Love is the Plague Delirium RP
Do you love the Delirium Triology but wasn't satisfied by the ending? Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Lena had been cured? All of these situations and more will be dealt with in this RP. {Open RP}
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joanne's thriller

Hana looked at David, a small smile on her face. "It's alright," she replied. The smile faded as she had to admit what happened. "He's dead now."

Hana returned the hug. "I want to get back to normal. I want to be happy again," she said to Lena. "I just think being cured made me forget how to do that." She shook her head, a smile on her face. "Doesn't that sound dramatic?"

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Lena- "Eh, a little dramatic but not that bad. And don't worry, you'll pick up emotions quickly around here," I say, smiling at my friend. "So, what happened after I left? Did I cause any trouble?"

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David : I remember sailing in here the news said the mayor's house blew up when he was in the garden looking for his wife to get her he survived with the loss of hearing in one ear "No" I say slowly "he survived but he gotten beaten up pretty bad he loss hearing in one ear he's in critical but stable contention at some hospital , the bad ones are always hard to kill " I mutter the last bit

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joanne's thriller

Hana nodded to Lena. "Hopefully they will, I miss it," she said with a smile, hardly realizing that that in itself was getting somewhere. She looked over at David, her face dropping the smile the instant she heard that Fred was alive. "But.. The house blew up. He was supposed to be in there," she explained to herself in disbelief. "He's supposed to be dead. I'm supposed to be safe now," she told herself.

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David : "Well he isn't " I say bluntly but calmly I draw my sword and point it in the air " I vow to you Hana never to let him touch you again I swear on my Sword Buttercup and on my ship Wendybird " I laugh and say "Hows that for dramatic " but I truly mean it if Hardgrove even tries and talk to her I will decorate my yardarm with his head (okay maybe not that it would smell terrible jugging by the way that dead Zombies hand smelled but he will die)

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joanne's thriller

Hana looked at the boy, a small smile on her face. "That's almost sweet," she commented, a smile on her face as she shook her head. "So, what couldI do to help?" She asked, a bit desperately. She didn't want to be the person who was always doing nothing while everyone else helped out.

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(Outside the tent on the Wendybird)

Julian : I've been poking about the kids boat for around ten minutes why not? have to make sure this kid is no threat to us when I'm in his cabin I see books ! Tons of them on different shelves after poking around I see that they are all banded books of course what else I also see that they are in alphabetical order i go to W, Wizard of Oz I look around making sure the kid doesn't come back I take the book and quietly slip off David's boat he won't miss it right? Where he comes from this book must be sold everywhere I feel a touch of envy that spoiled brat if I had run off he would have had is hide torn up I wounder what will happen to him if he gets home? as I'm thinking this I take a seat beside Alex and start reading

Alex : I look at Julian "Where did you get the book?" I ask casually although I already know the answer

Julian : "The kids boat" I say without glaceing up

Alex: " I don't think its right you should at least ask " I say taking a bite out of some Jerky

Julian: "He won't mind worse comes to worse he can just get a another copy all pay for it " I see Grace walk back from the medical tent she comes up to me with a curious look on her face

Grace : "What are you reading ?" I ask looking up at Lena's friend

Alex: "One of David's books stolen " I say coldly

Julian: "It's not stolen share and share alike among comrades " its true everyone in camp is really good about sharing

Alex: " He doesn't know that" I say " The kids only been here a couple of hours "

Julian : I don't know why but Alex is starting to get to me " Look its just a book" my voice starts to sound tense I see Grace go into Lena's tent "Great" I say to Alex "Now shes going to tell on me"

Alex: "I don't know who you should be more scared of David or Lena" at this we both laugh it's the closest thing so far to us getting along

(Inside Lena's tent)

Grace : I see Lena and cur up to her like I used to do back home at Aunt Carols House when I was scared it wasn't Alex or Julian who scared me but I saw something in the woods a face

David : I see Grace curl up to Lena how cute I think but I see the look on her face she's scared "Whats wrong little one " I say

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joanne's thriller

Hana looked at Grace, grinning and waving. She couldn't be upset around kids, it just didn't happen with her, ever.

(Gotta run. Bye)

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