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I'm sure there are lots of people who would love to be part of a caravan. This is the place where you can be. So what are you waiting for? There's only so much time before Tipa's caravan has to leave!
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Spiral Feather

OOC:Thanks for being patient everyone, we can start now. Forgive me if I'm a little rusty, I haven't rp'ed in a while.

Setsuna stood calmly by the large glowing Crystal, tapping his feet and fiddling with the latch on his shield while he awaited the arrival of his fellow caravanners.

Edit: Next time I use the wrong name someone please hit me with something. v.v

9/12/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #1
Absent Without Malice

(I'll remember that*smacks you with glove* better?)

Coral was on her way from the merchant's house to the crystal where she will meet her new caravan. I'm so excited! I can't wait to go! There she saw a familiar face. "Hello, Setsuna!"

9/13/2008 #2
Absent Without Malice

((Helloooooooooooo! Anyone home*echos are heard* What happened here?))

9/16/2008 #3
The One True Koneko

(hi! Sorry I can't post at teh moment... College ish brutal... But I'll edit this once I get back. I'm also gonna be making a new char for this rp... What's our village called?)

(back, but i hope not to get swept up until later...)

9/16/2008 . Edited 9/17/2008 #4
Absent Without Malice

((I shall call it Utopia))

9/16/2008 #5
Absent Without Malice

((Welcome to the rp))

9/16/2008 #6
Spiral Feather

(I've been rather busy with various things too, but I'm back now. =3)

"Hey Coral." Setsuna replied, a grin of excitement on his face.

9/16/2008 #7
Absent Without Malice

"Are you ready for the year? I know I am."

9/16/2008 #8
The One True Koneko

Myrrh walked out of her house after bidding farewell to her family. She headed toward where they were to gather for their first journey. "I hope they don't mind me coming... it really was last-second..." she said softly.

9/17/2008 #9
Absent Without Malice

Coral turned to see a girl that she reconized from childhood years. They always were best friends and now they're going to work together to collect myrrh. "Myrrh!" she called out to her friend. "I'm so glad you're coming!"

9/17/2008 #10
The One True Koneko

"Thank you..." Myrrh said. "I'm glad you're going too, Coral."

(ugh, sorry it's so short. I have class now, bbl!)

9/17/2008 #11
Absent Without Malice

"Setsuna! When do we leave for River Belle?"

(I understand. I have school too...HOMESCHOOL! At least it's not public. BBI ((I'm not leaving yet))))

9/17/2008 #12
Spiral Feather

"Well, if noone else appears we can leave whenever everyone's ready."

(I'm still looking for a Job so I can save up for another course next year.)

9/17/2008 #13
Absent Without Malice

"Then let's get going," Coral replied as she walked over to the wagon to pet the papaompamus.

(I learned about that name in my research^-^)

9/17/2008 #14
The One True Koneko

Myrrh walked over and climbed onto the back of the wagon. "I hope we have a good journey..." she said earnestly.

(Papaompamus... so cute! 3)

(BTW, I'm adding in a few other chars too, Twila will reappear, but may or may not be joining the group. others from different towns of mine may join temporarily. ^ ^ Hope you don't mind! Either way, I'll be posting their profiles as they come along.)

9/18/2008 #15
Absent Without Malice

Coral joined her. "I hope so, too. Setsuna, you coming?"


(No i don't mind at all!^-^)

9/18/2008 #16
Spiral Feather

"Of course!" Setsuna replied, grinning from ear to ear as he hopped aboard the Caravan.

(No prob, it that's the case I might even bring Hyo back. ;])

9/18/2008 #17
Absent Without Malice

(maybe i can make a couple new characters myself!)

9/18/2008 #18
Absent Without Malice

Coral decided to move up front and grabbed the reigns. Shs snapped them adn they were officially on their way to the outside world. Soon enough, they were out of Utopia boundaries and into the world that laid before them.

9/19/2008 #19
Absent Without Malice

((Where is everybody? Helloooooooooooo! X( Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!))

9/20/2008 #20
The One True Koneko

Myrrh was situated cosily on the back of the wagon. "I wonder if I forgot anything..." she said, digging through her bag. "Nope..."

9/20/2008 #21
Absent Without Malice

They traveled for about a few days until they reached River Belle Path. "At last!" said Coral. "Setsuna! Myrrh! We're here!"

9/22/2008 #22
Spiral Feather

"That took a little longer than expected." Setsuna replied.

9/22/2008 #23
Absent Without Malice

"But we're here. So let's go!" She parked the cart and pulled out her racket.

9/22/2008 #24
The One True Koneko

Myrrh hopped off the back, drawing her sword and readying her shield. "I'm ready." she said. "Who carries the Challice?"

9/22/2008 #25
Absent Without Malice

"I don't know. Maybe Setsuna?"

9/22/2008 #26
Spiral Feather

"I've got it!" Setsuna replied, hoisting the Chalice over his shoulder.

9/24/2008 #27
Absent Without Malice

"Let's get going!" said Coral. The three of them walked through River Belle. It was a beautiful place to be! Suddenly, three goblins came out of nowhere adn started throwing rocks at them. "Oh great!" She took out her weapon and shot at them. There was some effect on them, so she leaped onto one of them and smacked it around with the racket like crazy.

(We have begun our adventure *gives everyone cookies as a celebration* ^-^)

9/24/2008 #28
The One True Koneko

(Yay! Cookies! *nibbles*)

Myrrh lunged at the second Goblin, engaging it(him?) in close combat. The Goblin may have had a stronger sword arm, but it lacked a shield, which put Myrrh at the advantage. After a few exchanged blows and blocks, the Goblin was down for the count...

9/24/2008 #29
Absent Without Malice

(Sorry I haven't been around guys. I've been busy with taking Phyllis to college and typing up her birthday story. I hope you're not gone cause we should make this thing go live again like we use too. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?)

Coral finished off the goblins then looked at Myrrh and Setsuna. "Let's move on." she said.

10/10/2008 . Edited 10/10/2008 #30
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