. Then with a whoosh of wind, disappears, another blew through as suddenly the Twin disappears too.

6/19/2014 #7

Ranma didn't know what to say or think about this.It just happened all so sudden and not to mention this was strange too.

6/19/2014 #8

"What...just happened? For a minute there, I saw two of you..." Akane asks Ranma.

6/19/2014 #9

"I don't know.All I know is someone poured water on me then it just happened"Ranma answered. "I'm confused"he said.

6/19/2014 #10

"Splashed water on you?" Akane gains a thoughtful look "You're already a girl...And you're not that drenched...so...It might have been some kind of special water. Like the ones from Jusenkyo, or the water from (Forgot his name)'s pail."

6/19/2014 #11

"Yeah, I think it was"Ranma replied."It must be.I don't know why someone would do that"

6/19/2014 #12

Akane gives her the deadpan look "I can think of many..."


Meanwhile in a old factory down the river in Nerima, 'Ranko' appears in the middle of the floor via gust of wind.

6/19/2014 #13

Ranma scratched her head."Oh yeah.."

Haruka was walking by Ranma and Akane.

6/19/2014 #14

Akane sees her and smiles "Hey Haruka!" she waved.


Her captor appears in behind her. Brown bag in hand with a look of merit "Wakey Wakey Ranko-chan."

6/19/2014 #15

Haruka stopped and smiled."Hi Akane"she waved back.

6/19/2014 #16

(You control both Rankos.)

6/19/2014 #17


Ranko slowly woke up.

6/19/2014 #18

(Can we get more Descriptive? Plus he hasnt sprinkled her with the special dust yet so she's still the same as the original, or...unless as a twin she's the opposite...Idk.)

6/19/2014 #19

(Okay, I'll try to be)

Ranko stirred a little. She had no idea what was going on.She could faintly hear a voice talking to her.She tried opening her eyes but she still felt sleepy.She stirred again, trying to get comfy.

6/19/2014 #20

"How are ya today?" Akane greeted one of her few friends at school with delite.


(I suppose she has the original's memories?)

Ryuji smirked deviously, he knew the sure fire way to get a girl to wake up, and he definately has the skills to survive it. "*Grope's the ass of Ranko*"

6/19/2014 #21

"Good"Haruka smiled."How about you? "

Ranko kept stirring constantly in her sleep.She started soring loudly as she slept.She didn't wanna wake up.She felt so sleepy.She turned and almost kicked him in the face.

(Yeah.Haruka is Akane's cousin and she lives with her and the rest of the family too, by the way)

6/19/2014 . Edited 6/19/2014 #22

"Im doing well. Anything happened on your walk?" Akane asks.

(She can have seen Ryuji before he disappeared.)


The orange head swiftly dodged the kick and looks down at her "Wow....this would probably be really hot if she was wearing her nightwear... " he muttered. "Too bad i need her awake..." skirting quietly around her form to her flank, the young man swiftly pokes one of the few pressure points he knows on her body, He never did pay close attention to that lesson, to wake her up.

6/19/2014 #23

"I saw this boy while I was walking by"Haruka replied."He seemed like he was up to something"she said.

Ranko groaned."5 more minutes, I don't wanna get up"she muttered. She stirred some more as she continued to sleep.She felt something and woke up."Hey!"she yelled. "What's the big idea waking me up like that?"she glared.

6/19/2014 #24

"A boy?" Akane says in curiousness "Maybe...Did you see what he was holding?" she asks.

Ryuji answered while digging into the little brown bag "Actually...I needed you to be awake to hear me for the big idea." He said then pulls out a hand ful of dust, and sprinkles it over Ranko's head.

Immediately she felt herself going into a light headed trance, as if she were hypnotized.

6/19/2014 #25

"Yeah"Haruka answered. "I think he was holding a bottle of water"

Ranko didn't understand or know wha was happening. She was hesitant at first about this.She then odded."Um okay"she said,hesitantly. She slowly went into a trance, her eyes focused on Ryuji.

6/19/2014 #26

"A bottle of water?" Akane raised an eyebrow. She glanced to Ranma for her take on this.


Just like she was being hypnotized, everything Ryuji tells her will be true to her, a powerful brainwashing that cant be undone.

"Okay Ranko," He started with a wide grin "I'm Ryuji Sugahara(Part one of improvements ill be making to him), and im going to tell you some things you need to know. First, You have a huge crush on me and was just about to confess your feelings. We met at Jusenkyo hot springs, where I found you unconscious in the woods. You are the Twin Sister of Ranma Saotome because he was Splashed by water from the spring of drowned Twins and you were created. I took care of you and took you with me on my Training journey, after I fell in spring of drowned Red Panda. We traveled together to better our skills and because I was a better explorer than you, though you hated that. You don't have to be like your brother, in fact, you want to be a better fighter than your brother. And finally, Your submissive side belongs only to me. Understand?"

6/19/2014 . Edited 6/19/2014 #27

"Yeah"Haruka said.

Ranma looked over at Akane. "I'm guessing that that bottle had special water in it, so that guy was planning to use it on me I guess"

Ranko was still in the trance.She was unaware of what was happening to her.She kept focus on her,not taking her eyes off Ryuji.She listened carefully to what he was saying."Yes, I understand"she repled.

6/19/2014 #28

"Yeah...Question is...What did the water do to you?" She wondered. "Did it lock you in female form again?"


"Good. Oh, a few more things, you fell in the spring of drowned Doppelganger. Which is is why you have your shape shifting ability. Your still cursed to turn into a male when your dowsed in hot water and back to female when dowsed in cold water. But you chose to be female primarily, and decided to have bigger boobs than your brother's girl form. And you trust me completely" he added before holding up his fingers together "Now when I snap my fingers, you will come out of your trance, and everything I told you will be committed to your memory." he explained lastly, then snaps his fingers.

6/19/2014 #29

"I don't know"Ranma replied."Maybe"

Ranko stayed in this trance.Honestly, she was still unaware that she was being brainwashed. Somehow, this seemed completely fine to her.She just listened to him.She snapped out of the trance once he snapped his fingers.

6/19/2014 #30
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