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A mysterious old man arrived at the Tendo Dojo and he walked in.

Nabiki who was in blue overalls and a striped shirt saw him and said narrowing her eyes "Who are you?"

The old man said "I am Senma Saotome."

Genma who was with Akane froze as they were in another room.

Genma said entranced "Is it? No is it?"

8/4/2014 #1

Akane give Genma a look."Mr Saotome, what's wrong? "

Haruka looked at Genma in confusion.

(My oc Haruka is Akane's, Kasumi's and Nabiki's cousin.)

8/4/2014 #2


Genma said "He's here... My father..."

8/4/2014 #3

Akane nodded. "Is that bad?"

8/4/2014 #4

Nabiki comes in and has her hands on the belt on her overalls and says "Mister Saotome this guy knows you."

Senma looks coldly at Genma "Son."

Genma said to Senma "Dad.... Wha? But it was so many years?"

8/4/2014 #5

Akane and Haruka both look back and forth between Senma and Genma, not sure what to think.

8/4/2014 #6

Senma walks to Genma and brandishes a cane and says "How have you been doing boy?"

Genma stutters looking afraid "I'm o-okay."

8/4/2014 #7

Akane and Haruka both continued to look between Senma and Genma, watching them carefully.

8/4/2014 #8

Nabiki is also looking.

Senma sneers "Don't be a rude pig introduce me to those two ladies. I met Nabiki."

Genma said "Yes sir. these two are Akane and Haruka Tendo."

8/4/2014 #9

Akane and Haruka both smile."Hi"they both say.

8/4/2014 #10

Senma looks at them and smiles gently "Hello there it's nice to meet you both."

8/4/2014 #11

Akane and Haruka both stand up."Its nice to meet you too"

8/4/2014 #12

Senma said "Has my son caused you any trouble?"

8/4/2014 #13

"Nope, not that much"Akane replied. "Ranma on the other hand is a different story"

8/4/2014 #14

Senma said "Ranma..?"

Genma said "My son... Your grandson."

Senma said "I have a grandson...?"

8/4/2014 #15

Akane and Haruka both nod.

8/4/2014 #16

Senma said "Where is he?"

8/4/2014 #17

"I think he's in the practice hall, training"Haruka answered.

Ranma was alone, training. He threw punches and kicks in the air.

8/4/2014 #18

Senma said "I should meet him. I want to see if he's any better then.."

He points at Genma with his cane.

8/4/2014 #19

Akane and Haruka both nod. "Okay,want to see him now?"

8/4/2014 #20

Senma said "Yes please."

8/4/2014 #21

Akane and Haruka both led Senma out to the practice hall.

8/4/2014 #22

(You said that Ranma and Ranko are two people now right?)

Senma sees Ranma training and says to Akane "He's quite impressive."

8/4/2014 #23

(Yeah, pretty much)

Akane nodded."Yeah"

8/4/2014 #24

(Thats awesome. Senma will be impressed and happy with both.)

Senma said to Ranma "Hey there."

8/4/2014 #25


Ranma turned around and stopped. "Um hey"

8/4/2014 #26

Genma said sheepishly "Ranma this is your grandfather."

(I'm working on an OC whose a martial artist and movie star he and Nabiki have feelings for each other. He's Fieor Wong.)

8/5/2014 #27

Ranma nodded."Alright"

(I could try to play Naibiki if you like.)

8/5/2014 #28

(I like playing as her thank you for the offer since on a Forum I appear as Soi Fon and I paired her with an OC whose Yoruichi's twin brother. Can you do Kasumi?)

Senma said "I'm impressed with you Ranma."

8/5/2014 . Edited 8/5/2014 #29

(Yeah, I can try my best to play Kasumi)

Ranma grinned."That's good to know"

(I'm gonna be pairing Haruka with Ryoga.I think I need someone to play him until the person who plays him comes back.I'm also pairing Ukyo with my oc Tasuki and pairing Shampoo with my other oc Tamahome.I'm hoping someone will play Uyko and Shampoo soon.)

8/5/2014 #30
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