Love is the Plague Delirium RP
Do you love the Delirium Triology but wasn't satisfied by the ending? Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Lena had been cured? All of these situations and more will be dealt with in this RP. {Open RP}
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Raven- "No, he's probably still in shock over his first kill. He'll come back when he's ready," I say, knowing what the kid's going through.

11/28/2014 #121

Tack: "I hope our little terror won't have to kill anyone " I say then I think to what the kid said "Do you think his parents are looking for him?" Its a stupid question of course but where would they look would they really come all the way up here

11/28/2014 #122

Raven- "They probably are. He's just a kid, they wouldn't have let him come up here to fight," I say.

11/28/2014 #123

Tack: "What would posses him to come up here ? if I were him I would be snug in a bed somewhere its not like he has steaks up here " I start to ponder this the kid may be a romantic for sure but he doesn't look like an idiot

11/28/2014 #124
joanne's thriller

Hana nodded. "Do you know your way around? Are you going back to Portland?"

11/28/2014 #125

David: "No I don't i'm not from around here but the camps at some place called Back Cove " I look at this woman "Whats your name miss , or should I say Mrs. " I laugh lightly keeping one hand on the hilt of my sword

11/28/2014 #126
joanne's thriller

Hana looked away in a sudden depression. "Miss now, I guess. But just Hana is fine." She couldn't believe it. She was cured to feel only the dullest of feelings, but she felt that she really understood the feeling she had right then. Sadness enveloped her as she realized that everything she'd been trying to work for had fallen apart as she'd left Portland.

11/28/2014 #127

Raven- "I know. It makes no sense, but I guess we'll find out as time goes on," I say.

11/28/2014 #128

David :"Miss now, I guess. But just Hana is fine." I think for a second and just remember that there has been a war on all day I decide to change the subject "My names David by the way David Maultsby of the Carolinas " my mother's side is from Wilmington NC my Fathers from Charleston SC but I feel like I've spent enough time their to call them both home

11/28/2014 #129
joanne's thriller

Hana nodded. "So, do you have any idea where you're going? Because I'd really like to know what the hell is going on." She was baffled, completely surprised that she had used such language.

11/28/2014 #130

David : We reach Back Cove " Here we are " I say "Home sweet home well not really I just got here a few hours ago " I see Lena and Alex sitting on a log " Ahoy comrades ! " I call thank god the quiver has gone from my voice

Alex : I look behind me to see David emerging from the woods I see someone behind him "Who's that kid"

David : "A prisoner says her name is Hana"

Tack : I here David's voice "Speak of the Devil" I say

Alex: I turn to Lena

11/28/2014 #131

Lena- I turn and look at Alex. "Did he just say Hana?"

11/28/2014 #132

Alex: "I think he did" I turn behind to see a blond haired woman come behind the boy I turn and whisper to Lena "Its her"

David: " Yeah Hana so what do you want me to do ? Who's in charge of prisoners "

11/28/2014 #133
joanne's thriller

(What? Prisoners? I'm confused. I don't think I was here for this. Can you explain?)

Hana walked in, looking unsurely around before her eyes landed on Lena. She smiled, though something was clearly stopping her from jumping up and down. The cure. Her husband. She couldn't stand the lack of emotion anymore.

11/28/2014 #134

( technically Hana is a POW because she is a Cured civilian in an Invalid Camp so to David and any other Invaild who doesn't know the history between Lena and Hana would consider her a prisoner that's all technically speaking though )

David : I see the look between Lena and Hana there's something i'm missing here but i'm to tired to give a damn I sit down at the camp fire warming myself

11/28/2014 #135

Lena- I stood up and broke away from Alex, walking towards my former best friend. "Hi Hana," I say, stopping a few feet away from her.

11/28/2014 #136
joanne's thriller

Hana smiled slightly, waving to Lena. "Hello, Lena." The only thing her mind could focus on was how she was going to fix her reputation rather than losing everything she thought she enjoyed. Liked, even. But not loved.

11/29/2014 #137

David : I stand up warm "You two are familiar?" I say slightly confused to Lena

Alex: to David "Its a long story" I say tiredly I turn to Hana "Hey Hana how's it been?"

11/29/2014 #138

Lena- "What have you been up to?" I ask Hana, not sure how to talk to her. She was different and cured, but not competely cured. Turning to David, "We grew up together," I tell him.

11/29/2014 #139

David : I nod then I think back to home I was 6 I was reading a book about the American Revolution that's when I heard the phases brother against brother I start to think I can tell in Lena's eyes that they were close maybe like sisters "Sister against Sister" I say quietly

11/29/2014 #140
joanne's thriller

Hana thought before replying. "I've been running. I don't know why I haven't gone back, I'm cured. I'm not welcome."

11/29/2014 #141
Lena- David's words brought me back to reality. Hana was the enemy right now, no matter how hard I tried to ignore it. "You can stay in my tent tonight and I'll escort you back to Portland in the morning," I say, turning away from Hana.
11/29/2014 #142
joanne's thriller

Hana's smile disappeared at Lena's words. She could feel a vague feeling, as if something inside of her was slowly shriveling up. The blonde couldn't believe the lack of emotion in Lena's effortless sending-away of her best friend. Former best friend. Now she had Alex and other Invalids. Hana found herself wishing that there could be a way that she could turn back time, run off with Lena. But she couldn't, and that idea was what made her ache. At least she could feel something.

11/29/2014 #143

David : s..t I feel guilty something makes me say something very stupid not only stupid in a way its a betrayal to the Carolinas and every one back home "There working on something back home you know they call it a revers cure " I say this just above a whisper maybe no one will here me maybe they won't here me

11/29/2014 . Edited 11/29/2014 #144

Lena- I started walking towards my tent, motioning for Hana to follow me. I hated being so distant, but that's the way it was. I was free and she was cured. That's the world we live in.

11/30/2014 #145
joanne's thriller

Hana followed Lena slowly. Her mind kept saying how impolite it was not to introduce her to Lena's friends, while another part of her scowled and said that she needed to change. As soon as she walked in to Lena's tent she frowned. "I don't want to go back. I don't think I do.." She repeated a bit unsurely.

11/30/2014 #146

Lena- "You don't want to go back? Hana, I'm all for you staying here and I'd love for you to be free again, but before I can make any desicions on the matter, I need you to tell me what happened after I left and after you got cured," I say, sitting down on the mat in my tent and motioning for Hana to sit next to me.

11/30/2014 #147
joanne's thriller

Hana looked confused before sitting down. "It just happened. I was paired with him and when he wasn't happy with something I did, he would hit me. But it wasn't very often.." She explained. She wondered why in the hell she would be defending him. She shouldn't be. "The bastard hurt me, Lena." She said, angry wit herself. "And I didn't tell him because I thought he would do it even worse." She said, not explaining what "it" was. "Lena, I don't think it worked on me, I don't think I'm really cured."

11/30/2014 #148

David: "the bastard" I say i've been listening in on the conversation "the bloody bastard" I fingers grip my sword "i'll kill him" I say stepping into the tent " i'll cut his dick off and i'll kill him " I don't know why but hitting a girl is just the lowest you can go in my book i'll kill him gut him and won't fell a pang of guilt my voice is quivering in anger now for some reason this is the most hate i've ever felt in my life just hearing about Hana's pair ahhh

11/30/2014 . Edited 11/30/2014 #149

Lena- I smiled at my friend and pulled her into a hug. "I didn't think you were cured either, I just had to hear you say it," I tell her after we break away, "You can stay here for as long as you need. And anyone who disagrees can deal with me."

11/30/2014 #150
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