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I'm sure there are lots of people who would love to be part of a caravan. This is the place where you can be. So what are you waiting for? There's only so much time before Tipa's caravan has to leave!
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An icy wind blew through the Selepation Cave, a common occurance in this icy place. While this cave is known or it's great danger, it is also the home of a bounty of treasure. But perhaps the grandest treasure of all iste Myrrh tree that rests here, waiting for travelors.

Scattered throughout the cave of cours are countless monsters ready to defend this tree with their lives. Sittiing near the entrance of the cave is a Moole, with curious look on it's face, as if it is decing what to do or where to go....

(Ready? Go! This is your starting point.)

6/6/2010 #1
Pegasus Knight Salvo

A girl wandered down the roead towards Selepation Cave wearily. Wearing the green robes of the summoner, she looked around and spotted a moogle contemplating something. Cautiously, she drew nearer to the moogle, curious.

6/9/2010 #2

*The Moogle looked up and noticed a girl approaching. She was wearing clothing that the moogle had never seen anyone dressed like this before, but thought little of it having seen a variety of odd outfits over the years.*

Hello there kupo. Are you a caravaner kupo? Perhaps you've come for the Myrrh tree kupo? I have bad news I'm afraid, depressing news. Look to the cave entrance, over the last few days the wind has been unusually strong, and the chill has been in arctic temperatures. A thick layer of ice has formed over the entrance. I've been striking it for hours with no success kupo. Not even my fire spell can melt that ice. The cave, it is thoroughly sealed kupo. Nothing short of an eidolon could melt ice this thick kupo.

I don't know what to do kupo. *The moogle shrugged its shoulders as it pondered this problem*

6/9/2010 #3
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli shook her head. "I am not a caravaner, I ususally travel solo. Although, I will try to clear the entrance."

Swirls of red light paareared arround her hands as she reached them into the air.

"Calling from generations of guardian of the flame, I summon thee, Ifrit!" She said, summoning Ifrit. It turned to face the Ice blocking the way and roared, grasping each side of the cave. After a minute, the ice melted away, retreating from Ifrit's touch.

6/11/2010 #4

(Quick question for you hon. Are you carrying a chalice? You need some protection from the Miasma.)

*Cranberry looked in shock, and perhaps fear as this girl reached up toward the sky and generated enormous magical energy. Ifrit's appearance stunned the Moogle, having never seen such a thing before. Ifrit's powerful flames melt the ice away, revealing the entrance to the cave. Despite Ifrit's incredible heat, a cold chill emerges from the cave and sends a shiver down both of us. This cave is far colder than it was in the past...*

That... that was... that was amazing kupo. How on earth did you do that kupo? Are you going into the cave? Let's travel together, I can sense swarms of monsters inside here. You said you travel solo, but that must be lonely no?

*Eerie howls can be heard from inside the cave...*

6/11/2010 #5
Pegasus Knight Salvo

(aye I do have a chalice)

Ifrit, his job done, vanished as suddenly as he came. Lazuli felt weary and shivered as cold air washed over her. She looked at the moogle and nodded.

"Thanks...I am a summoner, some would say. My tribe has remained hidden over the years, guarding sacred places of the higher beings. My family specifically guarded Ifrit, who you just saw. I do intend on going into the cave, but I need to regain my stamina first. Sure, why not? If we travel together, we'll stand a chance. Sometimes I feel lonesome, but I have no need for pity of any kind." She said, leaning against the wall.

(Summoning takes a lot of mp)

6/11/2010 #6

Doesn't this cold seem strange to you kupo? Even in a place like this where some ice is expected, I don't remember hearing tales of it being this cold. We better not stay in her very long. Temperatures this low are quite dangerous.

*Inside the cave, the commotion of the Ifrit summon has alerted the local monsters. They seem to be mobilizing... but... instead of appraoching they are moving away from us, further into the cave.*

6/13/2010 #7

You're move hun.

6/16/2010 #8
Pegasus Knight Salvo

The girl nodded. "We shall be quick. I do not think summoning Ifrit while in the cave will be a good idea, either. There is so much ice, Ifrit may cause a cave-in" She said thoughtfully, drawing out her bow, arrow at the ready as she headed inside.

6/19/2010 #9

*They begin to walk into the cave, and the icy chill sends shivers down their spines. A buzzing sound fills the air. 3 killer bees are patrolling the door up ahead. We need to pass through, but it doesn't look like they are welcoming visitors and those stingers look pretty painful. The moogle drew a sword and looked to the summoner.*

"I think we'll have to fight our way through. Do you know how to link magic? We'll need Gravity to bring these brutes down kupo."

6/22/2010 #10
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli nodded and prepared to link up magic with the moogle.

"Agreed" she said, her eyes never leaving the bees.

(i cannot remenber what combo of spells create gravity...)

6/26/2010 #11

(2 attack spells like Fire and Ice, Blizzard & Thunder, etc.)

The bees rush towards us. Cranberry generated a Fire spell and combined it with the girls magic. The gravity well swelled and forced the bees to the floor. Cranberry swung a sword to do damage to the bees as they flailed on the ground. The summoner has only a few moments to launch attacks of her own before the bees recover and counter attack.

6/28/2010 #12
Pegasus Knight Salvo

(got it!)

Lazuli launched a volly of arrows at the grounded bees. When the bees were destroyed, she sighed.

"I. Hate. Bees." she said flatly

7/3/2010 #13

A cold chill suddenly blows over us. Something darts past as a shiver runs down our spine.

"Did you see that Kupo? I could have sworn something was there... kupo."

Looking around nothig is spotted...

"Well, let's keep moving for now kupo."

As we decend further into the cave, we find some treasure chests ahead.

"Look... 3 chests. Something seems off though... these chests are linked by magic... we can only open one of them. I'll leave this you. Pick wisely... one of them might be a trap... Which will it be? 1, 2, or 3?

7/8/2010 #14
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli nodded as she looked at the chests. "Let us open the ... third one" She replied, a little nervous

7/9/2010 #15

As Lazuli opens the treasure chest, the other 2 vanish from sight. Inside the chest she finds a humble Rainbow Grapes.

"Some grapes eh. You look dissapointed, but at least it wasn't a trap. It could have been much worse kupo..."

(The 1st one was a rare item. The second was a horrible trap. The third is a common item.)

As we descend deeper into this icy hell, it only seems to become even colder. Ahead a gate is closed with an empty pedastool near it. As we approach, we hear a hiss. 3 large black beatle-like creatures rush the Moogle. Cranberry yelps and tries to engage them with a blade, but it won't be long before the Moogle is overwhelmed by the surprise attack. For the moment, the monsters have not noticed the summoner.

7/9/2010 #16
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli jumps back and fires a volley of arrows at the beetles with deadly precision. Her eyes narrowed.

"Why would bugs be in such cold climates?"

7/10/2010 #17

The arrows seem to be doing minimal damage to the hard shell of the beetles. The moogle swings its blade trying to fend off the killer insects. One of them reacts to the summoner and rushes her. It's powerful claws are thrashing towards her.

"This is tougher than I expected kupo. I'm taking damage kupo."

7/13/2010 #18
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli growled and lumped easily out of the way, her jumping abilities of the selkie helping her. She quickly cast cure on the Moogle, then cast thunder on the beetles.

"Aye, they sure are hardy..." She replied.

7/16/2010 #19

The thunder spell seems to be more effective. Cranberry casts a spell as well and combines Thunder with Lazuli's Thunder, creating Thundara. The electricity stuns the beatles. Cranberry lunges forward and slashes one clean in half with a sword strike. When the final monster falls, one of them drops a strange circular object. It looks like a stone block of some kind.

(It's one of those circle keys)

7/19/2010 #20
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli picked it up, and looked around for the mechanism that accepted the key. She found it quickly and ran over and inserted the key. She quickly dashed tot he moogle's side . "We can now move on farther into the cave. Good work with the beetles" She said with a smile

7/20/2010 #21

"Thanks, you too kupo. Let's continue."

As we advance into the next room, the cold gets even worse. Ice and snow is blowing up into our faces. Suddenly a voice rings out.

"Leave here. Leave here immediately."

Ahead a humanoid figure can be seen through the swirling ice. It's Shiva!

7/25/2010 #22
Pegasus Knight Salvo

Lazuli looks at Shiva, surprised. "Sheesh, chill out, Shiva, gosh..." She muttered. In a few minutes, she will be able to summon Ifrit again.

Lazuli shivered involuntarily. This would be a tough fight, if it came to one...

7/27/2010 #23

"Silence!" Shiva snapped in responds.

"You will not take my Myrrh." Shiva waved her hand and the entire cave began to rumble.

"Go, take care of these tresspassers for me." Shiva commanded as she pulled back.

The cave wall collapses as the Cave Worm (Boss of this area in the original game) emerges. Within seconds the summoner and the Moogle find themselves being pulled toward the beast with it's powerful inhalling breath.

7/30/2010 #24
Demonic lil Angel

Aliena is on her Chocobo outside and is having a lunch break while trhe Chocobo is helping itself to her sandwich.

7/29/2011 #25
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