Love is the Plague Delirium RP
Do you love the Delirium Triology but wasn't satisfied by the ending? Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Lena had been cured? All of these situations and more will be dealt with in this RP. {Open RP}
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Raven- "Hey Tack," I say before walking over to him and giving him a giant hug. "Now, one of you explain what's going on," I say, turning to Julien and Alex.

11/24/2014 #61

Alex: " The new kid sailed here all the way from South Carolina " I avoid making eye contact with Julian

Tack: Hugging Raven I could stay like this forever focus " Apparently the rumors we've been hearing for years are true some states rejected the cure"

David: I get up and walk over to the grope "Where's the kid?" (my sword is freshly cleaned)

Julian: "medical tent"

David : "Wait don't let her go in there Lena's Sister never brought out the arm!"

11/24/2014 #62

Raven- "Shit," I mutter before rushing into the tent. I see Grace standing there, looking at the disgarded arm. I walk over to her and turns to me as I aproach her. "Hey Grace, let's go somewhere else and wait for Lena to come back, alright," I say and the child nods. I lead her outside towards the others and sit her down on a fallen log. I then turn to Alex and Julien and say "One of you go find Lena. Now."

Lena- After walking a bit into the woods, I find a boulder to sit on. I begin to think about the past events. I almost lost Raven and then I threatened to kill my sister. My sister for gods sake. I hate fighting against my family, I just hate it. Why did they have to invent that stupid cure and make everything so complicated.

11/24/2014 #63

David : " I'll go find her" I tell Raven " Look i'm sorry , I cut off the arm i'll go tell Lena" I feel terrible I should have disposed of the arm before Grace could have seen it

Alex: "You don't know the territory you'll get lost " I tell David Really i'm thinking of having a moment alone with Lena

David: I go over to the arm and chucking it into the woods making sure Grace can't see what i'm doing "I saw what direction she went off in Raven what do you think?"

11/24/2014 #64

Raven- "At the moment, I think Alex would be better with Lena. He's known her longer and you just showed up here David," I say before turning to Alex, "Go find her. But don't have a make out session or anything like that. If you aren't back in ten minutes, I'm going to go look for you two and if I find you two kissing..."

11/24/2014 #65

David : " You'll cut Alex's thing off?" I whisper so Grace can't hear

Julian: "Good one kid" i'm starting to like David more by the second

Alex: I'm about to say something smart but I decided not to I run off into the woods trying to find Lena a few minutes of walking and I find her "Lena " I say slowly " You need to come back to camp we have a problem"

11/24/2014 #66

Lena- I take a deep breath, composing myself before turning to Alex. "What is it?" I ask.

11/24/2014 #67

Alex: "Grace found Rachel's husband's severed arm on the flour of the medical tent" I say this with gritted teath

11/24/2014 #68
Lena- "What! Who cut his arm off!" I exclaim standing up.
11/24/2014 #69

Alex: "David he said it was the only way to save Raven, Rachel's husband had her at point blank range it was the only way he's very sorry"

11/24/2014 #70
Lena- "Ok, it's fine. I never really liked him anyway. I'll go talk to Grace. You head back now, I'll meet you there," I say. This kid cut off an arm? And the one of my sisters husband? Rachel's never go to even consider being a sister now. Yup, there goes my last chance with family.
11/25/2014 #71

Back at camp

David : (To Julian ) "do you think Lena's going to be mad" I would be to if you just exposed my Little Cousin to a severed Arm

Julian " I don't think so its not like you meant to show her" I'm gathering wood for a fire trying not to think about Alex and Lena Kissing

David : A sick thought just comes over me Rachel's Husband probably had kids " Excuse me " I say " I need to be alone for a while" I don't know why but just the thought of killing someones Dad just makes me fill sick not in the puke your guts out way just a sick felling get used to it I tell myself this is war people die I go into the woods to ponder this

Julian : Alex walks into camp without Lena good I think setting the dead twigs down

Alex " She's coming " I say I see David going off into the woods alone with a troubled look on his face "What's wrong with him?" I say the kid looks like the Zombies are going to cure him

Tack : " I don't know" I have a bad felling the kid's first kill is setting in

11/25/2014 #72

Lena- I walk back to camp right after Alex enters. "Where's Grace?" I ask.

11/25/2014 #73

Julian: I point over to where Grace is sitting on the log Grace is just sitting their either in shock or horror "Please don't be hard on the kid" I say "I think he's regretting it enough he went off into the woods to hide from you"

11/25/2014 #74
Lena- "I have no judgement on the kid at the moment," I say before walking over to Grace. "Hey Grace. It's ok, alright. Your ok, your here and it's because of David that that's possible. That thing in the medical tent helped save you and you have to remeber that, ok?" I wrap my arms around my cousin and hold her tight as I whisper those words in her ears.
11/25/2014 #75

Tack : I see Raven she's limping "You should get back in Bed " I say putting an arm on her shoulder

David: I'm in tears I don't know why I know that the man had to die I know that for a fact but I still cry most cureds get paired and have kids those poor kids all of a sudden I hear something in the bushes

(Its Hana could you play Hana)

11/25/2014 #76
Raven- "I'm fine Tack," I say, giving him a quick glare. I begin to walk away but I almost fall. I catch myself in time and turn to Tack. "See, I'm fine." (Yeah I can play her. Give me a sec.)
11/26/2014 #77
Hana- After the revolt and after I ran to the woods, I took refuge from all the running in a bush, hiding incase anyone came looking for me.
11/26/2014 #78

David : "Who goes there " I say I draw my sword "If you don't come out i'll , i'll " stab yeah right at this point I couldn't kill the bloody idiot who created the cure

11/26/2014 #79

Tack : "Raven honey I think you should go lie down i'll take care of things here " I lean her against my shoulder " O and your staying behind tomorrow"

11/26/2014 #80

Raven- I break away from Tack. "I'm fine Tack. I don't need to stay behind, I can help," I say, trying to keep myself steady for just a second.

Hanna- When I hear a voice, I panicked. I crept down closer into the bushes and hoped that the person would leave me alone.

11/26/2014 #81

Tack: "Raven your wounded and by what the medics tell me your something else" she's pregnant with my kid I am kinda mad that she didn't tell me my kid could have been killed the bullet missed by 5 inches

David : " Please come out" i'm not in the mood to kill i'm to emotionally drained to fight

11/26/2014 #82

Raven- "What did the medics tell you? Cause all I know if that I got shot and that's it. What else is wrong with me?" I ask, having no clue what Tack is talking about.

Hanna- I stay quiet, too afraid to move. I don't know who's out there or what they want with me.

Lena- After getting Grace to calm down and settling her down for some well deserved rest, I walk back over to the others. "Is there anything else I missed?" I ask, sitting down on a log next to Alex.

11/26/2014 #83

Tack : "Your pregnant" I say " with my kid" I pull her in close and hug her " Please don't fight for his or her sake"

David : " I promise on my honor I won't hurt you i'm just as scared of you as you are of me " I say this in a calm voice but my voice is choked with tears this is the truth I don't know if its a wild animal or a invalid or a zombie

Alex: " No I don't think so " I say "Is Grace alright?"

11/26/2014 #84
joanne's thriller

(Does my character have to be accepted? And how do I jump in? Thanks.)

11/26/2014 #85
Raven- "Pregnant? I'm pregnant?" I whisper out of pure shock. Thank god Tack has his arms around me or I know I would have fallen. How in the world am I pregnant? How can I be a mom?
11/27/2014 #86
Lena- "She'll be fine, it just shook her up a bit," I say, "She's been through worse." (Mar Mae with Hana she's hiding in the woods from David and everyone else is at Camp.)
11/27/2014 #87

Tack: I give a sly smile "I don't know how it happened or when but that doesn't matter you're pregnant and with my kid Raven and don't worry " I kiss her " you'll make a great Mom"

11/27/2014 #88
Raven- "Tack, there has to be some mistake. I can't be pregnant, it's just not possible. I have to help fight, I have to help win this battle I started and I just, I can't be a mom," I say, in denial and whispering the last part.
11/27/2014 #89

Tack : "There's no mistake Raven " I say drawing her closer

11/27/2014 #90
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