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Lady Strangelove

Links for stuff for your OCs like music, their outfits, hair, or even what you think the character looks like. :)

9/16/2014 #1
Lady Strangelove

My OC Soundtrack: what I have so far;

Sarilene: Fragile by Sting.

Serenity: Shatter me by Lindsey Sterling ft. Lzzy Hale.

Felix: Heart of Courage by Two steps from hell.

Serelix(Or TwiliShipping as I'm calling it) : Desert Rose by Sting.

9/16/2014 #2



Centuries by Fall Out Boy


Battle Scars by Lupe Fiasco ft. Guy Sebastian


Lost It All by Black Veil Brides

(links later)

9/16/2014 . Edited 10/5/2014 #3

Alex References for looks and such:


Misti References and such:

(armor and helmet only)


Lai References for Looks and such other things:

(For her new persona)

9/30/2014 . Edited 10/5/2014 #4
Lady Strangelove

I did not draw this, it's a pic from an anime called Fushigi Yuugi, I found it while surfing Google and it made me think of Alex and Bella:

I did not draw this either, this is fan art for Sailor Moon, but I thought it was good for Felix and Serenity:

(I know that her hair is white instead of golden blonde... But it was the best I could do for the time being...)

10/2/2014 #5
Kris. Daughter of Death

Atteraya's hair color more or less.

10/9/2014 #6

Let It Go

Lai's Character Music Video


The snow glows white on the mountain tonight,

Not a footprint-

To be seen.

(The scene opens on a snow-covered view of the Onyx castle in it's mountain range home)

A kingdom of isolation,

And it looks like-

I'm the Queen.

(Images of inside the castle view it to be empty, though you see a back view of a female in a black and silver traditional dress.)

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside..

(The camera turns, it's Lorelai, and shadows surround her base, swirling upwards.)

Couldn't keep it in,

Heaven knows I tried.

(Her hair begins to darken, and float upwards, and the screen fades out with a view of piercing silver eyes.)

Don't let them in, don't let them see, be the good girl you always have to be- Conceal don't feel, don't let them know-

(The image reopens to Lai attempting to hold down her hair, and calm the rising darkness around her to no avail.)

Well now they know-

(She gives up, and with a quick camera shot of 13, she closes her eyes, and the view zooms in so you can only see her eyes, and as she opens them, she's wearing an evil smirk, her hand cocked on her hip, and the darkness up around her head, eventually covering her form with the music.)

Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it back anymore...

(The screen opens to her figure doing quite the sassy strut through the castle, with shadow flowers blooming wherever she steps, but also, the silver and maroon walls begin to be covered by an acidic black mass.)

Let it go! Let it go! Turn away and slam the door!

(She enters a study, and as she sits, she looks over a balcony at a battlefield, where the bodies are blurred, but easily identified as our Nyosian heroes. She slams the door shut, and sits back down, arm on her chin.)

I don't care, what they're going to say, let the storm rage on- The cold never bothered me anyway.

(She flicks her hand upwards, creating a delicate and intricate rose in the air out of shadows, before waving her other hand through it dismissively at the end of the Lyric.)

-Bridge music-

(Lai is now outside the castle, sitting in a garden of real black roses. Flashbacks of childhood, and recent events seem to all fade together into a nightmare, before she shakes it off, and stands, running through the maze of rosebushes.)

It's funny how some distances, make everything seem small, And the fears that once controlled me, can't get to me at all!

(Running through the maze, Lai throws her arms out, the shadows rising with her, pushing her forward. The second Lyric allows her to disappear from sight, then reappear further down the way, then she smiles at her new power.)

It's time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break through- No right, no wrong, no rules for me, I'm free!

(The first verse, Lai stalls her running, to stop, before furrowing her face in concentration, and reappearing in an eerie ballroom, all by herself. She smiles even more devilishly. The second Lyric, she stomps her foot, the floor of the room becoming obsidian, then she raises her hands, shadows flying out and becoming people.)

Let it go! Let it go! I am one with the wind and sky!

(Lai reappears dangerously close to the camera, then in a flurry of black mist, is gone again. Next time she pops up, she's standing next to 13, smiling and laughing.)

Let it go, let it go! You'll never see me cry!

(She falls to her knees, panting from the immense power she's released, black blood coming from her mouth, but appears to be strong, and stands back up.)

Here I stand, and here I'll stay,

(Lai is now in a wasteland, the battlefield is just ruins.)

Let the storm rage on,

(Lai closes her eyes, squats down, and lays her hand on the frozen tundra, ...P.S. Onyx's natural landscape...)

-A building climax of music-

(Lai takes a big breath, before darkness shoots from her hands into the ground, and large black rocks jut out from the surface, glowing with a red magic, different than she had before, more dangerous than before. She opens her eyes, looking around, though we don't see, until she turns with a sadistic smile, that her eyes have gone from silver to a crimson red. She stands, a bit wobbly, but even stronger than before.)

My power flurries through the air into the ground

(Lai begins walking through her wasteland, smiling at each sharp rock and emanating a red glow herself. Her dress has become longer, more sophisticated, darker.)

My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around

(The next view shows the red fragments of Lai's soul breaking like glass....whatever was left of her soul at that point, at least. And her evil smile behind it.)

And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast

(Lai stops and walks up a slanted rock, looking over her newest creation. The Accident, also known as the creation of a land called Grimhalt.)

I'm never going back, the past is in the past

(A quick turn of her black haired head reveals the spirits of her previous friends, but she walks straight through them, as if she didn't see them, symbolizing her true breakage from her previous home.)

Let it go, let it go! And I'll rise like the break of dawn

(She breaks into a run, holding her dress, and throws herself off of a high rock, only to be caught by an obsidian soldier, who gently places her on the ground.)

Let it go, let it go! That perfect girl is gone

(Lai throws her hand up once more, revealing a castle made purely out of black stone, with an elaborate swirling design throughout.)

Here I stand

(She enters the castle, looking up at the spiral staircase, and appears on the fifth floor balcony without moving a muscle, and looks out offer Grimhalt.)

In the light of day

(A red sunrise gives the red and black atmosphere an even more malicious look.)

Let the storm rage on

(Lai tilts her chin up, soaking in the sun, though the shadows have cloaked the castle in a thick black mist.)

The cold never bothered me anyway!

(She re-enters through the balcony, shutting the doors with a thud.)







I think I want to raise Lai from the dead...Death has always been kind to the dangerous.

10/18/2014 . Edited 10/18/2014 #7
Lady Strangelove

AWESOME!!!!... Now I want to make something like one of those anime video things on YouTube for Sarilene, Kairi and Yugi, but here in character stuff.

10/18/2014 . Edited 10/18/2014 #8

Yay!Thanks! I just heard it, and I was like, Lai is a perfect fit for that song..

10/18/2014 #9
IsaBella ElisAbeth

That is really good. :) I pictured it really well.

10/18/2014 #10

But now I'm planning something, this "accident" will come back and haunt the afterlife? No. She has no afterlife. Now all that's left of her is the part controlled by others..

10/18/2014 #11
Lady Strangelove

Actually, Andria banished the black blood from Lai's system, now she'll have after life if she can pass her trial.

10/18/2014 #12

Oh, then this could get interesting..

10/18/2014 #13
Lady Strangelove

Yes indeed Hehehe... *rubs hands together while giggling evily*

10/18/2014 #14
IsaBella ElisAbeth

(That does sound promising.)

10/18/2014 #15

Meet you in the RP...*winks devilishly*

10/18/2014 #16
Lady Strangelove

Hush Hush




*The piano music starts for Hush hush.*

Nia is sitting on a swing in the pouring rain, her juuban high school uniform soaked and her bangs hanging dripping in her face, the rain mixing with the tears streaming down her face.

I didn't mean to kiss you,

There's a white flash, it's ancient Egypt at night, it shows Sarilene dressed as an Egyptian lady, and Pharaoh Atem, he has his arms around her waist and she's resting her hands on his shoulders as they lean into each other to kiss.

You didn't mean to fall in love,

It shows a dimly lit room, first Yugi, dressed as Henry Tudor (There's a game with him dressed in a leather outfit called 'Duelist of the roses', I'll post a link to him later) hloding out a red rose, then it shows Sarilene in a red, old fashioned dress, her eyes widen in wonder as she takes the rose and and holds it close, her eyes fill with tears and trail down her face.

I never meant to hurt you,

It shows Yugi in his summer high school uniform, holding a clear umbrella over his head as rain beats down, he's leaning against a wall, the hand that is not holding the umbrella is is holding his side, as his shirt under his hand turns red with blood.

We didn't mean for it to mean this much, Hush hush now...

It then shows Sarilene in bed, Yugi next to her and leaning over her, his fingers stroking her face gently as he leans down to kiss her, very tenderly. Then the screen fades to white as hush hush now... is played.

I wanted to keep you forever next to me

Yugi is standing by a lake, Nia hugging his arm as they look out at the water and sky as the sun fades over the horizon.

You know that I still do, and all I wanted was to believe, hush hush now...

Sarilene is in her room alone, her head in her hands, her shoulders shaking in silent crying. Then it's a split screen and it shows Yugi standing on the balcony of his room in modern Egypt, staring out at the land with a thoughtful expression as he leans against the railing, the wind is blowing his stiff blonde bangs in front of his face.

So go on, live your life,

Now you see Sarilene standing with her bags in an airport, she's facing Yugi, and she's smiling and talking but tears are streaming down her face. (If there were subtitles they'd say: "I wish I could stay, but all I'll ever do is break your heart... All I want is for you to be happy... And you'll be happy... without me.")

So go on, and say good-bye, So many questions but I don't ask, why...

Yugi walks forward and gently wraps one arm around her upper back while the other hand cradles the back of her head as he holds her against his chest, he to says something, and what he says makes Sarilene's eyes widen in shock before she squeezes them shut, wraps her arms around him and cries into his shirt. (If there were subtitles: "I will never be truly happy without you, Nia.")

So this time I won't even try, hush hush now... hmm... hush hush now...

It now shows them from a slight distance, still holding each other, then everything fades to white, then it's back in Egypt again, Sarilene is looking up at the moon as she sits alone on the sands.

When I try to forget you, I just keep on remembering...

You zoom in on Sarilene, she's sitting with her knees pulled up to her chest, one arm around her shins, the other rubbing tears out of her eyes.

What we had was so true,

Sarilene in the desert fades, now it shows her back in her dress, dancing with Yugi as Henry at some ball, Tudor rose banners line the walls.

But somehow we lost everything... Hush hush now...

Now you see Yugi lying on the ground, badly injured, Sarilene cradling his head in her lap, she's not in any better shape than him, and tears are streaming down her face as she holds him.

So go on, live your life, So go on, and say good-bye,

Now you see a split screen, one side is Pharaoh Atem with his back turned in a field of what looks like white flowers as the petals blow off in the winds, the other is Empress Sarilene in her long white dress, also with her back turned.

So many questions but I don't ask, why... No...

As Atem he turns, he changes to modern day Yugi, looking awed by what he sees, and as Sarilene turns she changes to Nia, also looking awed but what she sees.

Maybe someday but not tonight... Hush hush now...

They extend their hands out, and just look at each other a moment.

Don't, don't you ever say a word, word, on what you ever thought heard, heard,

They reach for each other, but the ground cracks in between them, and both ends of the field of flowers is torn apart, and both fall into a white abyss.

Don't you ever tell a soul, but you know...

Even as they fall, they're still reaching for each other.

I tried to hide, but I still believe, that, we, we were always mean to be, be,

Yugi finally takes her hand and pulls her close to him, she also wraps her arms around him as they fall.

And I could never let you go, no....

The light of they abyss swallows them.

Hush hush now....

Everything's white a moment, then...

So go on live your life, so go on and say good-bye,

It flashes back to Nia on the swings, she stands and looks up into the sky as it pours rain down on her face, then tilts her head back down again, her fists shaking.

So many questions but I don't ask, why... No...

It now shows a clear umbrella being held over her head from behind,

Maybe someday but not tonight, hush hush now...

Nia first looks straight ahead, then turns to see Yugi holding the umbrella over her head, he's giving her a reassuring smile, as she looks up at him in something like awed surprise.

Hush hush now... hmmm mm...

Her tears start up again, his smile fades and he looks worried, then without warning she hugs him, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her nose into his chest.

Hush hush now.... Hmm mmm....

He looks surprise for a moment, then holds her back, not caring if she got his mostly dry clothes wet.

*The music fades*

The scene is seen from a distance before it fades to black.



Pharaoh Atem:

Henry "Yugi" Tudor:

Just Yugi:

As soon as my printer/scanner stops acting stupid and not letting me do anything, I'll post pictures of Sarilene, but for now, you have this.

10/19/2014 #17

Lost It All

Lai's Chosen Song


(I had to do another, this is so fun!)

-Opening Music-

(The scene opens in a silver room, seemingly comfortable, where Lorelai's lifeless body lays peacefully on an altar.)

I ruled the world With these hands I shook the heavens to the ground

(You get a close up into Lai's mind, and see her sitting on a red throne, her looking devilishly at the camera.)

I laid the gods to rest

(Another flashback shows the moment when her and Selene had the fight in the library, then again her piercing Sarilene in the back.)

I held the key to the kingdom

Lions guarding castle walls

(We're back to the throne room, where a zoom out shows rows and rows of obsidian soldiers.)

Hail the king of death

(A split image shows Lai's face, and a respectful nod to the other image, Death, who is kneeling before her.)

Then I lost it all

Dead and broken my

Backs against the wall

Cut me open, I'm

(Another flashback to her fight with Kurai, and her fall out with her brother.)

Just trying to breathe

Just trying to figure it out

Because I built these walls

To watch 'em crumble down

I said

(She's panting, almost crying, looking up at the camera with pleading silver eyes.)

Then I lost it all

Who can save me now?

(She stands shakily, and she takes a step, covering the camera with her black dress, allowing the scene to change again.)

I stood above, another war

Another jewel above the crown

I was the fear of man

(A view of her laughing harshly in her Grimhalt castle, her arm holding up her chin as she sits daintily on her throne, watching executions below, and in the far distance, a war is going on outside.)

But I was blind I couldn't see

The world there right in front of me

But now I can

(She looks up, her eyes are a dangerous red, then back down, at the next execution, but instead of a peasant she sees her brother....she blinks the red back to silver, some epiphany waking her humanity back up.)

Yeah! Because I lost it all

Dead and broken my

Backs against the wall

Cut me open, I'm

(She starts to run through the castle, suddenly feeling all the pain and sadness she'd ignored for years, and is caught by one of her soldiers before she can leave the wasteland.)

Just trying to breathe

Just trying to figure it out

Because I built these walls

To watch 'em crumble down

I said

(They drag her back to the throne room, throw her back on the throne, and bow before her. But Lai shakes her head, screaming. (If there were subtitles, it would say: "This isn't what I wanted!") But she sees two figures standing in the doorway to the room, 13 and Death, both shaking their heads disappointedly. Not wanting to upset anyone, she waves her hand, an obsidian blade forming itself in midair, and she kills the peasant with the blade running itself right through his heart and out the back, even as her brother's image has not left him. We see this from the back, and her eyes have returned to the malevolent red.)

Then I lost it all

Who can save me now

(With the blood coming over the screen, it's wiped away to show her looking a bit regretful, before a devilish smile pops onto her face, and a blade appears by her shoulder, and it comes crashing into the camera.)

-Early Cutoff of Music- (The blade has cracked the camera, and black acid oozes where the blade dissolves, fading the screen to black. In a quick view, we are back to see Death leaning over Lai's body, his hand over her eyes. It goes white from there to the end.)



Throne Room-

Peaceful Room (well, it's not really a room, it's a place in the pocket dimension before she's tested)-

10/19/2014 . Edited 10/19/2014 #18

(If you accept the head canon, Cosmos, because I'm using some of your characters)

Daughter of Evil

A Musical Account of Melody and Lyric's Past

...Mostly Melody's...






"saa, hizamazukinasai!"

"Now kneel before me!"

(The scene immediately opens with a shot of Melody, both eyes visible, smiling wickedly. It cuts out to black, and the title.)


mukashi mukashi aru tokoro ni

akugyaku-hidou no oukoku no

chouten ni kunrin suru wa

yowai juuyon no oujo-sama

Once upon a time,

there was a 14-year-old queen

who reigned at the top

of a savage and ruthless kingdom.

(The black fades out to a kingdom of black and white, where people dressed in either color roam the streets, but many look over their shoulder in fear. The next shot shows Melody on a throne, her brother kissing her hand, her smiling down at him. She takes her hand away, and stands in front of the mirror. She has no need to cover her eyes, it keeps the people scared of her. She's kept her violent side, shown as she throws the mirror down at the fact her dress was ripped in a seam.)


kenran-gouka na choudohin

kao no yoku nita meshitsukai

aiba no namae wa JOSEFIIN

subete ga subete kanojo no mono

With gorgeous and luxurious furniture,

a servant whose face strongly resembled hers,

and an adored horse whose name was Josephine,

the girl held ownership over everything.

(The view zooms out to show the room, with expensive looking furnishings, and her brother stands by her, their faces similar, as they are twins, and she signs a piece of paper he holds out for her, switching ownership of the local prison over to her.)


okane ga tarinaku natta nara

gumin domo kara shiboritore

watashi ni sakarau monotachi wa

shukusei shite shimae

If she should ever need more money,

she'd just wring more from her foolish populace.

If there should be anybody revolting against her,

she'd just order them purged out of her sight.

(As she finishes signing, a shout from outside causes her to step out onto her balcony, and see a commoner she knew as the head of the peasant's guard, screaming his cause. At the second to last line, she waves her hand, walking back in, signaling to the guards they could seize the man, which they do.)


"saa, hizamazukinasai!"

"Now kneel before me!"

(She is in front of him now, and uses a sword to push him down onto one knee. Her fangs are extended, she's looking like a monster.)


aku no hana karen ni saku

azayaka na irodori de

mawari no aware na zassou wa

aa youbun to nari kuchite yuku

A flower of evil blooms sweetly

in the most brilliant colors.

Those pitiful weeds around her,

ah, will wilt away serving as her fertilizer.

(She walks away after he's limp on the ground, not dead, but barely alive. Her brother follows, looking back with a regretful look on his face, but as she turns to him and smiles, he gives her one back.)


boukun oujo ga koi suru wa

umi no mukou no aoi hito

dakedomo kare wa ringoku no

midori no onna ni hitomebore

The tyrannical queen was in love

with a person of blue on the other side of the sea.

However, he was taken at first sight

with a girl of green in the neighboring nation.

(Melody is seen in another kingdom, this one very Egyptian looking. She hides behind a fruit cart, watching the cousin to the Pharaoh, a boy, a High Priest. She's had a crush on him for a very long time. But as she continues to watch, she sees him watching another girl in the marketplace, one of commoner status. He seems to have a large crush on this girl.)


shitto ni kurutta oujo-sama

aru hi daijin o yobidashite

shizuka na koe de iimashita

"midori no kuni o horoboshinasai"

The queen, frenzied by her jealousy,

assembled her ministers one day,

and said to them in a quiet voice,

"Annihilate the nation of green."

(Consumed by jealousy, and outraged that the High Priest had chosen someone not of nobility, Melody runs back to her room, calls her brother, and with the last line, timeskips to a performance in the streets, performing for both the girl and the boy she thought she loved, along with the Pharaoh himself.)


ikuta no ie ga yakiharaware

ikuta no inochi ga kiete yuku

kurushimu hitobito no nageki wa

oujo ni wa todokanai

Countless houses were reduced to ashes,

and countless lives were lost.

The grief of the suffering people, however,

were unable to reach the queen's ears.

"ara, oyatsu no jikan da wa"

"Oh my, it's snack time."

(Melody starts singing with her brother, everyone seems to be enjoying it, until people begin to fall on their faces, the song paralyzing them. The Pharaoh seems invulnerable to it, and stands to stop her, but only manages to curse her before she has murdered the girl, and she runs back to her castle, Lyric dragging her hand. She hears the beyond angry calls of the boy as he holds the remains of the girl as she flees.)


aku no hana karen ni saku

kuruoshii irodori de

totemo utsukushii hana na no ni

aa toge ga oosugite sawarenai

A flower of evil blooms sweetly

in the most maniacal colors.

Although she was quite a beautiful flower,

ah, she was untouchable because of all her thorns.

(The people are enraged, Melody has killed a beloved commoner of a neighboring land, this is unacceptable! But safe inside her walls, Melody sits down in her study, sighing, wiping blood off of her mouth.)


aku no oujo o taosubeku

tsui ni hitobito wa tachiagaru

ugou no karera o hikiiru wa

akaki yoroi no onna kenshi

The queen of evil must be overthrown,

so the people finally rose up to her.

The one leading the mobs

was a swordswoman wearing a red armor.

(Outside, the head of the peasants' guard was rallying the people against Melody, along in the crowd is the boy, holding a sword. Melody hears, and attempts to speak, though nothing comes out, her voice has been taken from her.)


tsumori ni tsumotta sono ikari

kuni zentai o tsutsumikonda

naganen no ikusa de tsukareta

heishitachi nado teki de wa nai

People's rage, accumulated for so long,

had enveloped the entire kingdom.

The queen's soldiers, worn from years of war,

were no match against the defiant rebels.

(It didn't take much fight for the rebels to break through the palace guards, Melody always had had them on duty for war, she was never well-liked.)


tsui ni oukyuu wa kakomarete

kashintachi mo nigedashita

kawaiku karen na oujo-sama

tsui ni toraerareta

Finally, the palace had been surrounded,

and the queen's vassals had all fled away.

The lovely and sweet-looking queen

was at last captured.

(In a flash of pictures, we see the rebels defeat the guards and enter the room where Melody and Lyric were, they threw her brother out into the crowd, he ran away, Melody on the other hand was taken, her wrists each taken by a separate person, the boy on the right, the head of guard on the left, and they almost ripped her apart. She tried to scream, tried to yell, but her sound was silence.)


"kono bureimono!"

"How dare you! What insolence!"

(She huffs, angry.)


aku no hana karen ni saku

kanashige na irodori de

kanojo no tame no rakuen wa

aa moroku mo hakanaku kuzurete'ku

A flower of evil blooms sweetly

in the most wretched colors.

Her paradise, built solely for her leisure,

ah, was short-lived and fragily crumbled away.

(Melody is thrown unceremoniously into the prison, where she sits in the corner. She is in isolation, since in a cage with other people would make her hunting easier, and they wouldn't let her eat the other prisoners.)


mukashi mukashi aru tokoro ni

akugyaku-hidou no oukoku no

chouten ni kunrin shite'ta

yowai juuyon no oujo-sama

Once upon a time,

there was a 14-year-old queen

who used to reign at the top

of a savage and ruthless kingdom.

(A flashback reveals a young Melody and Lyric playing tag in the gardens of the castle.)


shokei no jikan wa gogo sanji

kyoukai no kane ga naru jikan

oujo to yobareta sono hito wa

hitori rouya de nani o omou

Her execution was scheduled at 3 p.m.,

the time when the church's bell would toll.

What could she, who was once called the queen,

be thinking about in her jail cell alone?

(The next morning, they come and grab her in the same restrictive way, bringing her out into the crowd, where they threw rocks and sharp stones.)


tsui ni sono toki wa yatte kite

owari o tsugeru kane ga naru

minshuu nado ni wa me mo kurezu

kanojo wa kou itta

Finally, the time had come,

as the bell's sound signaled her end.

The girl, who didn't even bother to look at the crowd,

made such delivery:

"ara, oyatsu no jikan da wa"

"Oh my, it's snack time."

(They put Melody in front of the firing wall, as they had mages who had fashioned makeshift automatic weapons, and had been using them to perform public executions. Right before they fire, she tilts her head, giving a big, devilish smile, and mouths the words, "You'll be sorry." The screen moves to the guns, as they fire, then back to a limp body of Melody, and the cheers of those around her. The boy grabbed her neck and held her up, as a prize.)


aku no hana karen ni chiru

azayaka na irodori de

nochi no hitobito wa kou kataru

aa kanojo wa masa ni aku no musume

A flower of evil scatters pitiably

in the most brilliant colors.

Later on, people would talk about her this way:

"Ah, she was truly a girl of evil!"

(Despite her crimes, she was royalty, and the Pharaoh provided a funeral, which we see a picture of, and then she's alone in the room, where Lyric enters, and lays his head on hers, crying, before he realizes she's hugging him back. He helps her stand, and then, after realizing that she was too weak to walk, carried her in his arms. As he steps out the door, another figure grabs his sister. A black cloaked figure holds the girl close to his chest. After the last words, another phrase is heard, ending the song.

"We will have much fun, my servants.")

10/19/2014 . Edited 10/19/2014 #19

(I know why I like Let it Go so much for Lai, it was originally designed to be the point where Elsa becomes the villain...then they changed it.)

10/19/2014 #20
Lady Strangelove

Seto Kaiba:

Mokuba Kaiba:

(Sometimes I like making another character (Mai) one of Yugi's cousins too)

Mai Valentine:

10/19/2014 #21
Lady Strangelove

Actually, in the anime, back in Egypt, Seto was high priest to the Pharaoh, known as High Priest Seth, and in the anime, there's a girl (Kisara) and they hint very heavily that Seth is in love with her, but she's not a princess, she's a homeless peasant, she also has a power that would be really hard to explain since I don't think you've watched the anime.

Kisara & High priest Seth:

(One more thing, I'm doing a sort of AU/Canon with the Yugioh characters)

10/19/2014 . Edited 10/19/2014 #22

Okay, I'll change it, that actually would work perfectly then! Melody had a huge crush on Seto, he loved Kisara, she killed her majorly, Seto is pissed off.

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All you need to know about why Ari getting pregnant is NOT a good thing:

Black bird Manga chapters:

(I'm going to try and put links of the exact pages of the information, but some might be double, so I'll say how long it is.)

What the Senka is(or her benefit to the demon world):

(This exact page.)

What the Senka gives up in order to produce an heir:

(This page to the end of the chapter, and then into the 60th chapter for the official announcement.)

More on what the Senka is, by one demon trying to kill her...AND WE FIND OUT THAT KYO IS A TENGU:

(This page to the page 39)

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