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Lady Strangelove

This is Canon/AU. A crossover between Elysian OCs and Yugioh characters.

10/19/2014 #1

"My lady." The boy with a bandaged eyes kissed his sisters hand, a lovely ruler of their land, where all were in black and white.

"So, how many have fallen under the law thus far today?" The girl smiled, her white eye as glaring as her normal black.

"There's two coming this morning." Lyric replied, his gaze hard upon the ground.

"Bring them in, we'll make it quick." She pulled her hand away, baring a fanged smile at the incoming prisoners.

10/19/2014 #2
Lady Strangelove

*In Egypt*

Sarilene sat in the back of a cart while the slave driver yelled the two mules pulling the cart onward, she was sitting next to a girl who had become her close friend, she was holding her hand, this is the only reason Sarilene knew she was still there because she hand't let go the entire ride, Sarilene was wearing an old and dirty blind fold over her galaxy eyes, the people here tended to freak out when they saw them.

Her friend's name was Kisara, she too was one of the slaves, she wasn't one of the pushier ones that tried to get masters to buy them by using their bodies, or one of the meeker ones who constantly looked down and said not a word, Kisara kept her head straight, cast her eyes down when necessary, and was quiet for the most part, but she was kind and had a good heart, and that was a rarity here, apparently.

"Kisara?" Sarilene whispered.

"Hm?" Kisara's voice.

"How much farther to Kemet?"

Silence for a moment as Kisara looked, then "Not too far, another few hours, maybe."

(I think Kemet is the city where the Pharaoh's palace is, but I'm not sure...)

10/19/2014 . Edited 10/19/2014 #3

(I'll go with it!)

Melody had listened to their cases with little interest, and had descended the steps between the prisoners and herself in two long strides. She dragged her finger along ones chin, singing softly an old folktune her land used to, and still does, sing at funerals.

"فقط تغمض عينيك، الظلام هو في انتظاركم، البرد هو الآن دفئك، حائل للرب الموت."

(Arabic/Egyptian for: Just close your eyes, The darkness waits for you, the cold is now your warmth. Hail to The Lord of Death.)

In one fluid motion, she had ripped the throats out, and wiped the blood off her mouth as they fell to the ground.

"My lady," Lyric grabbed her shoulder. "The local head of guard in the commons is here to see you about you buyin the prison from him."

"Bring him in." She sighed, bored. I need an example anyways."

A man, dressed in average clothes for one of his status, was escorted into the room to see the female Pharaoh of her land. Dressed in black and white fabrics with gold jewelry and strange eyes lined heavily with kohl, Melody was a sight of beauty, except for her eyes, those struck fear into any's heart.

"And what would you wish to speak to me about?" She adjusted her seat on the throne, attempting to look like she was paying attention.

"I'd like you to return the jail-" The man started, but Melody cut him off.

"Return? I don't return." She laughed harshly.

"My lady,'re being unreasonable..."

"Please? Kneel, peasant." She stood from her throne, and Lyric stood by her, the protective one as always. The man shook his head to say no, but Melody pulled out a sword from her brother and used the tip to slowly coax the man down into a kneeling position, digging the blade in until he moved. Once he was at a suitable height, she tapped each shoulder. "You will not talk about me like that, understood?"

The man nodded, and Melody dropped the sword, moving back up to her throne, as the man was thrown back out into the crowd.

"I'm bored...." She complained, and then lit up. "I'm headed out, I need to get some air." She slipped out, grabbing a cloak and a commoner's eyepatch, covering her white eye, headed for her favorite marketplace, the one where she'd her to see the most amazing man she'd ever seen.

10/19/2014 . Edited 10/19/2014 #4
Lady Strangelove

The shackles were cutting into her wrists, Sarilene hoped she'd get a chance to loosen them by the next stop near the Nile, when the donkeys would get to drink and rest, while the slaves got enough food and water to live, while they sat in the burning sun, Sarilene's skin wouldn't brown or burn, she just felt hot and dry, she knew Kisara wasn't fairing so well either, Kisara's pale skin burned in the sun, "Poor dear, she doesn't deserve this..."

10/19/2014 #5

A quick trip around the marketplace found there to be no sign of the Pharaoh....disappointing. Melody stopped by a fruit stand to purchase an orange, only to pretend to eat it because mortal food was vomit-inducing.

(Awh, are we getting the love story beginning?)

10/19/2014 #6
Lady Strangelove

(Yes, I am working on their entrance right now, hold on a moment)

10/19/2014 #7
Lady Strangelove

The slave cart was wheeled into town, and placed across the street from a fruit vendor, the slaves, both male and female, got off, and lined up. He started yelling, boasting and calling about about his slaves that he could sell.

"Funny," The Left Handed Lady said in her mind "I though we were all filthy vermin with no future, now we're special, I feel so relieved."

"Ah ha!" The slave driver called out, she couldn't see anything passed the blind fold, but whom ever was there excited the driver "What have we here? The great King of upper and lower Egypt, Pharaoh Atem, and High priest Seth! Come to see my slaves have you?"

"Is this the Pharaoh I've heard so much about?" Sarilene wondered, she elbowed Kisara "What do you see?" she asked her in a whisper, but Kisara didn't answer. "Is she alright?"

"Why else would we be here?" Asked one of the voices, it was deep, but she couldn't tell if it was the Pharaoh's or the High priest's, but she heard Kisara's breath catch in her throat.

Sarilene could feel the presence of a man as he walked down the line of slaves, he wasn't the one who had spoken, Sarilene felt herself growing nervous, her fingers began to twitch uncontrollably, what was going on? Could it be this man's aura field? It was quite intense, so much so when she felt it it almost knocked her off her feet, only gods had that kind of power, could he be one then?

"This one." A deep voice said, right in front of her, it wasn't the same one as who spoke earlier, for some reason the voice made a slight chill run down her spine, but she was still hot, how could she be cold?

The man moved over and stood in front of Kisara "Do you fancy this one, Seth?"

"It doesn't matter weather I fancy her or not, as long as she can work and do her job right I could care less." The other voice, Seth, she now knew, said, he sounded so uptight.

10/19/2014 #8

Melody practically jumped for joy as she saw the pair come, the Pharoah and the High Priest, but as a slave cart blocked her view, she growled, angry at the imbeciles both inside and driving the cart. She climbed over the fruit cart onto a clay building, the flat rooftop providing a great view.

10/19/2014 #9
Lady Strangelove

Sarilene felt the Pharaoh take hold of her chin and tilt her face up "Is this one blind?" he asked the slave driver.

"No, my lord, but her eyes are... Rather striking, it's best she keeps it on." the driver answered.

His fingers caressed her cheek, Sarilene felt like she couldn't breathe "She isn't burning under Ra's light, why is this?"

"I don't know, my lord."

She heard the other man, Seth, come over "Where did you find this one?" he asked as he stood in front of Kisara.

"She was being driven out of a village about a year ago, the people there threw rocks and wouldn't leave her in peace, poor thing."

"He doesn't care, to him she's just another pretty face to sell for a profit." Sarilene thought, trying not to snarl at the slave driver.

10/19/2014 #10

Melody was swooning at the sound of his voice, always uniform, always having the tone of a silent anger yet comforting at the same time, until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Mel, you really shouldn't be up here." Lyric was behind her, and he was wearing a torn brown cloak, one common of the less fortunate out here. He pulled another one out, wrapping it around her shoulders. He may had the bandages over his eyes like a mummy, but there were holes, he could see fine.

Melody took the cloak, and pulled up the hood. She adjusted her eyepatch, the white making her self conscious.

"If he can't love you for all of you, even the Vitus part, he doesn't deserve you." Lyric said softly, but Melody of course didn't hear him.

"He's a Priest, they can accept the demons in all of us, they're taught that." She smiled down at him. Lyric grabbed her shoulders, turning her to him.

"Melody, I swear to Death, stop trying to act human, you've given up at home, so why here? Are you afraid he'll be scared of you? Punish you? Like I said, he's not in your league." He spoke like the overprotective brother everyone had, but more serious. "This won't end well for you."

(Vituses are the types of creatures they are, much like vampires, though instead of blood, they drink life, not souls, not character, not sins. Actual life. They are known to rip throats with their fangs, and eat limbs, but it's mostly life that sustains them. They're provided with attractive personas and heavenly voices as their hunting tools, as well as Melody has the ability to paralyze other with song.)

10/19/2014 . Edited 10/19/2014 #11
Lady Strangelove

(Interesting is that what Melody and Lyric are?)

"I'll be taking these two." The Pharaoh turned to the slave driver as said man spluttered like he'd just been splashed with ice water.

"Th-those two?" The man asked, the Pharaoh apparently nodded so now the slave driver continued "My lord, they're foreigners, they'll-"

"It's something new to have around," The Pharaoh said to him, "Is there a real problem?" he asked, his voice having a slight dangerous note, making the slave driver quiver in fear, was the Pharaoh really that intimidating even to those who couldn't sense magic?

"N-No My lord," The slave driver hobbled over, unlocked Sarilene's shackles, then undid Kisara's "H-Here you are..."

The two girls were lead over to two horses, and both had their wrists tied again, this time with rope. "Great." Sarilene thought "Blood flow stopping metal changed out for itchy rope." The other end of the rope was tied to the back of one of the horses, then the Pharaoh and High priest began their walk back to the palace.

10/19/2014 #12
Lady Strangelove

(Hey Black, I had an idea, maybe instead of Melody going straight for killing Kisara, she goes for Seth because she's furious he doesn't love her, and then Kisara pushes him out of the way and takes the hit for him, how about it?)

10/19/2014 #13

(Yes, that's what they are, and that's okay I think.)

"It's time to go, Melody." Lyric grabbed her shoulders, standing her up.

"He's so kind. He'd never hurt me." Melody smiled, turning with her brother, as they sped back to her own palace.

(Oh, and by the way, Vitusi (plural of Vitus) don't have one universal weakness, but for the twins, it's actually gold. Melody wears gold jewelry in order to symbolize she's stronger than death, but she'd probably die if a gold sword went through her heart. She doesn't die in Wgypt because they used silver. Very effective, fatal, but not life-ending.)

10/20/2014 #14
Lady Strangelove

(Oh, so like silver for werewolves, and iron for fay, and a star's weakness is iron too, iron can make a star, like a sun, collapse, it's actual science.)

The horse leading the new slaves along suddenly stopped, Sarilene probably would've run into it had Kisara not grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"What is it Pharaoh?" Seth asked.

The Pharaoh was silent for a long moment, then he spoke "Nothing." he said dismissively, then the horse started walking again, it tugged on Sarilene's bound wrists and pulled her so hard she almost fell on the ground, but she managed to stay upright and keep walking.

10/20/2014 #15

(Yep, the element of gold (this is what I've come up for explanation) is incompatible with the element that runs through a Vitus's blood that allows them to use life as energy, it's reaction is to emit a poison so strong, it gold pierces any major artery, it will spread through the system and kill them within a minute.)

10/20/2014 #16
Lady Strangelove

(Wow, cool)

10/20/2014 #17

(Yeah, it's cool enough I guess *laughing*)

"So, how do you suppose you'll break the fact you're a monster to the Priest?" Lyric sat in the study with his sister. "He's dedicated to the gods, you're a smudge on a reputation of a pure man."

Melody glared at him.

"He's not like that... He'll understand!" She stepped back.

Lyric wasnt trying to be rude, he was trying to protect her from what he knew would happen.

"Mel, he has his eye on someone else." He said, fiddling with the gold necklace and shoulder jewelry that was quite the irony.

"I'll believe it when I see it." Melody snapped the eyepatch off, and returned to her head the large gold crown. "I will have him."

10/20/2014 . Edited 10/20/2014 #18
Lady Strangelove

Sarilene and Kisara were lead to the throne room, then a guard pushed them to one knee "Kneel before your Pharaoh." The guard said.

"Well, I'm kneeling now." Sarilene thought, the blind fold hid the fact that she was rolling her eyes as she thought this.

10/20/2014 #19

Melody decided she'd try to use her resources to make herself less scary-looking, and she entered the brothel, looking for more kohl and other forms of makeup, and taking it from the workers, she came back in front of her mirror.

Over her white eye, she drew on it an eye of Horus, and looking at the finished product, she looked more blessed by Ra than cursed. With a gold mask she had stolen (read borrowed) from a trader, it covered the white eye side above the forehead and along her cheekbone, revealing only her eye, and then leaving the other side open, it was the normal-enough side. Leaving her hair down, she brushed it all to the side of the mask, loading the side so the last thing you noticed was her clear distinction as a Vitus.

She stood, happy, and pulled on a flowing white dress that paired well with her crown and tons of gold jewelry.

He can't possibly see me as a monster.

10/20/2014 #20
Lady Strangelove

A little while later, Sarilene heard a man come into the room she and Kisara were supposed to wait in, till called for.

"Thanks to the Thief king, some of our servants have lost their lives and now we're in need of new ones, you two." A different voice from Seto or the Pharaoh said, this one was more tenor sounding, and less... Uptight, Sarilene guessed, there were foot steps "I am Priest Mahad, I am also the magic teacher of the palace, and who are you two?"

"I am Kisara," Kisara said quietly.

"My name's Sarilene, Lord- Priest Mahad... Sir." Sarilene stuttered.

She heard him chuckle softly "You don't need to worry about being so formal right now, you will in a few minutes, however."

Sarilene raised her hand, then mentally face-palmed, did raising your hand in Egypt mean the same as on Pandora? Asking to ask a question? "Um... Why's that? Are we going to be given assignments by the Pharaoh soon?"

"You'll be taking the assignments from him most, you're his knew personal attendant." Mahad told her.

"I beg your pardon? Me? His personal attendant?" Sarilene thought but didn't say, she wasn't that bold "But I'm a girl."

"Kisara, you'll be helping in the kitchens and gardens." Mahad said to Kisara "When the festivities start, you'll need to bring in the food, you understand?"

"Yes, Master Mahad." Kisara said.

"And Sarilene, you'll be next to the Pharaoh." Mahad said to temporarily blind girl.

Sarilene attempted to raise her hand again, then thought better of it "Am I allowed to remove my blind fold?"

"Can you see without it?"

"Yes, the slave driver man tied it over my eyes and told me if I ever took it off he'd whip me." Sarilene said, absently rubbing her back where had had already whipped her for disobeying him.

"If it will help your performance, go ahead."

Sarilene didn't waste time removing it, she blinked a few times, her eyes were used to either the darkness of the blind fold or of the night sky when no one was looking, "Better... I think..."

10/20/2014 #21

(Keep going, these "festivities" will be when my characters come back.)

10/20/2014 #22
Lady Strangelove

(High Priests:

About an hour later, Sarilene stood near the Pharaoh, her hands clasped in front of her, her eyes cast down, but she occasionally looked up to see how Kisara was doing, she stood near the food table, she was having a slightly nervous conversation with Seth.

Sarilene felt a smile tug at her face as she watched her friend, Seth would be good for her, she could tell... but why did she have this sad feeling?

"What's the matter?" The Pharaoh asked when he noticed his new attendant's far off expression.

"Uh?" Sarilene looked back at him a second, then remembered she wasn't supposed to do that unless given permission and cast her eyes down "I'm fine, Pharaoh, I'm simply making sure my friend is alright."

The Pharaoh nodded and then turned back to the crowd.

Sarilene shifted, now feeling awkward "Um... Are you not going to join the festivities? And, if I may, what is this for, exactly?"

"I have already partaken in the party before you came in, and Egypt is celebrating the time once a year when the Nile over flows, does that answer your question?"

Sarilene nodded and returned to staring at her hands.

10/20/2014 #23

"Let's go, we are already late." Melody stepped out of her room, her black and white hair flying behind her as she ran towards the cart.

Lyric smiled, she looked beautiful. But then he frowned, stopping, he knew tonight he'd probably end up doing something vile, whether it be against his sister or against the man she thought she loved.

"Coming, my lady." He followed her out, he wasn't wearing anything special, after all, in this life, he was just her advisor.


In a little time, the horses pulled to a stop, and Melody hopped out with her hand dragging her brother behind. She saw the priest immediately, and leaned on a wall close to him, watching him talk to a servant. He was so kind, he even took good care of the lower class.

People around her seemed to shy away, but she didn't notice.

10/20/2014 #24
Lady Strangelove

Sarilene dared look up at the other priests around the room, the man with black hair holding golden scales in his hand and the bald man with tattoos on his head were speaking to the old man with the gold eye, and his eye wasn't just the color gold, the eye was fake and it was made of gold, "Odd..." Sarilene thought to herself "I wonder what they're talking about..."

She watched them a moment, then noticed them looking in the direction of Seth and Kisara, Sarilene looked that way too, she noticed the other girl standing behind them, she was very pretty, and dressed very richly in gold and ivory, but... she felt cold, like her heart was cold, she wasn't a nice person.

The only woman whom she knew to be a priestess was also standing next to the Pharaoh, she was saying something to him but Sarilene couldn't hear a word of it with the crowd of people and music creating so much noise, but judging from the looks on their faces, it wasn't good.

10/20/2014 #25

"My lady, do you not see the Priest's interest is for another?" Lyric came up behind her. "I vote we take the cart back home, the Priests are looking suspicious, and I'm not positive whether it's about us or not, but I am not willing to take that chance."

Melody's smile had not left her face, even as her brothers words proved true. The connection between the slave and the Priest was undeniable.

The edge of her mouth curved down into a beautiful frown. She grabbed the mask off her face, and threw it at the ground.

Lyric caught it, not wanting to make a scene.

"We will perform." She whispered, her fangs extending past her lips. "And we will feast."

Lyric grabbed her arm, pulling her into a hallways, luckily noone had seen her yet, and he had saved her yet again. "Mel, calm down, you knew this would happen."

"I wanted it so badly, I thought I had it this time..." Her voice cracked, her monstrous gaze falling to the ground., her fangs retracting.

"I know, I know." Lyric patted her back, hugging her.

Melody pulled back. "But we will feast."

Lyric sighed, handing her back the mask, and walking out back into the crowd.

"Ladies, gentleman, nobility, tonight, my lady has a gift for you. To honor the occasion, we will perform." He sat on a table, as Melody took slow, regal steps back into the room, her voice becoming strong, becoming paralyzing.

"ينتظر الظلام. الموت يقرع على الباب الخاص بك. يمكنك تجميد، وجسمك هو خدر، لا يمكنك نقل، ومجموعات البرد على مدى لكم، وفي النهاية، ويأخذ، وقال انه يسرق، وهذا هو نهاية المطاف."

(Basically, Your death is near, and you've become unable to move. Which most can't.)

10/20/2014 #26
Lady Strangelove

Most all the people in the room collapsed to the ground, all except the Pharaoh, Priests, and, for some odd reason, Kisara. Sarilene knew why she wasn't paralyzed, she was a deity now, she had to get used to that, but since everyone else was collapsing, she didn't need anyone to know she wasn't human, she fell to the ground, but kept her eyes open.

The Pharaoh stood from his throne and glared down at Melody "What is the meaning of this?" He called to her, his voice holding all the anger and power an Egyptian king should have.

Seth pulled Kisara over near the throne, the other priests gathered near the Pharaoh as well, the priestess knelt next to Sarilene, checking to see if she was alright, Sarilene hoped her acting skills were good enough and that the priestess's item couldn't read her mind.

(The millennium necklace can't, but it can allow it's wearer to see the future)

10/20/2014 #27

(Okay, got it!)

Melody watched the people collapse, her smile wider than the Nile. She batted her long eyelashes over her demented eyes up at the Pharaoh.

"I came for a good time, but seeing as I've blown whatever I had, I've settled for a meal." She winked her white eye before, with inhuman speed, went to rip the Priest's heart out through his throat, but missed, having not seen the girl in front of him. With one fluid motion, Melody had successfully nearly beheaded the slave girl, her throat mostly gone.

Melody was on the other side of the room, and used her hand to wipe the blood off her lips and fangs. She shrugged.

"This would've been better if I had planned to take her out instead anyways."

Lyric watched, standing with his sister, as a precautionary measure, knowing whatever came next was usually a violent action.

10/20/2014 #28
Lady Strangelove

"A soul is like the flame of a candle," Nia heard her mother's words echo in her mind, as she watched Kisara get her throat torn out, "It it a light in the darkness, a light inside each and everyone of us who live, even the Ink Hearts, like the stars in the sky, and when one dies the light is snuffed out, and the light disappears." But she didn't feel Kisara's soul dying, she could feel the light of it growing, Nia's eyes widened, she saw a large, blue eyed white dragon, and judging from everyone's reactions, she was the only one who could see and hear it, "...Kisara...?"

"You monster!" Seth yelled at her "How dare you attempt to take the life of a High Priest only to take the life of an innocent!"

Pharaoh also glared at her "You had no right to come into my palace, paralyze my people, and kill my servants," The eye on his crown began to glow, as did the golden pendant hanging from a thick brown cord around his neck "I will not stand here and let you commit such crimes. As the Pharaoh of Egypt I here by strip you of your power!" he held out his hand palm out as the glow from the pendant intensified.

Nia's eye were focused on the dragon, was this Kisara's power? This dragon?

(Yugioh Ka Monster 101: In the millennium world arc of the anime; the people of Egypt all have a sort of monster in their hearts, the monsters we know now a days as Duel Monsters, Kisara's Ka monster is the Blue eyes White dragon.)

10/20/2014 . Edited 10/20/2014 #29

(Got it! Thanks!)

Melody opened her mouth to say something sarcastic, but her voice was gone, nothing came out. Lyric's eyes widened in fear, and he grabbed his sister without another word, disappearing back into the safety of their own walls.

But even these walls couldn't stand forever.

Melody attempted wording things to him, but he couldn't understand. The only thing he did know was that in order to strip her of her power, her voice was taken. She couldn't use her gift, the only thing left was a monster who had quite an appetite she couldn't fill.

She locked her brother out after the first few minutes, and she looked out the window. Tears streamed silently down her face as the sobs had no sound.

He called me a monster. I'm not-I'm not a monster.

But if I am, this isn't how I should be acting.

She wiped her eyes, and tore off the mask, throwing it at the ground and watching it break into a million pieces. Outside, many had gathered to throw things at her window, wanting punishment her for her crime.

10/20/2014 #30
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