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the assassin of hope


Welcome to the desert outside Vale, were a wild out of control week of hard core parties and trying out new things, now some can come in pairs or some might be alone, but really no one leaves the desert without getting some, food,drink and life music.

PS...Watch were you step. XD

6/21/2015 #1
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Kai arrived at the faunus love feast area and looked around, the half of his DNA that was faunus acting up for the season that was coming. He looked around as his white dog ears twitched a bit, his long white hair resting on his back.

6/22/2015 #2
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi kept herself at a distance from anyone that walked by. Her usual cold act was changing and becoming more of a naughty vixen one. She loathed the season as it sent her hormones into overdrive. And that was never a good thing. (I feel so Pervy!)

6/22/2015 #3
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

(xD Let the pervyness course through you, lol, dark side talk.) Kai said as he'd just continue looking around as he wasn't really noticing where he was going, also being one to try keeping his distance from others as he'd soon run into Kiwi. "Damn it, sorry about that."

6/22/2015 #4
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi looked down as she felt her drink splash onto her white shirt. The red stain began to spread slightly as the shirt would soon stark to stick to her skin. "Its ok...these things make people all kinds of crazy."

6/22/2015 #5
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Kai blushed slightly in embarrassment as he looked at her and saw what his accident run had down, as he'd sigh. "Yeah, your telling me, sorry again then, i can let you use my robe's shirt since you could catch a cold like that." He said, taking off his red robe's upper half, now only wearing a now sleeved white shirt.

6/22/2015 #6
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi gulped and moved back slightly. With a shake of her head, she tried to push the shirt away. "Its fine. Really it's just a shirt!" Kiwi laughed nervously as she pulled st the buttons connecting the article of clothing. She let his slip from her shoulder to soon reveal a blue tank top that barley covered her slim figure.

6/22/2015 #7
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Kai blushed as he noticed this, getting turned on a bit thanks to the season and after shaking his head a bit, he'd shove his red baggy shirt robe to her again. "I insist, its my fault that happened and i'd just feel like a jerk if you ended up getting a cold."

6/22/2015 #8
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi sighed and reAched for the robe. "Thanks..." She said softly as she pulled the obviously to big article of clothing over her body. "So...what brings ya here?"

6/22/2015 #9
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

"No problem." Kai muttered softly with a blush still on his face then he sighed when asked that question. "Eh, didn't have much choice, better being around others going through the effects of this damn season then a bunch of random other people who aren't."

6/22/2015 #10
Criminal Kitten

"I understand." Kiwi said as she felt her ears twitch in discomfort from the growing heat between her thighs. Taking a few calming breaths and squeezing her hands into a fist, she attempted to calm herself.

6/22/2015 #11
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

"Guessing thats the same reason you came here?" Kai questioned as he was trying to ignore the massive bulge that was growing in his pants. He'd begin trying to think of anything to stop this growing horniness.

6/22/2015 #12
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi let out a small hum in agreement as she liked her lips. Her eyes were turning a shade deeper as she co tinted to stare at him. Her eyes fell to the growing budget and she nearly let out a moan.

6/22/2015 #13
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Kai nodded a little to the hum of agreement and blushed a bit as he'd look at her, his eyes going downwards as he'd get more turned on, the bulge growing more so. "So uh…the names Kai, you are?"

6/22/2015 #14
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi griped the nearby bar counter as she flickered her gaze toward the ground. "Kiwi...."

6/22/2015 #15
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

"Nice to meet ya Kiwi….uh, you okay?" Kai questioned as he noticed how she had griped the nearby counter and he walked closer to her.

6/22/2015 #16
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi's breathing became hard and labored as she tried her best to contain her raging hormones that repeated the same line over in her head to jump him and fuck the hell out of him. "I'm fine! Just stay back!"

6/22/2015 #17
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

"Sorry can't do that, cause your definitely not fine." Kai said, trying his best to contain his raging on fire hormones as well as he still got closer to her and would place a hand on her shoulder, trying his best to not try ripping her clothes off her and his own off of himself, then do as the words that repeated in his head said.

6/22/2015 #18
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi let out what sounded like small cats whimper and lurched her body forward. With her lips pressing to his in a hot kiss, her hormones became more wild at feeling his touch. "I told you to stay back." Kiwi repeated her warning and flipped them around so he was pushed against the wall

6/22/2015 #19
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Kai was surprised by that but while their lips were pressed against one another he'd kiss her back and now looked at her with a surprised look as he was now against the wall. "Um…sorry…your a pretty hot kisser though….and i can't believe i just said that." He replied blushing, the bulge in his pants growing more so.

6/22/2015 #20
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi tried to pull away but now that her body had touched his there was no way she was going to be able to stay away from him all night. A groan made its way up her through as she leaned forward to press another steamy kiss to his lips, nibbling on the bottom one.

6/22/2015 #21
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Kai couldn't help the moan that passed his lips as he'd kiss her back and enjoyed the feeling of her nippling his lower lip, his hands moving to her hips, pulling her close as his bulge would be pressing against her.

6/22/2015 #22
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi moaned against his lips as she felt his budge against her thigh. "Some one is a little excited?" Kiwi pulled her lips away from his to move her mouth to his neck.

6/22/2015 #23
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Kai let out more soft moans pass his lips as he felt her begin to kiss his neck. "Mmm, can't blame me, I'm sure your quite excited too." He panted a little out, as his hands move to her ass, groping her ass cheeks.

6/22/2015 #24
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi jumped up to wrap her legs around his waist. Her kisses ran into the edge of his shirt causing her to let out a growl. Grabbing the shirt, she tugged at it until it tore open with a loud rip.

6/22/2015 #25
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Kai moaned softly a little more when feeling her kisses run down like so and felt her legs wrapped around his waist. His muscular build was soon out and viewable when she ripped of his shirt. "Well guess you can't wait any longer to get the fun started." He said with a small laugh as he'd squeeze her booty cheeks.

6/22/2015 #26
Criminal Kitten

Kiwi was panting into his chest, her head resting just under his chain. "We need to move somewhere with more privacy.."

6/22/2015 #27
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Kai panted a little himself as he laughed a little embarrassingly when she said that, realizing they were still out in public. "Hehe, yeah guess so….your tent or mine?"

6/22/2015 #28
Criminal Kitten

"Mine is too far! I might just have to push you against the ground ride you before we get to mine." Kiwi growled out as she pushed her form closer, griping at his face.

6/22/2015 #29
Roronoa Zoro Ultimate Badass

Kai laughed a bit at that and gave her ass a good squeeze as he'd lean in, kissing her neck. "Well my tents pretty close, so we could use it then. Unless you'd prefer doing it out in public."

6/22/2015 #30
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