The Town of Elysian
Welcome to Elysian! A medium sized town where children and families live either a normal life, going to school, talking with friends and family, or you can have an abnormal life, have special powers, save the world, fight monsters. Or do what ever. Rated T.
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Lady Strangelove

"I found it!" Came the other female voice from the other end of the library, a girl, a white star with long hair was now waving a book around her head "Let's book!"

"Clever." The black star said, he swooped down, scooped up the light gold star and fallowed the white one out.

"Stop them!" Witch 8 flung a spider at them, but something the white one threw back sliced the spider in half, then they all left, just like that.

"What did they take?" Witch 5 asked, angrily as usual.

10/7/2014 #391

"Hopefully not something important..." Lai looked at her.

10/7/2014 #392
Lady Strangelove

Witch 9 was staring out the window "If they took something, it must be of some importance to them."

8 zipped over and looked as well "What's going on? Who's aura field is that?"

10/7/2014 #393

(Deities I'm getting strung along with cliff hanger posts!!!! Cosmos you've latched me on!)

"not mine, mine is a lot darker and less....full." Lai said softly.

10/7/2014 #394
Lady Strangelove


A star like light was shining from a hill a few miles away the Onyx castle, the light stretched and lit the near dead land like the sun, from the dead royals and female knights, small white lights began rising from their hearts into the air.

An almost audible song could be heard on the air as they rose to the sky.


"By the ancient spirits! It's rebirth!" 8 exclaimed.

10/7/2014 #395

"They're...coming back?" Lai exclaimed, though she was frowning.

10/7/2014 #396
Lady Strangelove

9 snarled "Not in this era, but sometime in the future, pesky brats, all of them."

10/7/2014 #397

Lai nodded, agreeing. She didn't really want to see any of them again. Not in this eternity or the next.

10/7/2014 #398
Lady Strangelove

8's eyes suddenly widened "I recognize the field now. It's the Empress!"

The lights disappeared into the stratosphere, and the star faded, as did the song, till the nothing but the fading twilight remained.

The witches and Lai watched a few moments longer then a voice behind them said "13 wants us in the arena, we're going to have some fun." it was Witch 7, fanning herself with a light lilac fan.

"What kind of fun, Pride?" 8 asked from her spot on her broom.

7 smirked "Who's blast kills Her Lady Ship first."

8 smiled and clapped "Oooo! I love that game!" she opened a portal behind her "See you in the pocket arena!"

10/7/2014 #399
Lady Strangelove

The pocket arena was a large ring in the floor, around the ring was the main floor, surrounding the ring were 13 thrones, a few of them were already filled, 5, 7, 8 and 9 took their seats. 4 elbowed Benign who was sitting next to her, Benign was Witch 3 after all, an whispered "You going have some time too?"

Benign tossed her head to get some of the green tinted black hair out of her face "Perhaps, but you know I'm always last."

"No ones last till she's dead." 2 said, stuffing her face with some form of cake "You know 13 wants that honor."

"If she wants it, then why bring her here to die? Why not kill her back on that hill?" Benign wanted to know, exhaling a smoke snake as she spoke.

4 smirked "We're going to humiliate her, make her suffer and prove she failed in her duty, she'll die a slow merciless death while we laugh."

Benign looked at Lorelai, if they fallowed through with 13's plan, Nyos would crumble tomorrow, and all the lives with it, the souls of the dead would be fed to Lord Chaos, speeding up his awakening, then the cosmos would crumble with it....

Same old song, same old verse.

Benign sighed, exhaling smoke, of the coven of 13 sins, she was the only one who remembered her name, none of the others remembered theirs, and, from how things were looking, Lorelai might just forsake her own name as well and become just another number. Benign wasn't in Lord Chaos's pocket, she was her own side, not his, not the Empress's, but no one needed to know that.

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #400

Lai stood silently, growing back to be the silent killer she had been years before she had been saved. She had had a master once, the old Death himself, and she had learned to grow accustomed to his...favors. She'd learn the same way here.

10/8/2014 #401
Lady Strangelove

13 stood in the center of the ring, holding a bloody bedraggled mess of armor and wings by the long white hair, the Empress, or what was left of her, "Witches of our coven! It's time for our favorite pass time!" she tossed the half dead Empress onto the floor, then 13 hopped out of the arena and returned to her seat "Since she's new, Little Lai shall do the honors first."

10/8/2014 #402

Lai gave a weak smile, before shuddering a bit, she didn't know whether to take a hard hit, and maybe shorten the other witches blows, which could make them angry, or take a weak hit, and face the embarrassment.

She raised her hand, an obsedian sword forming out of thin air, before she raised her other hand, and a thick, black, acidic fog surrounded the Empress, before the sword dug in through her back and out the other side.

10/8/2014 #403
Lady Strangelove

Sarilene gave weak whimper, The sword had pierced her side, but it didn't kill her, she was in a lot of pain, but she wasn't going to give any of them the satisfaction of seeing her cry for mercy, not even Lorelai.

"Careful girl!" 5 yelled "Or you'll finish her off before we get a chance to at least hit her!"

"I want to go next." 9 said, standing "Out of the way, Little Lai."

10/8/2014 #404
Lady Strangelove

9 smirked and snapped her fingers, a cold stone crucifix burst from the ground, she stretched out her hand, palm out. Her long black hair shot forward and attached Sarilene to the cross by her wrists, ankles, and neck.

The hair tightened around Sarilene's neck, she opened her mouth, trying to force air into her burning lungs, but got none, single strands of the hair were attacking her many cuts and bruises, reopening them, the hair loosened around her neck, making her cough and give shot yelps as more of her blood ran down her arms, legs and face.

"Wrath? Care to help me?" 1 said as she rose from her chair.

5 stood as well as 9 took her seat, though Sarilene was still attached to the cross, now with stone shackles. The witches of wrath and lust raised their hands, flames ignited at the base of the cross, they seemed to be alive as they licked up Sarilene's legs, setting her cloak a blaze.

13 tapped the ground with one heeled shoe "Sit at my feet, Little Lai and enjoy the show."

10/8/2014 #405

Lai stepped back, and sat cross legged in front of 13, quite content as she pulled her silver and black hood over her head, creating the shadow over her face that made her eyes glow an even more dangerous silver.

"Thank you."

10/8/2014 #406
Lady Strangelove

13 just smirked, she was enjoying watching Sarilene squirm in the burning blaze two different fires.

then the blaze died, and 1 and 5 sat back down, 7 stood up and began flapping her fan, lilac colored feathers blew in a whirlwind around Sarilene, cutting more places open on her armor "Scream girl! Why won't you scream?!"

Sarilene just stared at Lai, there was no look of pity in her eyes, no betrayal, just disappointment. "I have nothing to scream for." she said to 7 but still looked at Lai "I'm as good as dead, what would the point be?"

"Silence!" more razor feathers cut her skin open, yet she didn't utter a sound.

"I shall take it from here, Pride." Benign stood, her 'baby', the black king cobra on her shoulders.

10/8/2014 #407

Lai looked up, tilting her chin up, watching the disappointment with confusion. Rolling her eyes, she gave a humorless laugh, and took on a mocking tone.

"If not scream, then at least fight a bit. Don't be a coward."

10/8/2014 #408
Lady Strangelove

Sarilene smiled "Who ever said what I was doing was cowardly?"

Benign walked into the arena and over to the Empress, she removed her cobra from her shoulders and the other witches groaned, their fun was over already, the snake wound itself around Sarilene, it's head now rested against her neck, then opened it's mouth as wide as it could go and sank it's fangs into her neck.

The snake came back to Benign and wrapped around her shoulders again, then benign went back to her seat "Now we can watch her slowly die." she said, taking in smoke and blowing it out.

"Lavendel, if I had a quarter crown for every time I had to help your sorry butt, I'd be a rich girl!" said a loud, cocky voice.

"Quiet, Saumench." said another voice, two blue arrows smacked the shackles holding her feet and left hand, an orange blur came out of no where, broke the last shackle and swung the Empress into it' arms, the 'it' being a girl with bright orange hair, armor resembling Sarilene's and a devilish smirk on her face.

"Fox Fire mage..." 12 muttered.

"Howdy Ladies." Kairi quipped, then looked at Lai "And young lady, calling my lady a coward? Please, she's got more backbone than you."

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #409

"To stand and die without a fight?" Lai raised an eyebrow.

That sounds eerily like what I'm trying NOT to do.

"I'd much rather fight my way down to Hell while they drag me than have someone carry my still, submissive body." Lai smiled, and although the felt the bandages leaking again from her expression of power before, she ignored the pain.

10/8/2014 #410
IsaBella ElisAbeth

(Hey back from school, hey Black if you want to RP over in Act 2, Bella is wanting for a answer from Alex. :3 You too Cosmos. ;D)

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #411

(Oh, kay!)

10/8/2014 #412
Lady Strangelove

Kairi laughed "She's still and submissive for a reason."

"Silence you- Ah!" Pride started, raising her fan, only to have a blue arrow shot through her hand.

"You know pocket dimensions can have flexible times" said the other voice, a blue haired girl with blue eyes, wearing armor like Kairi's only blue and sea green, near the exit of the dimension.

13's eyes narrowed as she stood "How? Damian voted-"

"Oh, he voted her away alright, but a certain cousin of hers" Kairi shifted to point to Sarilene "Talked to him and..." she couldn't hold back a giggle "Pulled some strings."

10/8/2014 #413

"Who are these people?" Lai asked, looking up.

(If it's beneficial, I might make Death a character sheet, if he's coming in, if I remember you said 13 keeps Lai around so she can earn favor from him or something.)

10/8/2014 #414
Lady Strangelove

(You could, but I think 13 might've heard from him about Lai's power and, since she's a power hungry jerk, that's why she wanted Lai)

"I'm her best friend! The name's Kairi!" Kairi shouted, pointing to Sarilene "And honorary Lavendel family member."

"As am I." the blue haired girl said, already pointing another arrow, this one at Lorelai "My name is Aster Rozenbloom."

"What do you mean 'Pulled some strings'?!" 13 wanted to know.

"The plan was, Nia stays here and gets beat up and killed by you guys, while we, the six of us, get everyone off the island." Kairi grinned as the witches look at her in amazement "It's been three days ladies, sure it's only been, meh, an hour or so here, but it's been days back up there."

Another girl came out now, she had rose red hair and eyes, and was dressed in black armor with a few red rose designs on it, "We're fairly certain 99% of the population has set sail from this island, no valuable souls to give to Chaos." she turned to Kairi "Speaking of leaving, let's book it."

10/8/2014 #415

(I might just to have him down, but sounds cool to me)

Lai didn't want to sound like a whining brat, but she was mad her subjects were gone.

10/8/2014 #416
Lady Strangelove

Kairi shrugged "It was Nia's plan, let 13 drag her here, then let them beat her up while we get everyone from the kingdoms of Flikkeren, Onyx and Debbinshire, then get them to Notingham and onto boats."

10/8/2014 #417
Lady Strangelove

"That's why she was being a 'submissive coward' as you so crudely put it, she was buying us time to get everyone out" The red haired girl said.

"Well put, Thorn." Kairi took a running start and ran straight for the two before taking a leap up to the two other girls, Sarilene in her arms "I agree with Thorn, let's book it." she ran out the portal.

Thorn stayed behind with Aster when a two fire balls were thrown that way, Thorn pulled out a sword of sorts, but when she clicked a trigger, it turned into some sorta chain whip sword... thing "I am the Rozen Mage, Thorn Rozenbloom, I serve the Lavendel house" she cracked it with a flick of her hand "And you shall pay for what you've done."

"I shall pay for nothing!" 13 threw a scarlet thunder bolt straight for them, Aster managed to stop it from hitting them in time by firing an arrow at it.

"We should get moving," Aster told her sister "We don't have much time, Sarilene doesn't have much time."

Thorn deflected a another bolt thrown by 13 "You go, I'll catch up."

"But-" Aster tried to protest.

"No time for arguments!" Thron pushed her sister through the portal and stood to face the coven of 13 sins.

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #418
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