The Town of Elysian
Welcome to Elysian! A medium sized town where children and families live either a normal life, going to school, talking with friends and family, or you can have an abnormal life, have special powers, save the world, fight monsters. Or do what ever. Rated T.
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(Perfectly *hugs Dean* Me and him will ride on Caz's wings into the sunset while we eat our pie. And anyways...for Oren, have you any plans to pair him off? Just for the sake of Next Gen and stuff.)

1/13/2015 #121
(Lol that was perfect XD is Cas gonna share his Dean, this is the question xp Not sure. I was thinking he would grow closer with Misti. Im planning on him actually learning her name soon which is a huge deal for him.)
1/13/2015 #122

(That IS the question............ and that's cool and sweet!)

1/13/2015 #123
(Im glad you like it :3)
1/13/2015 #124
Lady Strangelove

Blue Exorcist!!

1/16/2015 #125
Kris. Daughter of Death

Full Name: Willow Michelle Amora

Nickname: Will or Michelle

Gender: female

Age: 18

Hair: jet black, goes down to her waist, no bangs

Eyes: blue, silver, green and purple swirled

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 105 lbs

Body type: lean, slender

Marshal states: single

Family(?): lives with an adoptive mother

Profession: works at a local garden center

Personality: shes very sweet and generous, especially to children, she loves little kids and animals. She's very mature for her age and acts rationally. She does have her moments where she isnt so rational but those are pretty rare.

Quirks: she sometimes acts like a give year old

Favored Clothing: a pair of well worn jeans or jean shorts, a loose fitting blue and green blouse, black converses, a bamboo braclet, a silver ring with a piece of dark blue aquamarine and a necklace with a deep green emerald.

Uniform(?): a brown, blue and green tye dyed shirt, black shorts and brown sandals

Formal Clothing(?): a flowy dark blue dress that reaches her knees in the front and trails on the ground in the back with a side sleeve and very little design with silver three inch heels and her hair up in a loose but formsl bun

Background: she never really knew her real parents, shes lived with her adoptive mother since she was reincarnated and can't remember her past life. Shes had a good life though, her adoptive mother is really sweet and she's had good friends. There hasnt been much for her to complain about, other then the flash backs she gets that give her awful headaches and sometimes leave her unconscious


Abnormal questions. (Optional) when she wants she can grow transparent pixie wings and has magical powers and other times she can become a dark mage. Shes kinda got split personality but shes all good

Allegiance(Good, evil, neutral, ect.): good

DNA Percentage: 50% fairy/ mage and 50% human

Special Appearance: ill reveal it later

Powers(?): earth magic and dark magic

Weapons(?): her magic and a special sword made of shadows and vines

Group(?): not sure

7/2/2015 #126

Full Name: Aquila Guiomar

Nickname: Quill

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Hair: long dark auburn , buts her hair up in a bun.

Eyes: slate blue

Height: 5'7"


Body type: slender ,fair skinned ,birth mark of a vipers head on the side of her leg

Marshal states: single, doesn't think she'll fined love so she doesn't try to.

Family(?): her uncle , aunt, and her cousins

Profession: family won't tell her she'll sometime volunteer at a nearby daycare or library. She's a student.

Personality: shy, introverted gets nervous around strangers (which is kind of every one),

Quirks: refuses to make eye contact, doesn't smile in public

Favored Clothing: long sleeved blue shirt, jeans and ballet flats

Uniform (?):white button down shirt ,red bowtie and long skirt

Formal Clothing (?): long lacey black and violet dress only time she'll willingly has her hair down.

Background: she never knew her parents, her uncle moves around a lot usually around the time she starts getting bullied at school.


Abnormal questions. (Optional) begin part Nephilim demons, fallen angels or anything that can scene evil can find her without trying

Allegiance(Good, evil, neutral, ect.): neutral, but she is easily persuaded

DNA Percentage: 65% human, 5%Nephilim, 40% 'Tears' she has no clue what she is

Special Appearance: Viper's expression and eyes will glow differ colors depending what or who's nearby

Powers(?): teleporting , energy waves or shield depending on color of the viper's eyes.



8/22/2015 #127
Lady Strangelove

Accepted. Sorry I didn't see sooner, my computer is not cooperating with me... Where do you want her to come in?

8/22/2015 #128

Thank you, where you think she'll best the most interesting to plot so far.

8/22/2015 #129
Lady Strangelove

We're winding down the mini plot right now... But she could meet two of the characters I have free at the moment in the meantime.

8/22/2015 #130

Okay, I'll post first.

8/22/2015 #131
Lady Strangelove

Sounds good to me.

8/22/2015 #132
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