The Town of Elysian
Welcome to Elysian! A medium sized town where children and families live either a normal life, going to school, talking with friends and family, or you can have an abnormal life, have special powers, save the world, fight monsters. Or do what ever. Rated T.
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Lady Strangelove

Hi! Welcome to Elysian!



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Lady Strangelove

Nickname: Cosmos or the master of writing the cute and the fluff or Star Pillow.

Gender: Female.

Favorite Color: Blue, purple, white, green...

Favorite Quote: It changes, but right now: My computer beat me at checkers, but I sure beat it at kickboxing.

I am writing the character and town stuff now, be patient with me.

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Kris. Daughter of Death

Nickname: Kris or Death Pillow

Gender: I'm all female

favorite color: Black and Red

favorite quote: the gunman is useless, I know it, he knows it, the whole bank knows it. Even my best mate Marvin knows it and he's more useless then the gunman.

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Lady Strangelove

Hello Death pillow.

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Nickname: Black, Blackie

Gender: Female

Favorite Color: Yellow and Black (breaks out into Black and Yellow rap)

Favorite Quote: "You have to be your own biggest fan, otherwise you have no one."

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Lady Strangelove

Me and Black going back and forth in PMs:


Okay, I'm asking you because it has to do with 'Out of the ashes comes a crown'. I got my idea from watching Sailor Moon (Again) but that's not the point. My idea is that The King of Debbinshire's plan for Mistianna to 'betray' Nyos didn't work out as they planned, like they all perished in a war that came up or something, but, since there job isn't quite finished, they were reborn in Elysian, and history is threatening to repeat itself, how about it?


That sounds freaking awesome, and they could somehow find out about their past or something....we should make another tragic backstory for what happened....I say Misti was moved further through the ranks, and eventually became high enough of a position to have direct contact with her birth father, but this took much longer than expected, and she was forced to kill royals all over before this could happen, so in the meantime, Serenity and Felix get married and he gets coronated, and seeing as his other childhood friend has seemingly been gone longer than expected, assumed the plan wasn't working and tried to pull her out, worried for her safety. This backfired horribly and Misti was taken as a prisoner of war in the fight for her freedom, and shortly after escaping, the other two had been executed in their beds the following night, and a terrible war ensued afterwards, Misti being killed in action during so.

Blah blah blah, other stuff...


*Start* Sarilene opened her tired eyes and looked at the surrounding carnage. Tears came to her eyes as she she got on all fours and then stood, the tears weren't for her own pain, but for the pain of the friends she had lost here. The salty water ran down her face and dripped off her chin, there had been nothing she could do... her hands clenched in to fists. No, there was something she could do. She raised her hands and called words in her native language, lights from all over the map arose from the ground and up into the sky. They would be reborn, hopefully into happy lives. The amount of power she used caused her to sink to her knees, tired but hopeful, she had done all she could. To late she suddenly sensed someone behind her, someone who meant her harm. She couldn't move fast enough, a blood red sword pierced through her heart from behind, her vision turned white with pain then a duller version of normal colors of the world. Someone pulled the sword out and kicked Sarilene onto her back, she was now looking up into a horrifyingly familiar face. "13..." The witch with red eyes and long red hair smirked down at her, holding the sword "Now, now, we can't have you bringing any more brats to the futute world." "To...Late..." Sarilene knew she was drawing her last breath of her current life. She had been killed enough times to know what to expect, they would stand over her, gloat, and laugh as they watched her breathing stop. She knew what to expect, that didn't mean she was used to it, one does not get used to dieing, even if she has almost 1000 times. Witch 13 cocked her head, still smirking, "Yes, but you forgot a few," she snapped her fingers, red lights shot off from the ground to follow the other white ones, "A happy life? Only in fairy tales!" she threw back her head and laughed as Sarilene's vision began fading. Her natural body heat began to turn cold, her vision was almost black, then turned all white. She felt the flow of time around her shift and change. The next she opened her eyes, she was looking up at the ceiling of someone's front porch. She was an infant again, she'd have to start over, but that didn't mean she had forgotten any of her past experiences, she just had to grow up again, then she had to find them before Witch 13 did. *End*

9/15/2014 #6

And if Bella's here, I have a good one for their plot.


"They're....dead?" Lorelai rushed to the throne room, where her brother and new sister-in-law sat regally.

"Yes." Alex said softly, grabbing Bella's hand. "And so the fight falls to Onyx. I have to go."


(He leaves, sad goodbyes, he doesn't come back, dies in action.)

A few days later, they come for Bella's life, and they manage to slit her throat before Lai could get to her.

Lai is now the sole heir to the Onyx throne, the only kingdom left standing in the war. She can't do it, she's barely 18 at this point, and in order to keep herself strong, she starts summoning more dark magic than she should, corrupting her soul bit by bit, and eventually, one fight, she's not strong enough, and falls.


9/15/2014 #7
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Aw the got married. I wish the had a kid....(*thinks deviously*) I love the idea though. But I think Bella would have gone into action with him or died standing with her own army but slitting the throat is good. :3

9/15/2014 #8

Ah, yes, I think it would be of Bella's personality to snuck out into battle after Alex, and they both were killed. More romantic of the happy couple.

9/15/2014 #9
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Yeah :D SO CUTE!

9/15/2014 #10

Yeah, they're my OTP definitely, then Felix and Serenity.

I think Bella and Alex have a really cute relationship, and dying by each other's side provides a story that definitely could translate into their memories. An innate need to protect Bella from Alex's point, and Bella probably can see bloodied images of him whenever he seems pained.

9/15/2014 #11
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Yeah, like she feels sadness everything she looks at him, and doesn't know why. I think I'll cry when it all comes down to figuring out who they are...*tears*

9/15/2014 #12

Oh gods, that'll be heartbreaking, I'm definitely gonna cry.

9/15/2014 #13
Lady Strangelove

That's so sweet and so sad... *cries*

9/15/2014 #14
IsaBella ElisAbeth

I know, there baby would have been so cute. I can see he/or her so well. ;u; Good the possibilities, but I shall without and kept a cap on it....

9/15/2014 #15

I think a newborn would be okay....can we name her Kiara?

9/15/2014 #16
IsaBella ElisAbeth

YESSS! I love that name I have to think of a good middle name...*goes to the corner where her thinking spot is*.

9/15/2014 #17
Lady Strangelove

I wonder if Serenity and Felix could've had a child...

9/15/2014 #18

Gosh Alex would be such a cute dad... He'd be so terrified of letting the baby out of his sight.

9/15/2014 #19

I don't know, but their child could be a boy...little cutie

9/15/2014 #20
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Yeah, I could see Bella laughing as he chased her around everywhere as she crawled. :3

9/15/2014 #21

Prettyyy much. And Alex would be all like, "HELP ME." And Bella would laugh and shake her head no.

9/15/2014 #22
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Lol Yes, that's how it would work. XD

9/15/2014 #23

Ahhh and now, in the modern days, whenever either of them sees a small child, I feel like they'd break out in tears, after they left Kiara with Lorelai, and Kiara was probably undernourished because Lai couldn't get her to eat without her parents there .... *kay, now I'm crying*

9/15/2014 #24
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Don't get me started, could they have her again? Or that's only for Lai sending there souls.

9/15/2014 #25

I don't know, eventually, I guess, but at least when they get to the memory portion, we should be able to do a bit of memory RP, making the ones they've lost.

9/15/2014 #26
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Yeah the could work. :) I just wasn't clean on how that worked.

9/15/2014 #27
Lady Strangelove

Maybe I could put up an RP chapter for the continuation of Nyos...

9/15/2014 #28

Can it be a fast forward? I want to have the drama of the plan on getting Misti out, and the cuteness of the marriages and babies!

9/15/2014 #29
IsaBella ElisAbeth


9/15/2014 #30
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