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Ultimate Lurker Nina

STH stands for sonic the hedgehog.

Mobius, while both the planet home of humans, sentient, powerful, creatures live across this world too. They are known as Mobians and have their own, favorite hero; Sonic the hedgehog. Many others can be found saving the day from evil or even sit back and have fun intimately. Lots of adventures awaits.

12/16/2017 #1
Ultimate Lurker Nina

It was a pretty cold day but still an enjoyable, snowflakes were falling but not too roughly. Thinking of heading back for her residence & appropriately dressed against the cold weather, Amy kept trudging until she saw a familiar hedgehog ahead, with no coats or even a scarf it seemed.

12/16/2017 #2
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

Shadow remained standing still despite the snow seemingly uncaring. He had his eyes closed in somebody of meditation or deep thought not even noticing the female hedgehog.

12/16/2017 #3
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Not stopping to move yet and eventually taking notice that he was not budging, she simply thought he was waiting for somebody, eh problably Rouge or something. Still that didn't prevented her to say something to someone she kinda knew ever since the Ark incident.

''Hey Shadow'' Amy greeted, halting.

12/16/2017 #4
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

Shadow remained in his state of meditation either that or he was trying to ignore the girl.

12/16/2017 #5
Ultimate Lurker Nina

At getting no reply so far, she puffed her cheeks in slight irritation. ''Hmph!, the least you could do is be polite and greet back'', its not as if she did something wrong.

12/16/2017 #6
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

Shadow seemed to shake clearly now out of thought. "...Hello." was his only response to the girl.

12/16/2017 #7
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Well while that was much better, a tiny smile settled onto her. Though it didn't lasted long, Amy just looked at him, so he'd been off reality to think than act ignorant.

''You dont look fine, is the cold getting to you?''.

12/16/2017 #8
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

"No...I've been thinking about something to stave off the cold. I've noticed another problem." He said opening his eyes to looks at her.

12/16/2017 #9
Ultimate Lurker Nina

She blinked. Problem?, that felt peculiar, the streets were safe and the walking peoples too, no dangers was going on.

''What do you mean?''.

12/16/2017 #10
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

"I'd rather not talk about it." Shadow said closing his eyes again. "It's not important."

12/16/2017 #11
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Somehow, she frowned, maybe prying too much wouldn't really help or being curious as a whole. ''I see. I'm sorry, i guess i am being way curious without helping myself. I mean, i worry thats all..''.

12/16/2017 #12
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

Shadow seemed to be forgetting a bit more now still trying to seek composed. "As I said it's nothing. Now please hurry along." He said seemingly trying to hurry her.

12/16/2017 #13
Ultimate Lurker Nina

She rose a brow this time, maybe something was wrong inside his head, an headache maybe?. If anything, the surroundings streetways look peaceful.

Despite wanting to ask what was wrong, the pink hedgehog forbid herself. ''Fine!, have it your way'', what a dissapointment, she couldnt still understand him. Body shifting around, Amy started to trudge away, steps sounding more like stomping though.

12/16/2017 #14
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

The hedgehog opened his eyes hearing the stomping. Shadows eyes followed the female hedgehog's tail as she stomped away. He shook his head trying to clear his head as thoughts of her and other females has been becoming rampant recently. It appeared that the problem Shadow was having was something more personal.

12/16/2017 #15
Ultimate Lurker Nina

And yet, she was completely unaware it had anything to do this. She kept going as to head home, which wasn't really far. As for her pointy hedgehog tail, it was hardly noticeable due to her coat against the cold. Still as she moved, she doubted he'd stay put only longer, unless it was to freeze up or get sick.

12/16/2017 . Edited 12/16/2017 #16
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

Shadow tried to remain calm, but his mind kept racing with thoughts of women and the closest one he knew was Amy. His eyes snapped open as he started taking steps towards her trying to catch up. He himself wasn't sure what he needed, but now he was sure that she was part of it.

12/16/2017 #17
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Pausing, if only to open the door, she had no idea who choosed to attempt in catching up to her. Amy, after just getting inside, Winter boots off, started to get the door closed...

Best to prevent that by grabbing the doorway border or opposing side of the knob.

12/16/2017 #18
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

Shadow grabbed the door before it could shut. "Wait..." He said trying to keep her from shutting the door.

12/16/2017 #19
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Feeling the inability to get the house door shut, the roseate hedgehog let out a ''huh?'', then she moved sideway to notice who was holding onto the wood surface.

''Shadow?. I thought you said for me to go'', slightly sounding peeved.

12/16/2017 #20
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

"I know....I'm sorry." He said sounding sincere.

12/16/2017 #21
Ultimate Lurker Nina

He was what now?!. Well that was not expected. She had an hard understanding this dark colored hedgehog, mostly since opening up wasn't his strong point.

A sigh left the pink mobian(name of the characters Race). ''Forget about it. I guess it was normal coming from you. You're not exactly the sociable kind'', well not constantly.

12/16/2017 #22
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

"Listen I don't want to talk about the problem out here. Can just come in?" He asked sounding a tad desperate.

12/16/2017 #23
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Figuring he'd problably been avoiding to tell her, out in public, she rose the doorway a tad more open. ''Alright'', not minding at all & stepped back to give entry.

12/16/2017 #24
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

Shadow quickly made his way inside and towards a seat. Not really asking permission he sat down seemingly thinking again.

12/16/2017 #25
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Well, that certainly was quick. She did closed the door now and then noticed this pensive look on Shadow again. ''Umm, could you take off your shoes..'', not wanting snow to stain the house floor and cause it to be slippery due to the water it might bring once it melt off.

12/16/2017 #26
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

Shadow nodded and took off the shoes setting them aside.

12/16/2017 #27
Ultimate Lurker Nina

Not staying by the closed door, she got in the living room, where he was.'' Here, i figured this would help warming you up''. After using the teapot, she poured the liquid in a cup and gave said cup to him.

Grabbing off her Winter coat, due to not needing it anymore, she left it on a free seat.

12/16/2017 #28
Jongunt the Great Green Dog

Shadow took the cup before taking a sip. He looked up taking a look at the hedgehog without her coat.

12/16/2017 #29
Ultimate Lurker Nina

She was pretty much wearing her usual outfit, nothing more. Although, the pink schemed hedgehog decided to sit, opposite of him so far.

''Whatever is wrong with you, you can take your time in telling me about it''.

12/16/2017 #30
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