The Town of Elysian
Welcome to Elysian! A medium sized town where children and families live either a normal life, going to school, talking with friends and family, or you can have an abnormal life, have special powers, save the world, fight monsters. Or do what ever. Rated T.
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Lady Strangelove

Full Name:








Body type:

Marshal states:





Favored Clothing:


Formal Clothing(?):



Abnormal questions. (Optional)

Allegiance(Good, evil, neutral, ect.):

DNA Percentage:

Special Appearance:




9/6/2014 . Edited by Kris. Daughter of Death, 9/30/2014 #1
Lady Strangelove

Full Name: Serenity Maria Tuddor

Nickname: Serena, Saumench or 'Sweet Serenity'.

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Hair: Thigh length, light golden blonde and in ringlets.

Eyes: Crystal blue.

Height: 5'3

Weight: 109

Body type: Pale, slender and almost scrawny.

Marshal states: Single, has a crush.

Family(?): Dead, so an orphan.

Profession: Orphan, school girl, among other things...

Personality: Serenity is quiet, kind hearted, and shy. She keeps to herslef most of the time, she tries to act and be cheerful, so that no one sees that she is broken on the inside. She wants everyone to be happy so that they don't suffer the way she does.

Quarks: She has an irrational fear of thunder and lightning, and super loud noises.

Favored Clothing: A white tank top with ribbon straps, jean shorts, likes going barefoot, but wears brown flats when she has to, and for cold weather; a blue hoodie.

Uniform(?): whatever is assigned for her to wear.

Formal Clothing(?): A dress that was her mother's.

Background: Serenity had a happy life, a mother and a father, but all of that changed when they died. Separately, her mother disappeared and was declared dead a month later, then her father died, not of illness or an accident, but killed, alongside his friend, in the line of duty. She was given to an orphanage, but she ran away and is now living on the Elysian streets, and, though barely, is happier then she was in the orphanage. The only reason she is in school right now is because of a charity thing for homeless kids.

Dreams: She had some, but lost them when her parents died, now she just tries to get by as best she can.


Abnormal questions. (Optional)

Allegiance(Good, evil, neutral, ect.): Good.

DNA Percentage: 50% human and 50% elf.

Special Appearance: her slightly pointy ears.

Powers(?): Light, life... it's hard to explain...

Weapons(?): None, she doesn't like fighting.

Group(?): None.

9/10/2014 . Edited 10/18/2014 #2
Lady Strangelove

I'm gonna go make Felix now.

9/10/2014 #3

She cute and I love her!

9/10/2014 #4
Lady Strangelove

Full Name: Felix Gami Langcaster.

Nickname: Gami, Saukerl, or Fefe... though behind his back.

Gender: Male

Age: 18 almost 19

Hair: mostly black, but with scarlet tips.

Eyes: a mix of violet and crimson.

Height: 5'9

Weight: 120 lbs

Body type: He is thin yet very slightly muscular.

Marshal states: Single... had a crush on his childhood friend... and still does.

Family(?): His father and younger brothers.

Profession: High school senior, among other things...

Personality: He comes off as an arrogant, calculative, pretty boy with no sense of humor... And in someways this is true, but he is really just a lonely guy who can't explain why his entire personality changed when his childhood friend disappeared.

Quarks: He likes children's games, a lot.

Favored Clothing: Black boots, black jeans, a black muscle shirt, and a black leather jacket.

Uniform(?): Brown loafers, gray pants, a white button up shirt, a navy blue blazer, and a red tie.

Formal Clothing(?): Black loafers, black slacks, a white dress shirt, a black jacket, and a red tie.

Background: Felix was a bright happy boy before his mother died, then his friend disappeared. That's when he turned all dark and moody on everyone, including his brothers. His father is one of the wealthiest men in town, and is currently running for mayor, Felix's father, not Felix himself. His life was pretty uneventful, and he can't wait till he can see his childhood friend again...

Dreams: To find her.


Abnormal questions. (Optional)

Allegiance(Good, evil, neutral, ect.): Good mostly, though like to do things 'his way'.

DNA Percentage: 100% human as far as he knows.

Special Appearance: None.

Powers(?): Black magic and enhanced speed and strength.

Weapons(?): A sword.

Group(?): Do his brothers count?

9/10/2014 . Edited 12/4/2014 #5
Lady Strangelove

Hey Black, maybe you could make Mistianna.

9/10/2014 #6

Sure I'll work on her!

9/11/2014 #7

Full name: Mistianna Evers

Nickname: Misti

Gender: Female

Age: 16


Eyes: Seen in picture above, a piercing ice blue.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115

Body type: Muscularly feminine, she has just enough tone to look muscular.

Marshal states: Single

Family(?): Dead stepfather, neglectful mother, and abusive father

Profession: Student and football captain, fencing team captain

Personality: Strong-willed and loyal, Misti is a great friend. She'll be there for you when you need her, and will never let you down. She also has a fighting spirit. If you mess with her, prepare for pain. I would suggest not pissing her off.

Although she's strong, Misti doesn't really have much confidence in herself and her abilities. She always feels she's one step short of the top of the ladder.

Quarks: She always seems to have a football in her hands.

Favored Clothing: Her football jersey and skinny jeans with black converse.

Uniform(?): She usually wears a vest and a skirt over a white blouse

Formal Clothing(?): A white and green lace dress and high heels.

Background: Misti was born into a home of some of the worst parents in Elysian, and after the Lancasters helped to remove her from the situation, she was put into a home with a man on active duty, her stepfather. She used to play football with him every minute they could. When she was a bit older he was killed in action, and now she lives alone in the apartment they shared, her income coming from the government in installments. She attends the high school, and is currently one of the most hated people in school for being the football's team's star quarterback, despite her gender. She also always had a hand for sword work, and was an easy acceptance onto the only male fencing team.


Abnormal questions. (Optional)

Allegiance(Good, evil, neutral, ect.): Good

DNA Percentage: Supposedly 100% human...But her birth father always seemed a little....strange.

Special Appearance: Well, contrary to popular belief, her hair is natural.

Powers(?): She hasn't seen anything...yet.

Weapons(?): Her fists and a sword

Group: Men's football team and Fencing team

9/11/2014 . Edited 9/15/2014 #8
Lady Strangelove

Yay! Accepted!

9/11/2014 #9

I tried making her the same, how'd i do? Any suggestions for something better? Because I'm open.

9/11/2014 #10
Lady Strangelove

Maybe add a little more to her personality... I like the whole football thing though, maybe she could be a fencer too?

9/11/2014 #11

I'll edit, brb shower

9/11/2014 #12


9/11/2014 #13
Lady Strangelove

*Thumbs up* Cool, I just thought the fencing made her more... Knightly.

9/11/2014 #14

Very much so!

9/11/2014 #15
Lady Strangelove

I'll put up the RP topic later.

9/11/2014 #16


9/11/2014 #17
Lady Strangelove

I'd like to get Kris and Bella to come... But I also don't because we're in the middle of a big plot in We will not bow, and I don't know where Bella is right now, so after our climax plots in Wwnb, I will put up the RP topic.

9/11/2014 #18

Sounds good to meeeee

9/11/2014 #19
Lady Strangelove

Full Name: Sarilene Sanctity Flaishano Lavendel.

Nickname: Almost too many to count, but most either cal her: Dr. Lavendel or Dr. Sarilene (She has a PHD,) or Nia (For reasons even she doesn't know).

Gender: Female.

Age: Nobody really knows the answer to that question, but she looks about 27.

Hair: Thigh length, white with a light gold sheen, in curled ringlets.

Eyes: A mix of blue, purple and gold swirling galaxies, their almost always hidden behind her glasses, and under her bangs.

Height: 5'6

Weight: 90 lbs, no one's ever picked her up so no one ones this.

Body type: slender, not particularly curvy.

Marshal states: Claims to be taken but won't give the name of who.

Family(?): None.

Profession: School history teacher, world historian, and a privet I at one for a while, or so she says.

Personality: Sarilene is pretty quirky, she's fair, and loves most of her students like her nieces and nephews, but has a zero tolerance for bull crap in her class. She is as mysterious sometimes, and very smart and quick, but has her times when you wonder if she's right in the head.

Quarks: To many to count.

Favored Clothing: Pointy brown boots with laces, dark blue slightly tight pants made of a fabric that looks like a cross between leather and denim, a short sleeved white button up shirt, a purple waist coat, sometimes a black leather jacket, an odd looking ring with flowers carved into the electrum on her left middle finger and a gold ring with a pearl on her left ring finger, reflective glasses with black frames, and an electrum heart shaped locket engraved with what looks like an ankh with wings.

Uniform(?): Is a teacher so doesn't wear one.

Formal Clothing(?): A short-ish, off shoulder white dress with long sleeaves, white heeled shoes, her rings, necklace, and a pair of crystal earrings, and her hair down but with a few locks held back with a fancy silver clip that looks like a bird.

Background: Her background is unknown to everyone in Elysian, and if anyone asks she just says 'I'd rather not talk about it' but if you ask her where she went to school, she'll say she was born in England, raised in America, went to high school in Japan and did most of her college in Rome. She knows about a million different languages, not all of them Earth born, and more about history than most historians. Nobody knows why she came, but came she did, and is replacing the old history teacher because the old one had a nervous break down. She is hiding a lot of secrets, and doesn't like the current mayor's wife, like, at all. She has MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), and calls her other personas; The Left Handed Lady, and The Right Handed Lady.


Abnormal questions. (Optional)

Allegiance(Good, evil, neutral, ect.): Good.

DNA Percentage: Unknown.

Special Appearance: her eyes and an eight pointed star shaped birth mark on her forehead, and some even claim they saw she has wings.

Powers(?): Hard to explain. Has something to do, with holy power in her right hand, and unholy power in her left.

Weapons(?): Twin swords that she rarely uses.

Group(?): None, she is alone.

9/15/2014 . Edited 11/20/2014 #20

Love her!

9/15/2014 #21
Lady Strangelove

I know, me too! She and Selene are my favorites! and we to start wondering an who are we going to pair Misti with...

9/15/2014 . Edited 9/15/2014 #22

I wonder...........

But now I'm getting so pumped for the RP!

9/15/2014 #23
Lady Strangelove

How about I put it up and we can add in Bella's and Kris's characters when they come.

9/15/2014 #24

Sure! It'll be okay, there's always places to put new characters in.

9/15/2014 #25
Lady Strangelove

It is now up!

9/15/2014 #26

Yay! You can start!

9/15/2014 #27

Full name: Alexander Onyx

Gender: Alex

Age: 18

Hair: Well-kept dark brown hair that touches his collar.

Eyes: Silver. But he'll deny it and say they're blueish gray

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 137

Body type: Long and muscular, as expected as the prior captain of the football team and current captain of the soccer team and basketball team.

Marshal states: Single, actually. But that's a rarity.

Family(?): His father is the second wealthiest person in Elysian, second to only Mr. Lancaster. He's running for mayor as well. His mother is head of the campaign, and that leaves the poor boy home alone most of the time. What Alex doesn't know is that he's adopted.

Profession: Student, Captain of Soccer and Basketball teams, member of the Fencing team

Personality: Alex usually keeps an attitude of superiority, but he only has that because his father feeds him the lies. He usually softens around people he knows better than others. But he pretty much comes across as a jerk.

Quarks: He seems to take a liking to extremely expensive things.

Favored Clothing: A black fitted tee shirt and jeans suits him fine.

Uniform(?): He wears the sports uniforms.

Formal Clothing(?): Since he goes to many of his father's campaign dinners, he wears the same three black vests and gray shirts with suit pants.

Background: Alex, as far as he knows, was born of a wealthy family, and lived a happy life of luxury, and then his father wanted to run for mayor, and every game his parents missed was a burden on the boy's shoulders. He never acts like he's sick of the lack of attention, but he portrays attention seeking behavior for this purpose. He attends the high school and was pronounced the captain of every sport he played, until a girl came and beat him out at football and fencing. He always had a grudge because of that.


Abnormal questions. (Optional)

Allegiance(Good, evil, neutral, ect.): Good

DNA Percentage: 100% Human

Special Appearance: His silver eyes were a result of his unknown sister's abilities.


Weapons(?): A sword

Group(?): Soccer, Basketball, Football, and Fencing

9/15/2014 . Edited 9/15/2014 #28
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Full Name: Isabella Elizabeth Doiteain


Gender: Female

Age: 17

Hair: auburn

Eyes: Electric Blue

Height: 5' 6"


Body type: Curvy with modest figure

Marshal states: Senior...single

Family(?): Brother Xavier

Profession: To become a Journalist

Personality: Witty, fun, caring (I think you get it. You've seen her before.)

Quarks: In love very much with a certain boy (;D)

Favored Clothing: skinny leather pants and red fitting shirt

Uniform(?): Non

Formal Clothing(?): White dress with family crest stitched with crystals.

Background: Bella was born into isolation and finally has taken the role of becoming Queen after her father's alcoholic death. Now she struggles through the life of High school


Abnormal questions. (Optional)

Allegiance(Good, evil, neutral, ect.): Good!

DNA Percentage: 100% Human

Special Appearance:

Powers(?): Fire

Weapons(?): Her favorite sword

Group(?): Marching Band, Soccer

9/15/2014 . Edited 9/15/2014 #29
IsaBella ElisAbeth

(Yeah! I was wondering if your going to bring him in. ;u;)

9/15/2014 #30
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