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A Crimson Crystal

Ember gagged as every thrust forced her entire cock down her throat, making a bulge appear when she fulled sheathed herself. She struggled to breath in the short times she wan't filled with her lover's cock, as it slid back down again. Staring up at her she whimpered as her hair was grabbed, but her eyes where a light with passion. The sudden feeling between her legs making her cheeks turn a soft red, as she shuttered and gagged. Unable to moan as she struggled to breath, but loving the feeling her lover was forcing on her.

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the shadow of the grimm

I watched in pleasure as she was abused by my thrusts. while i didn't wanna hurt her or piss her off, I could see in her eyes she enjoyed it, enjoyed being practically raped by me. seeing her eyes shine like that got me to the breaking point and i could barely hold myself long enough to get a few quick hard thrusts in before cumming down her throat, screaming in joy as i drowned her in my cum. when i stopped, I pulled out slow, making sure she swallowed, and fell to my side on the bed, panting with a stupid grin on my face. catching my breath, I giggled a bit and looked at Em. "... round three? heh heh..."

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A Crimson Crystal

Ember choked on her cock for a few more seconds, her pussy squeezing against Skull girls fingers. The violence the girl brought making her gag but still loving the feelings exept the pain building in her throat. Each hand held the bed sheets tightly as she held on to push away the pain, until she could feel the girl throbbing. Her mouth was filled with a gooy sticky hot fluid that spewed from her lovely cock. Gazing up as her lover slowly pulled out, she was forced to swallow, or pass out from her burning lungs. Ember swallowed every last drop before laying her head back and breathing in heavily. Slowly she rolled onto her side and opened her mouth, letting her see she had swallowed all of her cum, though it still covered her face and breasts. "Oi'm all yers love,~"

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the shadow of the grimm

her answer had me intrigued as thoughts of how to please her came to mind. seeing her worn out mouth, I figured i'd leave oral alone for a while and focus more on her lower body, specifically that tight ass I've been dying to bang for a while. moving onto all fours, I crawled over to her, giving her cum-covered face a kind kiss on the lips, and moved over to her soft ass, moving her to where she lied on her stomach to get a full view. "you ready for my cock? i mean, i know you like being a cock sleeve but i don't wanna damage such a perfect ass too badly~" I asked, licking my lips at the sight.

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A Crimson Crystal

Ember panted as she stared up at her lover waiting for her to reply, which came by her crawling up to her. As she leaned down Ember slowly sat up meeting her kiss in the middle letting their lips press against each other for a soft short moment. Though as she was forced to roll onto her stomach she groaned softly before resting her cum covered face against the pillow. Her back and muscular ass exposed for her to see. "Shut et, yer still lucky oi'm letting ye fuck me love." Replied the girl in a tired voice as she raised her ass ever so slightly, and relaxing as she lay there. Waiting to be filled up with her cock.

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the shadow of the grimm

her response made me giggle a bit but she was right, I shouldn't waste this by being a prick. moving around, I lined up my cock with her ass, spreading the cheeks to see her asshole. starting slow, I pressed my cock to the hole, prodding up to the tip with a soft moan. after teasing her rear, I gave her what we both wanted and thrust in her ass balls deep, slapping her strong booty once i was in her. moaning from how tight it was, I pulled out to the tip and thrust again and again and again, my hips smashing into her as i yelled curses from pleasure. "mmm fuck! aah!"

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A Crimson Crystal

Ember crossed her arms and lay her head on it while she waited, putting up an act of being board while, her ass was pushed apart. Her tight asshole exposed to the girl, who promptly pressed her cock against her hole. Biting her lip she let out a soft whimper, as her hole was forced open tightening as the tip pushed all the way inside. Before she could take another breath she let out a high pitched moan as she slammed all the way into her tight hole, feeling the sting of her hips slamming into hers. The slap making her squirm slightly, while her ass and core tightened instinctively, crushing the girls cock inside her. "A-a-ah!!~ God damn et~"

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the shadow of the grimm

while her ass crushing my cock was painful, the pleasure was enough to keep me moving, pumping my cock in her like a train, my balls slapping her pussy on every thrust. occasionally I'd slap her ass, watching it jiggle from both my hips and the slaps, only turning me on more. I could hear her make sounds of pain and got a bit afraid of doing damage so during my thrusts I spat on my cock while it thrust, acting as a lube to help her easier and feel good on my cock.

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A Crimson Crystal

Ember burried her face in her arms as she was plowed by the futa girl, her hands gripping onto the blankets for dear life. Her ass taking the punishment while she thundered in and out of her body, her ball slapping her sensitive pussy with every hit. She gasped and wimpered as she her ass was slapped making it jiggle and turn a soft red, but still loving the girls treatment, her eyes fluttered as she raised her ass a little higher.

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the shadow of the grimm

while I railed mercilessly on Em's built butt, I noticed it rose during my thrusts, telling me she wanted more of my rough play. wanting to oblige, I moved my body down to reach her chest with my hand, pulling her up by her tit. when she was on her knees, I kept fucking her ass raw, gripping her giant boobs hard, biting her shoulder in an animal lust. after a dozen more thrusts in her vice of an anus, I came deep between those cheeks, clutching her huge pair while screaming into her shoulder. while cumming, i couldn't even pull out with how tight she was making it and how worn out i was.

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A Crimson Crystal

Ember didn't stop her lustful moans as the girl forced her onto her hands and knees, exposing the rest of her body to her abuse. Her pulling of her tits making her moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure, which lasted until her lover repositioned, using her massive tits as leverage to fuck her harder. Closing her eyes she yelped feeling her lover's teeth biting into her shoulder, in her fit of lust. Her body trembled as she was used hardly able to keep herself from falling over as she felt her ass filled with her lover's hot cum. Slowly Ember forced herself to relax sinking inch by inch onto the bed again.

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the shadow of the grimm

once my cock stopped spraying hot cum inside her, she relaxed just enough for me to pull out, semen leaking out of her as soon as i was out of her. when I was out of her, I fell to my side, my cock finally done enjoying her sexy ass. after a few pants, I tried to speak, coughing a bit from screaming. "so... guess we're uhh... fuck buddies, right? because... you're a sexy bitch... but i can't wake up every morning to that accent... heh heh heh." joking around, i looked over at her with a weak grin.

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A Crimson Crystal

Ember panted as she lay on the bed, her body tired to the point of exhaustion. Slowly she glanced over at her lover and her weak warn voice. "Wouldn't want ta put up with ye mother every mornen anyways. But yeah, fuck buddies."

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the shadow of the grimm

her answer made me snicker through a used voice before attempting to get up, lacking the strength to hold myself up and falling back on my back on the bed. "damn... haven't fucked that hard in months... my hips hurt... my dick hurts, heh heh..."

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A Crimson Crystal

"Just be happy ye wan't the one taken et love." Mused the girl with a small smirk as she looked over at her lustful partner. Every part of her hurting after the rapid sex she had been put through. All willingly of course but still not very pleasent to deal with afterwords.

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the shadow of the grimm

"i did ask if ya wanted it gentle on your ass." I reminded her, smirking and thinking of the idea of being in her place. sighing, I tried to shuffle over to her and wrap my arm around her, kissing her for a moment before talking. "anyway, I usually cuddle my girl after sex. you alright with that?"

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A Crimson Crystal

Ember smirked in reply as sexy body still exposed for her lover to admire. "Oi loike et in moi ass love~ All moi fuck friends say eta their favorite hole~" Teased Ember before her arms were wrapped around skull girl. They fell into a short kiss before skull girl spoke again. Embers answer was simple as she rolled into her side and spoke. "Spoon me or cuddle with me if ye want"

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the shadow of the grimm

feeling her arms wrap around me made me blush a little but smirk regardless. to her answer, I got a cheeky idea and moved down to where my head was between her giant breasts, giggling as I cuddled more into her from there. "I think i'll nap on your tits then~ they're like... sexy clouds." with that flirt, I rested more into her tits, my arms gently embracing her. thinking more on what she said, I forgot we were just sexy friends and not dating and looked up at her jealously. "wait, others fucked your ass before me?"

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A Crimson Crystal
Ember smirked slightly as the girl nuzzled into her breasts using them as a pillow. Hesitantly she closed her eyes daring to think she would sleep. But no she was staring up into her eyes with jealousy. "Yes love"
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the shadow of the grimm

her answer was so blunt, it snapped me outta my jealousy and I nodded, cuddling back into her tits. "alright. whoever ya date can fuck you like that. but i'm the only one who gets to smack it red~" with a giggle, I tried to sleep in her embrace.

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A Crimson Crystal
Ember smirked as the girl spoke before letting her drift to sleep. Her arms still wrapped around her before she let out a sigh. Laying her head against the cushions she to drifted off to sleep.
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the shadow of the grimm

(scene or TS in normal RP?)

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A Crimson Crystal
(Unless she is planning to tail Ember when they wake up time skip to normal )
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A Crimson Crystal
(I mean railiing)
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the shadow of the grimm

(alright, i'll post in vale then)

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Inside the small village, a small band of orcs had recently come into the region and the villagers were tense, expecting an invasion.
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Strife Airay

Outside the gates of the village, Krista was armed with her trusty bow and arrow and waited for any orcs to show up.

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The orc rode up on a Dire Wolf, the large, grey hulk of muscle was alone. On his back as a mighty war hammer, and he wore animal hides.

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Strife Airay

Krista was quick to start shooting arrows at the orc.

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Seeing the sudden hostility, he let our a roar, and hundreds of orcs rode over the hills and towards the village. Most carried spears, but the leader drew his sword and was charging straight at Krista.

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