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Welcome to Elysian! A medium sized town where children and families live either a normal life, going to school, talking with friends and family, or you can have an abnormal life, have special powers, save the world, fight monsters. Or do what ever. Rated T.
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Lady Strangelove

Part 2!

10/8/2014 #1
Lady Strangelove

Vivian leaned against the wall of the hall way, panting and holding her stomach "Hey Misti, what'd you tell Serena?"

10/8/2014 #2
Kris. Daughter of Death

Raya arrived at the gym and waited for others. She sat on the bleachers and started humming the tune of Lullaby by Nickleback "I know the feeling, of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge. And there ain't no healing, from cutting yourself with the jagged edge."

10/8/2014 #3
Lady Strangelove

"Raise your hands and your glasses too, we will dance the whole night through, we're going back to a time we knew, under a violet moon..." Serenity sang to herself as she walked to her botany class.

10/8/2014 #4
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Bella smiled, "I thought you would be mad. It lot of guys like there girlfriends 'ruining' the skin." She held his hand finally sitting into the plastic seat next to Alexander.

10/8/2014 #5

"I prefer to think of it as enhancing." Alex shrugged, laughing.

10/8/2014 #6
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Bella started to laugh then she coughed, she pulled her hand way from her face she felt liquid soak her sleeve. Blood sprayed across her sleeve, she mouth started to fill with blood. Running over to the trash can she thought up more, what the hell!

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #7

"Bella?" Alex tried to sit up to help her, but fell back with a crack from the ribs. He punched the bed. "DAMMIT. Bella!"

10/8/2014 #8
Lady Strangelove

Zigfried heard the coughing and ran over, only to see Bella over a garbage can, throwing up blood "Doctor! We need a Doctor over here!" he ran over to his best friend "Bells, what the heck is going on?!"

10/8/2014 #9
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Bella cough again when it stop, she the black in her vision sparked at places, but when they made her vision turn grey and a shivering cold spread through her. She stood finding a man in grey cloak grinning at her pain. Obviously Alex couldn't see him, "I'm fine!" She leaned against the wall. The man's gold eyes showed has he stepped closer to his bed. Then it click the man, she had met him before, "that's cowardly. Injuring your enemy internally!"

"That was just for fun," laughed the Grey King.

"Show yourself, I never like it when I see you."

He smiled his teeth sharp like a sharks, "no one does," then her appeared. Letting her vision back to color, till she started spitting blood again. Damn magic.

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #10

"You're not fine!" Alex grimaced heavily as he sat himself up, and threw his legs over the side of the bed, before shakily walking over to her, having not used his legs in days, his gait was strange. He leaned against the wall, breathing heavily to avoid screaming, and put his other hand on Bella's shoulder. "You're gonna be okay, you're gonna be okay..."

Shitshitshitshitshit this hurts like hell. No wonder I'm bed-ridden.

10/8/2014 #11
Lady Strangelove

Selene watched from the hall, invisible to the normal human eye, waiting to see what would happen, and weather they needed her help or not.

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #12
IsaBella ElisAbeth

The Grey Man smiled, "to bad he's the reason I'm here."

The reason I'm here, never a good sign. "Alex please babe get back into the bed I'm fine."

"If this his how your getting me out of the room, your doing a damn good job." She thought.

Her nose started to bleed, shit!!

"I'm sorry, but is depressing thoughts are a turn on and your situation is making him more appetizing." He whispered into her mind. She shook her head a groaned her shirt covered in her blood.

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #13

"Love, please, what's wrong?" Alex said, staying in place.

10/8/2014 #14
IsaBella ElisAbeth

"Do me a favor," she sounded like she was congested, she pushed herself to stand with the help of Zig, "think clear thought,nothing depressing."

10/8/2014 #15

"Love, I'll try, but it's hard to think positive when you're like this." And my side hurts so much.

10/8/2014 #16
Lady Strangelove

"Uh... Puppies, kittens, rainbows..." Zigfried said, he knew he sounded ridiculous, but if he sounded laughable, than he wouldn't be depressing.

10/8/2014 #17

Alex raised an eyebrow, before giving a clearly faked smile. "Steak?"

10/8/2014 #18
Lady Strangelove

"Um... Leon's stuffed animals!" Zig said.

10/8/2014 #19
IsaBella ElisAbeth

"Go lay down...please. I'm surprised your heart monitor hasn't gone off yet, " she found a towel from his bathroom and used it to whip herself.

"Leave him alone!"

"I would dare touch him, but...remember that favor I asked because I save you life."

"I think you got that dose when we all died," She laughed bitterly.

"Your boy toy here has what I need, guaranteed your brother would be easier but he hasn't been weaken by his alcoholic problems. So easy."

"Xavier and Alex Have nothing to do with this," she screamed. The Grey Man rubbed is ear in the pain, "your heart is a cement wall, I couldn't get to it even if I tried.

10/8/2014 #20
Lady Strangelove

Selene watched, then turned her eyes to Bella, wondering if the girl could see her "Is there anything I can do?"

10/8/2014 #21
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Bella thought for a moment, she along herself at Alex grabbing his head and kissing him in front of God and all. If this would take away his depressing mood, it would keep the Grey King at bay for now.

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #22

"Bella, the hell are you doing?"

10/8/2014 #23
IsaBella ElisAbeth

"Well that didn't work, probably because I look like Karrie." She mumbled.

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #24
Lady Strangelove

Selene narrowed her eyes "Perhaps you'll be more help then me at this point, Nia."

"Okay, I'm ready when you are."

Selene moved to a place where no one was, then changed back to Sarilene "Okay, here I go," she ran to Alex's room "Mr. Onyx, Mr. Langcaster, and Ms. Dointeain, what are you doing on the floor?"

10/8/2014 #25
IsaBella ElisAbeth

"I fell..." She tried that lie but it didn't sound right on the tongue and it didn't explain why Alexander was still out of bed. She cover herself with the spotted towel. I she was spitting up blood only in the aftermath of everything. She honestly, didn't want this taste in her mouth.

"And just happened to get a nose bleed," she tried with the help of Zig pull Alex back into his bed, the challenging part was not getting any blood on him, which she epically failed.

10/8/2014 #26
Lady Strangelove

"Lying won't do you any good, tell me the truth, I don't care how absurd it sounds, I just want to help." Sarilene said.

Zigfried helped Bella with getting Alex back into the bed.

10/8/2014 #27
IsaBella ElisAbeth

"Yeah, because you can fix everything else," she said bitterly, slowly taking her time cleaning blood soaked body. She grabbed a scrip clean shirt that looked like Alex's, wiggling it on. It fell off her shoulders and it could be a dress on her, in that thought took off her pants. "The Grey King, wanted to pay Alex a visit while giving his over dramatic enters." She pointed to the bloody towel.

10/8/2014 . Edited 10/8/2014 #28
Lady Strangelove

Sarilene sighed "Are you really so against someone helping you?" she took out a white handkerchief from her pocket and came over to Bella "Now hold still, you've got blood on your face."

10/8/2014 #29
IsaBella ElisAbeth

"I didn't ask for it," she mumbled has she tried to pull away from the women's handkerchief.

10/8/2014 #30
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