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the assassin of hope

Beacuase Animals need love too, I guess we can see that the animals are mostly male.

So from Dogs to grimm you can have the fun ;3

1/13/2015 #1
Ultimate Lurker Nina

(that means a Mahon works lol)

Just venturing throught the green forest and on grass field that seemed quiet for now, Kelly stared around warily though and walked forwards.

1/13/2015 #2
Primm Catigoriama
(Yuri: Would Shadina hurt me if I tried to go for Mahon?) Around Kelly many Beowolves watched her. They seemed to want her for more than food. The moved closer towards her.
1/13/2015 #3
Ultimate Lurker Nina


At being looked at as they appeared, she glared at a few to make them back off and carried a rather stoic look.

1/13/2015 #4
Primm Catigoriama
(Yuri: It could be worth it. XD) The beowolves did not stop. They started to form a circle around her. They planned to trap her.
1/13/2015 #5
Ultimate Lurker Nina


"Hmph", at what they tried to do, it got worthless since Kelly had suddenly used Sonoportation and vanished to then appear out of this circle and distant.

1/13/2015 #6
Primm Catigoriama
The Pack of Beowolves turned and stared to try and chase her. (Yuri: I may try it later)
1/13/2015 #7
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Seeing them run over, Kelly dashed off across this grass field

1/13/2015 #8
Primm Catigoriama
They seemed faster than normal beowolves. They kept up the chase as more tried to cut her off.
1/13/2015 #9
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Remarking that, she grinned "ohh, so you wanna play fast?", avoiding the cuts in a propelling dash.

1/13/2015 #10
Primm Catigoriama
The beowolves tried to speed up and run faster as one tried to jump to tackle Kelly.
1/13/2015 #11
Ultimate Lurker Nina

"Nahhh, gotta make it harder", zigzagging left to avoid this wolf Grimm jump, not liking easy chase.

1/13/2015 #12
Primm Catigoriama
They kept following as a few gave up but the majority kept following. They were determined. One seemed to try and take a higher ground route to get above Kelly.
1/13/2015 #13
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Looking back briefly to see all that, she ran off in more fast speed level and remarked about this nearing Grimm.

1/13/2015 #14
Primm Catigoriama
The grimm at higher ground kept moving and was almost as fast as Kelly.
1/13/2015 #15
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Only knowing that as a little challenge, she sped ahead of him with quick smirk and could still run.

1/13/2015 #16
Primm Catigoriama
The beowolf went faster attempting to match her speed.
1/14/2015 #17
Ultimate Lurker Nina

While she quite saw that, Kelly didnt even slowed down.

1/14/2015 #18
Primm Catigoriama
One beowolf tried jumping at her while the one above jumped to try and land on her as she would move to avoid the other one.
1/14/2015 #19
Ultimate Lurker Nina

However, she evaded both but tumbled over the ground in a few rolls.

1/14/2015 #20
Primm Catigoriama
One quickly moves to follow and then attempts to pin her as she is now vulnerable.
1/14/2015 #21
Ultimate Lurker Nina

At her last roll, she grunted in slight pain "stupid rock..", having it made her fall in her speed run and got actually to her feets before the pinning and glanced at the Beowolf, "whaddya want wolfy?, a piece of me".

1/14/2015 #22
Primm Catigoriama
The beowolf looked at her and examined her before trying to lunge and rip her clothing.
1/14/2015 #23
Ultimate Lurker Nina

But at the lunge, she veered aside and wielded a small smirk "aww, oh you got a brain to know about gaming after all?, well you got a cave instead?" Kelly asked, not liking being in the open for that.

1/14/2015 #24
Primm Catigoriama
The beowolf looked at her and twisted his head a bit for a moment and did paw the ground in the direction of one nearby.
1/14/2015 #25
Ultimate Lurker Nina

She first looked over where it had possibly try to point at and grinned, "well hop we go", mounting its back without care.

1/14/2015 #26
Primm Catigoriama
The beowolf was a bit surprised but headed towards the cave. It soon entered inside as it carefully sat down for her.
1/14/2015 #27
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Just briefly sat on him, Kelly eyed the area while it moved in this cave and as that Grimm didnt moved, she got off."Not pretty bad" she commented about the place.But not wanting her clothes in shreds, she got it all off from her, less business for the Beowolf anyway, beside.. girl got guts.

1/14/2015 #28
Primm Catigoriama
The beowolf panted a bit. Kelly did look quite hot even to a wild grimm. He slowly walked a bit closer to her. She could now see it's length that it had.
1/14/2015 #29
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Pretty much in red velvet underclothings for now and glad that she could see in the dark, Kelly chuckled at seeing its tongue out."Watcha looking at boy?", teasing the black beast while aware visually of his lenght size, thoughtful on something.

1/14/2015 #30
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