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Name: Orie Oroboro

Age: 19

Species: (Snake Faunus) Golden lancehead

what they looked like: Orie is known to have quite the imposing figure, as she has pretty nice curves to her body and shapely hips. Her bust size is leaning around a large C cup or a small D cup. Her hair is golden in color as it gives a bright shine to it and with purple highlights here and there. It is shoulder length or a bit lower as it is kind of curly and a little messy looking. Her eyes are smokey violet as they have a reptillian look to them. For clothes she wears mostly whatever as it's between skinny jeans with a t-shirt showing her midriff or a long sleeved unbuttoned dress shirt showing off her cleavage, tie hung around her neck lazely, with a miniskirt and some boots.

Other: She's quite the troll as she takes pleasure in pissing people off purposely. She's completely dominating in her attitude and would rarely submit to anyone. She's also known to be a tiny bit of a pervert.

4/23 #481

Name: Toro


species: human

skin tone: light tan

hair: jet black

eyes: dark red

build: medim muscular

height: 6'5"

clothing: White t-shirt and black cargo pamts that are tucked into a pair of black boots

4/28 #482

Name: Gabriela

Age: 43

Species: Human

what they looked like: a lightly tanned woman with jet black blue eyes, a wolf tail, and a somewhat muscular build that stands 6'2" tall, Gabriela is quite young-looking for her age, lacking any wrinkles and looking like she's in her prime. She has a nicely-sized ass, wide-hips, and DD-cup breasts. Has a 6" cock along with a pussy, making her a herm.

Other: Possible mother of either Toro or Ruth.

5/13 . Edited 5/13 #483

Name: Isabel

Age: 43

Species: Human

what they looked like: E Cup breasts, chubby, blond, green eyes, light skin, big hips. Wears typical nun outfit.

Other: Is a nun.

5/22 #484

Name: Orchid

Gender: Female

Age: 150

Species: Drayad

Appearance: She stands at 6'0" and she has a light green skin pigment, her long hair is a darker forest green, her breasts are full D-cups. On her back grow thirty vine like tentacles that she has full control of and each one can function like a dick. She wears almost nothing save the loin cloth around her waist

Other: Her appearance is due to the years of humans poluting her forest. She tried to clense it but got corupted instead

5/24 #485

Name: Izo

Age: ???

Species: Yordle

What they look like: His true form is a small 2'8 furry male resembling an orange with black stripes Wolverine with green eyes. For a small guy though, he has a lot of strength with a sizeable cock comparable to an above averaged human's at 8'' in length with quite the girth to it. Normally he wears some Japanese traveler type clothes with a wide rimmed hat to match.

Other: As a magical creature, he has access to magical powers, even the ability to change his species.


Name: Verde (Something...I never could settle on a last name, suggestions would be nice)

Age: 16(canonly)

Species: Human

What they look like: Light skin, 5'6 tall with an athletic and nimble body with quite the toned figure to it that is well hidden by his clothes(along with his strength and muscles). His hair is short and neat and colored Forest green with bright yellow eyes. His face is pretty handsome but he'll doubt it. He wears on him a dark green button up shirt with a navy blue vest over it, and matching khakis. He's never without his long forest green scarf.

Other: For RWBY purposes, sometimes he's a dog Faunus. Meek on the surface, is repressing an explosive dominating side.


Name: Navid

Age: 18 in human years

Species: (some kind of demon)

What they look like: Aside from the black curved horns from the top of his spiky brown hair, and the lizard-like tail attached to where his tail bones is, Navid can easily pass for a human. A slim yet well built human at 5'8 with a good amount of muscle, tanned skin tone, and grey eyes.

Other: For Other rps. He has the ability to shape shift his body and is quite dominating sadist and likes to come up with fun/enjoyable ways to fuck his partner

5/29 . Edited 5/29 #486

Name: Savanna Wiles

Age: 18 looks about 15 or 14

Species: Cat faunus

Personality: she is rough and tumble not caring if she gets scraped up, But if there is anything girly happening she will clam up and become evasive

Appearance: She has a generous G-cup breasts that bounce with every move she makes and a heart shaped ass that sways with every step. Aside from her endowments she looks young and she stands at 3'8". She wears a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt that her breasts strain against. She has a cat tail that is right above her ass and a fuzzy pair of cat ears that sprout from her neck length chestnut colored hair. Her eyes are green with a vertical slit for her pupils

6/2 . Edited 6/3 #487

Name: Nicole Bovine

Species: Cow faunus

Personality: She is realitivly friendly and easy to get along with but she is a bit of a tsundere to those she is attracted to, She enjoys having her nipples played with and thinks of sex often

Appearence: ht tp://graphiteknight.tumblr.com/tagged/nicole , The last two pictures are the best reference

Other: Under certain circumstances her breasts can grow massive

6/3 . Edited 6/3 #488

Name: Crystal

Age: Physically 18, really several thousand years

Spicies: Sex Genie

what they looked like: www.wallpaperflare.com/blue-haired-female-anime-character-wearing-bikini-illustration-wallpaper-155158

Other: Can grant virtually any wish, so long as there is a sexual nature tied in.

6/10 #489

Name: Jade

Age: Physically 18, really several thousand years

Spicies: Sex Genie

what they looked like: img.fireden.net/v/image/1519/00/1519006355624.jpg

Other: Can grant virtually any wish, so long as there is a sexual nature tied in.

6/10 #490

Name: Hikaru Yamada

Age: 18

Spicies: Human

what they looked like: images4.fanpop.com/image/answers/1983000/1983376_1315841591628.67res_300_300.jpg

6/10 #491
Lt.James lugnerische
It's going to try to mobile this / name: Adam Sakamoto / Age: 19-20 (ect) / species: human (can change on RP) / appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes, black jeans and white shirt all depending, will add photo later.
6/10 #492

name: jen

hair: blue

gender: female

species: cat faunus (white tail white ears)

breast size: D cup

clothing: black pants, cream colored tight t shirt tonshow off her breasts, grey shoes

6/10 #493

name: toby sex: male species: human hair: jet black skib tone: medium tan eyes: green shirt: red tank top pants: navy blue shoes: dark grey build: slightly muscular size: 10in

6/10 #494

Name: Maria Bluegriffin

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Species: Sharkgirl/Human



Notes: Is related to Johnny Griffin

6/14 . Edited 6/14 #495
Drac the Gamer

Name: Dakota Martin

Age: 22

Spicies: Human

what they looked like: deep hazel eyes with flecks of green, short burgundy red hair, athletic build, 6'1", He usually wears a white Captain America t-shirt, blue jeans, and camo hiking boots

Other: He's a geeky nerd, but big things come in small packages

6/14 #496
the assassin of hope

top three griffins I'll be posting for now, Expect Sexy daughters.

Name:Johnny Griffin



what they looked like: redandbluesonic.deviantart.com/art/Rwby-oc-Johnny-Griffin-459479104

Other: Has the Sex Drive off a demon, So watch out, Also he owns a bar in the city called 'The wondering Spirts' An Irish bar. And now his backstory: Johnny was the First male in about 120 years that wasn't marry into the family, he was pair of a twin package, But due to Johnny being the first one to pop out of Mira, the house and the fortune goes to him, When he was 13 he had about 13 girlfriends and many adoring fangirls who want to do nothing but to suck on that massive dick of his.


Name: Johana Griffin (Johnny's Twin Sister)

Age:22 But younger due to her being born Second


what they looked like:esotericdichotomy.deviantart.com/art/Lilyiena-by-oNichaN-xD-571615574(Only with Green eyes)

Other:Doesn't have her brother's un-Holy Sex lust, But is still pretty horny to say the least.


Name:Mira Griffin (Johnny's Mother)



what they looked like: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3126256 Upcomer:g.e-hentai.org/s/24991244af/782954-199

Other: Is a former Pornstar In The 90's and Early 80's, She has no clue who Johnny and Johnna's father is because she was ass up and face down during a 4 guy bang fest, And she can't seem to find any tapes of the porn since it was 'A Private collector' item

6/21 #497
Sith Lord Darth Nihilus

Name: Constance Chrysler

Age: 19-25, depending on RP

Gender: Female

Species: Human or half-demon, depending on RP



Stands at 5'8", and has a curvaceous body with C cup breasts, also has a flat stomach with fair skin, and has overall very little fat distribution throughout her body. Her face is oval-shaped, she has long dirty blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and full lips, often glossy with red lipstick. Her actions are graceful and elegant, and she is always calm and composed. Often wears office attire like blazers, miniskirts, black stockings, and flats.


Constance is haughty and cold, and also severely austere and stoic, almost robotic in her interactions with other people. Her speech can be laconic most times, short and direct to the point. Despite her aloof, callous, and unwelcoming outward personality, she seems to be a very popular woman especially among those who are drawn to appearances, her intelligence, or her prestige, all of which she radiates like a beacon.

But she can also be an unbridled sex beast.

Even though she is ostensibly cold and nigh emotionless, Constance often transforms into a loud nymphomaniac who can think of nothing else but sex and pleasure in bed. She does not care about whether her partner is a straight male or a guts, as long as he/she has a manageable penis. She has astounding stamina, being able to take a beating for an extended period of time even if made to orgasm multiple times. She is flexible too, and is almost always the sub in every scenario. She is also shameless, she doesn't care where the cock goes as long as it goes, and doesn't care what position she's put into while she's in this hypersexual, nymphomaniac mode.

But, she doesn't spread her legs for any man. In fact, it is the process of taking her to bed that is difficult, because she is an unforgivingly cold and haughty person and may make simpler men discouraged. In fact, this often works to her advantage because simpler men don't interest her. One would have to chip away at her walls and be patient with her if they want to experience how much of an instiable nymph she is. And she also shows an avid dislike towards men with abnormally large cocks, as it hurts her and makes her incapable of feeling the pleasure in sex. As long as the cock is right about average in length and girth, she'd go with you to bed.

6/24 . Edited 6/25 #498

Name: Nina


Gender: Female

Species: Human with Demon Ancestry

Appearance: Nina is a 5 foot tall girl with large breasts, a big butt, and a round freckly face. Her skin is dark red and her shaggy black hair covers her eyes. She also has a lizard-like tail and sharp teeth. Typically wears a brown habit.

Her slit, lips, and nipples are colored black due to her blood color.

Due to her ancestry, her body will alter depending on how sinful and/or slutty she acts.

Other: She wants to be a nun but she can't because she's part demon.

6/27 #499

Name: Mai

Age: 17

Spicies: Human

what they looked like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZi5KDltH3M

7/6 #500

Name: Maria

Age: 17

Spicies: human

what they looked like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUVDqGwWjSY

7/17 #501

Name: Mortimus

Age: Physically 19, but was sealed for over 2000 years by humans.

Spicies: Demon

what they looked like: lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ar5sXPvbcWk/Wyo8oJ0lUNI/AAAAAAAAAH4/ijHrGB6Z-J0GGXviYHT6MwGX1Yvb0xQmwCJoC/w537-h758/3.%2BDark%2BMode.jpg

Other: Has a grudge against humanity, and intends to collect all he feels it owes him. Basically my go to guy for darker themes.

7/28 #502

Name: Xavier

Age: 401 (Looks 23)

Species: Vampire

what they looked like: Xavier is 5'11 with pale skin, toned body, black hair that reaches down to his shoulders, and he wears a black long coat with a brown vest underneath it with black pants and brown boots.

Other: N/A

8/13 . Edited 8/13 #503

Name:Jachin chong


Spicies: human

what they looked like:1.86m tall rather bulky build, Straight black hair rounded brown eyes rounded jaw sharp nose attached earlobes. Normally wearing a red lab coat and red shirt with red shorts and red shoes

Other: is very submissive

8/13 #504

Name: Adrian Coldstream.

Age: 22

Spicies: Human Sorcerer

what they looked like: image.myanimelist.net/ui/gHO8qGBsSOvrB70FYa1b5Rc8IJR0wuAzazTfK0561RS-cmzEjn_aIZG4HCCmInuS

Other: My go to guy for nonconsensual mind control themes.

8/29 . Edited 8/30 #505
Dad of Boy


Kelsi Burke





what they looked like:

https //www.pinterest.com/pin/471470654722783712/

Kelsi is a petite young girl, standing at about 5'4" in height. She's considered to be extremely attractive to most people. Having long, curly red hair. Reaching down to her waist in length. Dark blue eyes that perfectly contrast with her hair. She has a curvy frame, with well developed breasts, wide hips, and an ass that's just right. Not too big, but not too small either. She has a light tan and her skin is perfect and unblemished.

She wears a plain gray shirt, black yoga pants, and gray converse sneakers.


She's omnisexual and will basically fuck anyone. Girl, boy, or all those genders in between. Provided she finds you attractive in some capacity.


Markus Wolfe





what they looked like:

Markus has bright blonde hair. Going down to his shoulders in length. Many bangs from his face as well as fall into it. His longest bang reaches passed the tip of his nose. He skin is naturally very tan, sun kissed dark. His eyes are a very dark shade of blue, almost looking to be entirely black. However, upon closer inspection, one can see they are actually a blue color tone. Markus has a naturally very athletic and muscular body tone, and he is 5'9" in height.

Markus has a very skater punkish kind of style about his clothing. Markus has his ears pierced with 00 sized plugs, shark bite piercings, as well as a septum ring. His clothing consists of a black Thrasher skateboard brand shirt, short denim pants, and black and white converse



8/30 #506
Josh Xana

Name: Josh Anderson

Age: 18

Spicies: Human

appearance:brown hair and brown eyes normal wears jeans with a random shirt he pulled out of his dresser.

9/3 #507
Josh Xana

Name: Shara

Age: 18

spices: Human

Apperance: Is about 5 feet tall. Has blue eyes and blond hair. She normally wears a shirt that is definitely to small for her size to make her breast stick out more. She also normally wears a short skit but has also worn jeans now and then. She is a C cup and also normally wears thin panties if she is even wearing any at all.

9/3 . Edited 9/3 #508
Angry Cloud Sheep

Name: Primrose "Rosie"

Age: 24

Species: Human

what they look like: Chestnut colored brown hair that falls to about her shoulder blades, 5'9 and slender. She has a dusting of freckles under her right eye (she is very insecure about this). Big brown puppy dog eyes with long eyelashes. She has full lips, and favors red lipstick colors. Pale skin. She has cute, pert breasts (C cup), with a good bubble butt and tight holes. She usually is in professional clothing, a button-up and a pencil skirt.

Other: She's a hidden slut, acting one way but secretly loving to be degraded and treated like a slut.

9/9 #509
Angry Cloud Sheep

Name: Lucy

Age: 21

Species: Human

what they looked like: Tan, 5'6, vibrant green eyes. She has a tattoo running along her side, of a random pattern of geometric shapes. She has black hair trimmed to about chin length, wavy with bangs. She usually wears tank tops and shorts.

Other: Nah

9/9 #510
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