Love is the Plague Delirium RP
Do you love the Delirium Triology but wasn't satisfied by the ending? Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Lena had been cured? All of these situations and more will be dealt with in this RP. {Open RP}
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Raven- "Oh my god," I whisper as tears slowly begin to fall out of my eyes. Whether they're happy tears and sad ones, I can't be sure.
11/27/2014 #91

Tack : "So you'll say?" I whisper quietly in her ear I begin to tear up a little this has been a long day

Alex: I see Tack and Rave hugging I turn to Lena "Are they alright?"

11/27/2014 #92
Raven- "Yeah, I think so," Raven says, "Are you ready to have a kid?"
11/27/2014 #93
Lena- "I'm not sure. Maybe they're just happy that Raven's alright," I say.
11/27/2014 #94

Tack : " Yeah about as ready as i'll ever be " I think for a minute the word we live in is falling apart war is everywhere their are kids running around with swords but I have one thing her "I love you Raven" I say pulling her in kissing her deeply

11/27/2014 #95

Alex : "I'm happy your alright I love you Lena"

11/27/2014 #96

Raven- "I love you too Tack," I say after we kiss.

Lena- "I love you Alex," I say, leaning against the man who showed me love. "Alex, were Rachel and Carol right? Did I really ruin their lives?" I ask, looking at the ground twiddling my thumbs.

11/27/2014 #97

Alex : I sigh " Lena you lived in Zombie land for 17 years you know the answer " I look her in the eyes and say "Dose it matter? Your happy right?"

11/27/2014 #98

Lena- "I don't know Alex. I mean, I never really cared what happened because of how happy I was with my new life, but now... now after seeing them, I feel... i feel guilty," I say, my voice unsteady.

11/27/2014 #99

Alex: "Its normal" I say "But who was it that tied you to that bed? Who was it that lied to you for more than 7 years ? Lena they didn't Love you or cared what happened to you all they cared about was guarding the good name of the faimly" I lay back in the grass looking up at the stars all of a sudden I think back to that summer "Do you know what ever happened to Hana " I say absently almost as an after thought

11/27/2014 #100
joanne's thriller

(Hey.. Where should I have Rowan and/or Hana be?)

11/27/2014 . Edited 11/27/2014 #101

Hana should be hiding under the bush where she was to begin with and Rowan maybe walks into to find David and Hana

but hey i'm not in charge hats just a suggestion

11/27/2014 #102

Lena- "Yeah, I guess your right," I say, lying next to Alex. Should I tell him I saw Hana?

"Actually Alex, I saw Hana. During the fight," I say.

(Mar Mae, what Peterkenny said.)

11/27/2014 #103

Alex : "You saw her ?" I say a little shocked "Was she with an invalid groupe" Hana looked like a trouble maker I wouldn't be surprised if she ran off

OCC: By the way I decided to change David's Sword type what it was originally was a long sword now its a hybrid rapier and broad sword just imagine Peter from Narnia's swords length with all of Miraz's rapier like hoops and rings

11/27/2014 #104

Lena- "Yeah, I saw her. She was cured Alex and she was married. But something's not right," I say, still confused over what happened.

11/27/2014 #105

Alex:" Hana Cured? " I say this in utter shock "Whats not right ?" I say in utter disbelieve

11/27/2014 #106
Lena- "Yeah, she's cured. But she's different. She's the reason I escaped and she helped me. I don't know what happened but I don't think the cure worked on her completely," I says.
11/27/2014 #107

Alex: "Really?" I say "That's a shock nowadays when they get you cured its total I think for a moment " What do you think went wrong?" I here that Lena escaped "Escaped from what ?" I asked concerned

11/27/2014 #108
joanne's thriller

(Okay.. But can you explain what's been going on with Hana? I'm still not sure what you mean by in the bushes. Do you mean at the end of the book or in the RP?)

Hana was still squatting behind the bushes, trying her best to stay out of sight. She was frustrated, and she couldn't help but try and try again to think of an emotion that she used to feel that she couldn't then. Her brain just couldn't do it and she have up with a sigh. She just wanted to figure out what she was missing.

11/27/2014 . Edited 11/27/2014 #109

( In the Rp David has just killed Rachel's husband by cutting his arm off with a sword after this David realizes that he has probably killed someones father he runs into the woods so no one will see him cry over something he considers trivial and Hana has spent all day after escaping Fred Hardgrove wandering around Portland she wanders into the woods and takes shelter under some bushes )

David : "Who goes there I will ask one more time before you become minced mute" I draw my sword making sure its as noisy as possible my voiced is still choked with tears

11/27/2014 #110
joanne's thriller

Hana panicked and her eyes widened. She stood at her full height lifting her hands up. "It's just me," she replied quietly. "I surrender," she have a small laugh and stopped as soon as she realized that it wasn't an appropriate time.

(Going soon.)

11/27/2014 #111

David : "Oh" I sheathe my sword and examine my prisoner she's beautiful tall curvy flowing blond hair lush full lips the women of my dreams I think she's a bride by the looks of things what would a bride be doing out here? I look at her neck cured suddenly i'm disappointed wouldn't have worked any away i'm 12 and she looks to be 18,19,20 "Who are you?" I ask shocked

11/28/2014 #112
Lena- "I don't know what went wrong but she isn't a zombie, at least not completely. And I escaped from her husband. He was the new govonor or something like that," I say, worried for my friend.
11/28/2014 #113
joanne's thriller

"Where are you going?" Hana asked, very calmly. "I need to get back. Or, not back. But back. In Portland," she said, shaking her head. "We need to find shelter," she concluded.

11/28/2014 #114

David : I'm shocked by the command in her voice calm authoritarian "There is a camp about a ten minute walk from here its a invalid camp or rebel camp considering 70 percent of Portland's Youth is in open rebellion your free to join me if you wish " I turn my back to the woman and begin to walk back to camp its to dangerous to be out in woods alone I realize if I need to cry some more all just head back to my boat

11/28/2014 #115

Alex: A sad thought has just ran though my head Hana might be dead "You mean the mayor " I say slowly "Lena don't you remember we blew up the mayors house ?"

11/28/2014 #116

Lena- "Yeah, I meant mayor. I know we blew up the house, I know that. But, I just, I don't think she's dead. I, I would know if she was dead, and I have this gut feeling that she's alive," I say.

Looking at the ground, I whisper, "Alex, she has to be alive. I can't live with myself if she's not."

11/28/2014 #117

Alex : " Look Lena If you love someone that much you will have gut feelings and usually their right if you really think deep down that she's alive then she probably is "

11/28/2014 . Edited 11/28/2014 #118

Lena- "I really hope she is Alex, I really do," I say.

11/28/2014 #119

Tack : I look around that kids been gone a long time I turn to Raven " Have you seen that little monster comeback yet?"

11/28/2014 #120
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