The Town of Elysian
Welcome to Elysian! A medium sized town where children and families live either a normal life, going to school, talking with friends and family, or you can have an abnormal life, have special powers, save the world, fight monsters. Or do what ever. Rated T.
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Lady Strangelove

1. No Character/Idea theft.

2. Post rating, hopefully, will stay at K plus but the post rating will NOT go over M. So nothing M rated or above, but if you must, I'll put up an M topic to use at your own discretion.

3. Ask the other RPer before killing, raping, or making other important detailed things first.

4. Be fair to your fellow RPers. No bashing, insulting or trolling.

5. No Marry Sues or Gary Stues. No making your character(s) over the top perfect.

6. No controlling other RPer's character(s) without his/her permission.

7. You can start a new plot line when ever one comes to you, just make sure whatever antagonist you make up isn't a Mary Sue/Gary Stue, and run it by me or a moderator first.

8. If you don't follow these rules, you'll be given one warning, and one warning only. After that, any failure to follow the rules will cause you to be removed from the forum.

9. When you finish reading the rules and agree, add the question 'Dreams' the character skeleton.

10. Have any questions? Feel free to ask, and have fun.

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