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the assassin of hope

Any cool ideas for topic? :D

8/29/2014 #1
Primm Catigoriama
Star wars :D
8/30/2014 #2
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Me!, i got one idea :D

10/30/2014 . Edited 10/30/2014 #3
the assassin of hope

Oh? :3

10/30/2014 #4
Ultimate Lurker Nina

The title goes by Masters & Slaves lol

Its like one dude being the big boss of a choosen girl to play with and such but once you pick a chick, you cant change it

10/30/2014 #5
the assassin of hope

Oh My XD I love it.

Johnny:sounds temping.

10/30/2014 #6
Ultimate Lurker Nina

But remember, whoever girl an OC or Canon choose, he cant pick another XD

10/30/2014 #7
the assassin of hope

Johnny:Does a rapid Eye thing.* i'll Be back XD

Okay, So...Some JohnnyXBlake For old times sake? XD

10/30/2014 #8
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Haha then J, you got your eternal cat slave :P

10/30/2014 #9
the assassin of hope

Johnny:I'll make sure to Go easy with ya Blake ;D

10/30/2014 #10
Ultimate Lurker Nina

lol, we should put up a list on that topic

10/30/2014 #11
the assassin of hope

okay it's up. XD

10/30/2014 #12
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Who else should we have in the list? lol

10/30/2014 #13

Should do a cosplay topic

11/4/2014 . Edited 11/4/2014 #14

Any idea on a Space Odyssey Topic?

4/25/2015 #15
Techpriest Crota
Ok after watching some gameplay on Timeshift. I had the idea to have an rp that relates to time travel
6/1/2015 #16

A fantasy/Renaissance topic, perhaps?

6/22/2015 #17
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass


I've also got oneā€¦..Battle network turned sexwork, xD A megaman battle network kinda lemon topic.

6/22/2015 #18
Criminal Kitten

I has one!!!

Naughty girls!

Ok so I kinda got this idea Sassy. So there is this club you see and well on the outside it appears normal and it has a nice bar inside but...in the back which is only for females is a bunch of boys sstrapped on beds and you get to pick one and pay for them.

6/27/2015 #19
the assassin of hope

So male sex slaves :3 Likes

Johnny:At lest it's not a gogo cage.

6/27/2015 #20
The Titan Knight

That could be arranged, couldn't it Sassy? XD

6/27/2015 #21
the assassin of hope

Johnny:No D:


6/27/2015 #22
Strife Airay

Lol XD

6/27/2015 #23
Criminal Kitten


6/27/2015 #24
the assassin of hope

Topic is up XD)

6/27/2015 #25

Hm... I can totally see Barnabas being there XD

6/27/2015 #26
Criminal Kitten

Zoro there now Mizu Marik go.

6/27/2015 #27

Care to continue in Dawn, Poptart?

6/27/2015 #28
Criminal Kitten

Aww yeah shut...I keep forgetting!

6/27/2015 #29
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Lol, this is gonna be interestingly fun.

Marik:Mimi~ You ready to play?~

6/27/2015 #30
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