Love is the Plague Delirium RP
Do you love the Delirium Triology but wasn't satisfied by the ending? Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Lena had been cured? All of these situations and more will be dealt with in this RP. {Open RP}
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Tack : I run up to the cluster and squeeze them together in a huge embrace "Raven's going to make it !!!" I scream

David : I hear someone screaming as i'm sharping my sword I run out half naked (As I always am before bedtime I sleep in the buff most of the time but keep pants of in till I step into bed "Oh its you guys" I see a forth guy big guy "Dose he need to die ?"

Alex: " No go back to bed Dave "I call out

David : "Okay thanks and don't call me Dave! " I go back inside I start thinking if I should stay up and watch a movie before gong to bed or going to bed right now

11/23/2014 #31

Lena: As soon as Tack utters those words, relief floods through me. "She's going to make it? As in, she's going to live?" I ask Tack, not quite believing it.

11/23/2014 #32

Tack : "Yes" I scream tears of joy run down my checks I fall flat on my back on the shore accidentally bringing the whole grope with me I look up at the sky and take a huge sigh of relief "Lena ... I trail off and then start to ball on her shoulders it takes me a minute to compose myself then for the first time I notice a boat "Whats with the boat ?" I ask

11/23/2014 #33

Lena- "Oh my god, that's amazing!" I say, hugging Tack as well and trying to keep my tears of joy at bay. After a few mintues, I break away from Tack and look at the boat as he asks about it. "Some kid sailed up here in it. He says he wants to help fight," I tell Tack. I was still not happy about letting the kid fight. Even though Raven's ok, I don't want anyone else dying that doesn't have to. And that kid doesn't have to.

11/23/2014 #34

Tack: I nod "Where did he come from?"

Alex: "South Carolina"

Tack: "Well someone like that's who's willing to sail that far isn't going to back down that easy " I look at Lena and an idea comes to me addressing Lena " Why don't I put him on camp duty we have more than four hundred wounded that can't go anywhere including Raven we need some people to help guard them tomorrow while we take care of things at the Crypts " I turn to Lena "What do you think?"

11/23/2014 #35
Lena: "I like that better then the thought of him fighting," I say, taking one last look at the boat,"Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to camp to help out." I begin walking back to camp, trying my hardest not to think about the people I've lost all my life, wether it be to death or to the cure.
11/23/2014 #36

Tack: "Lena when you get back theirs trouble some Woman named Carol came and asked to take Grace the woman's still there but I've sent Grace to the medical Camp with Raven She'll be safe " I get up brush the sand off my pants and say "Julian lets see if we can't get though to the boy"

Alex : at this I get up ready to run after Lena for support

Julian : I get up and brush the sand off Lena and Alex should be able to handle the Cureds "Coming" I call to Tack walking towards David's boat

11/23/2014 #37
Lena: I stop in my tracks when I hear Tack mention Carol. "What! Oh you've got to be kidding me," I say, worried for Grace and mad at Caril for being, well, her. I begin sprinting to the Camp, needing to make sure Grace is safe.
11/24/2014 #38

David: "What the Hell is all the noise can't a guy watch "Music Man" before his impending Death" I see the man and Julian near the edge of the boat "Whats up" I say

Tack:"Its a long story cureds i'll tell you about it later "

David : "I see Lena running "Looks like a woman is in trouble I can't just leave her without help I rush into my cabin taking my Long Sword and putting on a random shirt I rush out after Lena before Julian or the big man can stop me

Julian: "Wait David! " I say running behind him Tack follows to well it looks like Lena will have a lot of help tonight

(back at camp)

William Tiddle : I 'm standing in front of the medical tent while Carol tries and get Grace back I am armed with a metal pipe I look around the Invaild dirty no place for a child I grunt as an invalid bumps into me dirty piece of filth I don't why Carol came back for Grace she's stupid and caused all our lives to be a bearable Hell I see two forms running into the camp I squint my eyes Lena and someone eles

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Lena: I run over to Grace, my gun in my hand. "Get away from her Carol," I say, going up to Grace and pulling her behind my. "What are you two doing here?"
11/24/2014 #40

Rachel: "Lena" I say coming up behind her "its over put the gun away me and Aunt Carol just want to talk"

Alex: I arrive standing between Rachel and Grace and Lena all of a sudden I hear another voice David's he's coming from the direction me and Lena have just come from

David : (Gasping) I hate running "What ever you have to say make it quick" I keep the sword behind my back this could get bad very quickly

Carol: I ignore the child and speak to Lena " Grace is our's she is 6 years old and i'm not going to let her be raised by filth " I take a step towards Lena and I say "Don't bother shooting Rachel's husband David is in that tent with your little invalid friend you shoot and she dies "

David: Shit I think first someone is in danger and to a bloody Zombie has my name

William: I take a step in front of the tent no one is getting in or out in till were out of here

11/24/2014 #41
Lena: "Fine, we can talk. But leave Grace out of it. And Raven. This is between me and you," I say, keeping one of my hands on Grace while the other holds my gun.
11/24/2014 #42

Carol: " Lena you need to come with us if you say your sorry then we can all move on with our lives"

William: "You ruined our lives when you left you do know that right"

Rachel:"Damaged the whole reputation of the family"

David Maultsby : While those Zombies are distracted I quietly crawl under the tent David the Zombie is holding Raven as the girl is called at gunpoint there isn' t time to be nice but thank god theirs enough room to swing my sword bringing the Sword above my head I give one good swing separating David the Zombie's gun arm from his body he lets out a loud scream

OCC: Can you play Raven ?

11/24/2014 #43
Lena: "It was my choice to live freely and if you can't accept that, fine. But you can't just come here and try to make me come back to your world. I like living in a world with love and that's that," I say, "And if that's the world Grace wants to live in, that's fine too." (Yeah, I can play her.)
11/24/2014 #44

David : I take a look at the girl they call Raven long dark hair kida cute I think "Are you all right? " I ask steeping over Rachel's husbands bloody form laying on the ground I give a quick shutter

11/24/2014 #45

Raven- "Yeah, I'm fine. What's going on out there?" I ask, trying to sit up, but not finding the strength to.

11/24/2014 #46

David : " Oh nothing just a custody battle with guns " I say "So what do you want do with him I point to Rachel's Husband should we try to save him or do you think he's dead because of shock" I say this mater of fact

Carol: "Grace doesn't have a choice in the matter Lena neither do you " I try to grab at Grace but the Invalid boy points his gun

Alex: "Don't you dare" I say pointing my gun at Carol just then Tack and Julian rush up armed

Tack : I see a large fat man in front of the sick tent "S..t" I think me and Julian approach the Camp

Julian: Oh no it looks like a stand off

11/24/2014 #47

Lena- I quickly pull my gun up and point it at Rachel. "One more move towards Grace and you're dead," I say.

Raven- "Leave him there. He'll be dead in seconds from the blood loss," I say, "What custody battle? Who's out there?"

11/24/2014 #48

Rachel : "Very well Lena, David kill the invalid" ..... No shot

David:" Lena" I say "and I think her family but i'm not sure I just got here by the way you must be Raven"

11/24/2014 #49
Lena- "I guess David's a little too busy. Leave now and no one gets hurt," I say. I really hope I don't have to kill my family. I mean, yeah, they're cured but they had no choice in that. (I'll post Raven in a sec, I'm on mobile at the moment.)
11/24/2014 #50
Raven- "Lena's family?" I say, trying to sit up again but I can't. "Get over here and help me up kid. I have to help Lena and the others."
11/24/2014 #51

David: I'm a bit hesitant to help a wounded women out of bed but I nod I help her off the cot and pick up the gun off the severed hand of Rachel's husband "You might need this " I say pressing the gun into Raven's hand she's leaning against the cot "Do you need help?" I say

11/24/2014 #52

Raven- "I'm fine, I just need to get out there and help Lena," I say, taking the gun and taking slow steps towards the end of the tent.

11/24/2014 #53

David: "I'll cover you " I say griping my long sword in a two handed guard following Raven "Wait ! stop theirs fat slop guarding the outside of the tent let me take care of him "

11/24/2014 . Edited 11/24/2014 #54

Raven- "Fine, just make it quick," I say, wanting to get out there and help Lena.

Lena- "Rachel, Carol, I'm giving you one minute to get out of here or I swear to god, I'll kill you," I say, getting sick of the sight of them.

11/24/2014 #55

David : I put a finger to my lips for silence I sneak up behind the fat sloop unseen and CRACK ! I hit the slop and he goes down with a sicking thud "he'll live I say emerging from the tent out into the open what a mess Lena has a gun to what I think is her Mother maybe Aunt and Alex has a gun to Lena's Sister who's husband I just killed I gulp I take a second to look at Lena's Sister pity I think she's to pretty to be cured I feel Raven Behind me and I let her throw

Tack: Raven ! She's okay I want to go up to her and hug her restraint I tell myself wait till this is over I see the kid from earlier his sword now in his hands now glistens red

11/24/2014 #56

Lena- "It's over guys. Both your husbands are dead. Leave now or end up dead like them," I say, motioning to their now dead husbands.

Raven- This isn't good. This is really bad. Tack looks nice. Focus Raven! This situation is bad, we have to fix it.

11/24/2014 #57

David : I go to the center of the grope "He's not dead" I say gesturing to the slob however he is I stand aside showing for all to see Lena's Sister's Husband David lining there one armed and pale "I'm sorry that had to be done but rule number one I point the sword at Carols neck "Never hold a lady at gunpoint and rule number two never mess with a child! " I see the kid buried in Lena's Shirt You two are unarmed and out numbered my suggestion is that you leave I won't hurt you because its against my code to fight women but I don't think my friends will be so kind" I point in the direction of Lena, Alex, Tack , Julian and Raven all armed with either a pistol or riffle " So beat it .

(Rachel picks up her husbands form and shoulders him while Carol attempts to drag her slob of a husband off the battlefield)

11/24/2014 . Edited 11/24/2014 #58

Lena- "Grace, are you ok?" I ask my younger cousin, putting my gun away and turning to face Grace. She nods and I pull her close, hugging her tight. After a minute I pull away and look her over for injuries. "They didn't hurt you, did they?" Again, Grace shakes her head no. "Thank god. I still want a medic to look you over, alright?" Grace nods and walks into the medical tent. I turn to the others and say "I'll be back in a bit. I need to take a walk," before walking towards a path in the woods.

Raven- As soon as Lena leaves, I turn to the others. "What the heck is going on? I'm out for a minute and when I wake up, there's some new kid and people from Lena's past threatening everyone."

11/24/2014 #59

Alex : "The Kid...."

Julian: "He's.."

Tack: "Both of you shut up Hey Raven"

(David kneels in the grass cleaning his sword )

11/24/2014 #60
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