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the assassin of hope

Velvet's mother Own's and Work a Place in Vale, But this is no normal place for sweets. Velvet's mother Loves Sex so She has added a 'Sever' Menu. All the prices and what you can do them are in there as well, They Know how to Keep People Feed and happy. ;3

Kate(Velvet's mom, age 43)-http:// 37.media.tumblr.com/18dda524708ade34f7537884a2a0ba3c/tumblr_n90frntERV1t73f3io1_500.jpg

Ash(eldest sister,age 23) -http:// images.kaneva.com/filestore8/4476927/5520704/animeUbunnyUgirl.jpg

sandy(twin sister, Age 18) http:// www.theanimegallery.com/data/thumbs/790px/0145/tAG_145681.jpg

mira(Aunt, age 40) http:// dalian.7thstyle.com/2012/06/bunny-anime-girls-056.jpg

Nao (Youngest sister, age 16) http:// fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/129/4/0/bunny_girl_by_shadow1510-d4z2xyx.jpg

Velvet(18 Year's old, Is Just a Velvet XD) http:// tbib.org/images/2889/ab9498ad381e7537cdec0857f766e0650018e2ad.jpeg?3402483

Anyone can use/Be these girls for the RP.

Oc's who work there:

1.Silvi-http:// kazasou.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/konachan-com-155772-blonde_hair-blue_eyes-bunny_ears-bunnygirl-cleavage-game_cg-hapymaher-koku-panties-purple_software-stockings-underwear-yayoi_b_lutwidge.jpg

2.Kelly- http:// i115.photobucket.com/albums/n314/renos_lover213/Decorated%20images/normal_anime_girl_246.jpg

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Strife Airay

Entering the restaurant, Fredrick sat down at a nearby table and took off his hood before picking up the menu.

12/6/2014 #2
the assassin of hope

Two Menus were place on the table as One had a picture of cake and the other had a heart on it. "Pick One from each Menu And well work on it."

12/6/2014 #3
Strife Airay

Nodding, he picked up the one with the heart on it.

12/6/2014 #4
the assassin of hope

When He open it He saw all the Workers on the menu and they Had Time next to them, 1 Hour was 25 Lien, 2 hours Was 50 and It kept going on Until 4 Hours Which was 100 Lien. They really did look cute.

12/6/2014 #5
Strife Airay

"Hmm....", he said as he stared at the prices. "One hour please."

12/6/2014 #6
the assassin of hope

the man nodded. "And the girl of your choosing?" He said Most of them had A 'In-Use' over them as the menu was a scroll. "Also Would you like anything to eat while you get to know your Friend some more."

12/6/2014 #7
100 Doge Army

Well... it'd been a half-hour. A very long half-hour. Raz was... well. Very irritated, to be very gentle about it. He slowly swirled a drink he brought with his finger as he waited to be... waited upon.

They agreed to meet here. Why am I the only one present...

12/6/2014 #8
the assassin of hope

(Who Would Raz like? Ash is in use by Fredrick)

12/6/2014 #9
100 Doge Army

(*looks* ... *taps Mira's icon*)

12/6/2014 #10
Strife Airay

"I choose Ash.", he told him. "And some steak please."

12/6/2014 #11
the assassin of hope

The man nodded. "One moment please." He said as he send the order to the kitchen, Soon a Girl came our and walked over to his table. "Hi." She said seeming to Look like a older Velvet.


A man walked by Raz as he place two menu's on the table. "You ready to Order yet?" He asked him.

12/6/2014 #12
Strife Airay

He looked up to see her. "Hello there."

12/6/2014 #13
100 Doge Army

"... Yes."

Fuck it. Fuck it and fuck the guys, Raz was eating on his damn lonesome. Like every week... he spared himself a solo sob story and looked over the given menus. Lord...

12/6/2014 #14
the assassin of hope

Ash smile at him. "The kitchen well be done with your meal in a few Minutes, would you like to look at a third Menu...But First...my mother told me to say this to everyone...But are you a cop?" She asked him.


The man nodded. "You may Order one thing from Each menu, take all the time you need." again the menu's had a cake and Heart on it.

12/6/2014 #15
100 Doge Army

Cute. Raz quickly glanced through the confectionery menu and picked out a cake slice just because, flipping to the heart one curiously.

"... Time limits. What for?"

12/6/2014 #16
Strife Airay

Fredrick shook his head. "No, I'm not."

12/6/2014 #17
the assassin of hope

Ash handed him the Third menu that had a heart with wings on it. "Just to let you know, im not as kinky as my Sisters." She said as if that was a normal thing.


The man Narrow his eyes. "What are you the time police, It's Just saying how long you want the girl to be with you."

12/6/2014 #18
100 Doge Army

Great service so far. Sarcasm. Yep, Raz was gonna have some fun things to say about all this.

"No, thank you, officer. Lord... okay. One hour, I guess."

12/6/2014 #19
Strife Airay

He nodded once again. "Okay then." He started reading the menu.

12/6/2014 #20
the assassin of hope

the man nodded then looked to him. "And the girl of your picking?" He asked As Kate Still had 3 hours on her, But her sister was open.


it was a menu for all sorts of things, Things that she could do to you/ her. Ash Giggle softy. "You Can pick Three."

12/6/2014 #21
Strife Airay

Nodding, he went ahead and picked the three he decided on.

12/6/2014 #22
100 Doge Army

"... Mira."

Raz didn't even know what they really looked like, but Mira was a pretty name. Kinda. Sorta. Moving on.

12/6/2014 #23

Ashburn entered the restaurant, looking around. It was a pretty nice looking place, and it'd had to do. He had been walking along the street and had suddenly gotten quite hungry, so he walked into the first eatery he saw, which just so happened to be this one. He took a seat at a random empty table.

12/6/2014 #24
the assassin of hope

The man nodded and sent his order to the kitchen, Soon Out came a busty Faunus woman as she wore a t shirt and Tight Jeans Her Thong string was seen. "Hello there cutie."


Ash Looked to the three he wanted. "ooo you got some lusty stuff on this." She said with a small blush.


Soon a man Walked to Ashburn's table. "Welcome Sir, Are you ready to order, And I am required by the owner, But...Are you a Cop?"

12/6/2014 #25
Strife Airay

Fredrick smirked at her.

12/6/2014 #26
the assassin of hope

Soon his food was place on the table. "Well...want me to knot the first thing off the list while you eat?" She asked with half lid eyes.

12/6/2014 #27
Strife Airay

He nodded to her as he began eating his food.

12/6/2014 #28
100 Doge Army

Holy buals, that is... whoa. Raz didn't even know where to keep his eyes. Chest? Waist? Face. Dayum!

"Um... hi. You must be... Mira?"

12/7/2014 #29

(Just realized one of the ladies here is named Ash XD I'll try and not refer to Ashburn as Ash then XP)

Ashburn was staring at the menu, and spoke to the waiter without moving his eyes. "I suppose I could make my order. That's quite the curious question... No, I am not a police officer."

12/7/2014 #30
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