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the assassin of hope

Idea By Nina. Its like one dude being the big boss of a chosen girl to play with and such but once you pick a chick, you cant change it.

Sassy:See's Girls in maid outfits* Loving the topic so far XDDD

List:Master:Johnny Slave:Blake (sorry Blake XD)

Master:Sov Slave:Kiki

Master:Gray Slave:Coco

Master:Peter Slave:Kelly

Master:Xalv Slave:Alice

Master:Alan Slave:Yia

Master:Black Slave:Niveray

Master: Horus Slave: Morgan

Master:Blood Slave:Ally

Master:Kyo Slave:Velvet

Master:Rai Slave:Emerald

Master:Thaddeus Slave:Ymir

Master:Morderatus Slave:Hazel

Master:Ace Slave:Mami

Master:Reno Slave:Reese

10/30/2014 . Edited by Ultimate Lurker Nina, 7/19/2017 #1
the assassin of hope

Early in the morning, in the Griffin estate was sleeping the young master, Like weiss His family worked in dust. Only they Treat Faunus Way more Better the schnees, Of Course they Had Maids and Butlers But they were treated like Everyone else. Johnny rolled over in his sleep as he was still asleep.

10/30/2014 #2
Ultimate Lurker Nina

On the meantime as he peacefully sleep in his room and bed, Blake was in the kitchen, done about a nice coffee cup and by wearing her maid outfit with cat ears shown, she left some seconds after.Out of there now, she walked quietly for the room of Johnny while thinking he could get a nice cup of coffee, beside it was morning sooo...

10/30/2014 #3
the assassin of hope

(Hot XD)

Johnny Sniff the air as he slowly woke Up, His hair in it's Normal morning hair. "O-Oh Morning Blake." He said with a smile as he reach out to grab the coffee Mug. (I just thought of something, Looks like Blake is a real 'hand' maid. XD)

10/30/2014 #4
Ultimate Lurker Nina

(Yuuuppp :P)

On the time he did woke up, she had gotten in the room by the ajar door and nodded when he grabbed that coffee cup, ''morning''.

10/30/2014 #5
the assassin of hope

Johnny began to drink His coffee as he had seen the Smaller Maid outfit she had He was crossing One of his legs over his leg to hide his cock.

10/30/2014 #6
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Quiet and not paying much attention yet to what he tried to hide, Blake glanced around the room decor and smiled a little.

10/30/2014 #7
the assassin of hope

Johnny Smile as he soon Was done with The Drink as he place the cup on his night stand. "Thank you Blake." he then walked to his dresser. "I-Im Gonna Change now.." he said rubbing his neck.

10/30/2014 #8
Ultimate Lurker Nina

''Very well'' she nodded quickly as he got that drink done and left with the empty cup of coffee.

10/30/2014 #9
the assassin of hope

Johnny was soon dress in his Normal Clothes as he Walked to his study, He kept on thinking About his Kitty handmaid, How she was always there for him, How she cared for him, How Her Maid outfit show off her Pretty hot Legs....he soon shake those pervy Thoughts out of his Head.

10/30/2014 #10
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Awwww how sweet of you J, well while it was true and that he got himself busy, Blake had gotten into the kitchen place and placed the cup down in the sink.

10/30/2014 #11
the assassin of hope

Johnny Sat down at his desk as he began to read a history book as he was Still having these Dirty Thoughts coming Into His head. 'Stop It Brain Work...' He thought to himself as his Parents were out working leaving Johnny Home with the other workers.

10/30/2014 #12
Ultimate Lurker Nina

So with him trying to focus on works, Blake exited the kitchen calmly and decided to have cleaning time, holding out a broom and moved around the first hallway with it.

10/30/2014 #13
the assassin of hope

Altho He kept getting these Thoughts He wonder If Blake Also Had these Thoughts About Him. Johnny Sighed as he closed his book. 'I-I think I love Her...' He thought Seeing all the answers in his head.

10/30/2014 #14
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Why of course she was thinking of kinky stuffs but while visibly quiet and working over this hallway, Blake continued to pass the broom around.

10/30/2014 #15
the assassin of hope

ooo, bad kitty thinking of Sexy hot Fun times with your master, Johnny Took in a deep Breath as he press the Intercom. "Blake Balladonna to The Master's study, if you can." He would understand if she couldn't come right away.

10/30/2014 #16
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Yep, dat maid kitty that happened to hear the corridor intercom and having to put the broom aside where it should be, Blake turned around and walked towards where she was asked to be.

10/30/2014 #17
the assassin of hope

Johnny took a deep breath as he was gonna tell Blake about these feelings he has towards his maid, It was sure something of a gospal story, He just hope that the other staff members don't hear them.

10/30/2014 #18
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Well dont think anyone would be here by now and Blake soon entered the room where he was and shut the door behind, clearly there was just J and her in here.

"Yes sir?", gotta act like as maid/slave so she did.

10/30/2014 #19
the assassin of hope

Johnny looked to Blake as he Walked over to her. "So, I was wondering about something." he said as he was blushing Lightly.

10/30/2014 #20
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Just standing there as he moved, she glanced at J, "yes?".

10/30/2014 #21
the assassin of hope

Johnny soon stop as he stood in front of her. "D-do you have Feelings towards me?" He asked looking deep into her golden eyes.

10/30/2014 #22
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Hearing this so suddenly, her amber eyes blinked as she stared at Johnny, "i-i...", blushing marks rose onto her cheeks.

10/30/2014 #23
the assassin of hope

Johnny saw this as he looked to her. "L-Look, You always care and taken care of me even..so i wanted to repay you in a different way." He said Leaning in near her.

10/30/2014 #24
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Somehow, these true and sweet words made the blushes of her face more pink."And that is?..." she asked, even though an hint was found by his leaning of head.

10/30/2014 #25
the assassin of hope

Johnny soon peck his lips over her as he hold onto both her hands, Her lips were soft and Warm on his. His mind kept running on lusty thoughts of his kitty maid.

10/30/2014 #26
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Blushing just a little more as her gentle lips got glued on his, Blake blinked quickly but remained there, obviously clueless he was thinking of such thoughts.

(The other topics)

10/30/2014 #27
the assassin of hope

Johnny had been fighting the Urge to make a pass and Groped her rear, which was very hard He soon began to lick around her lips asking for entry into her mouth.

10/30/2014 #28
Ultimate Lurker Nina

So while he attempted such resistance, the maid faunus sensed his tongue over her soften lips and to such demand, her mouth opened.

10/30/2014 #29
the assassin of hope

Johnny Began to rub his tongue around Blake's Mouth as he Wrapped his arms around her as he slowly close his eyes, maybe Blake could try something ;3

10/30/2014 #30
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