The Town of Elysian
Welcome to Elysian! A medium sized town where children and families live either a normal life, going to school, talking with friends and family, or you can have an abnormal life, have special powers, save the world, fight monsters. Or do what ever. Rated T.
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Lady Strangelove

"It is in no way 'nice'." Bakura said, angrily (He's crazy, but as crazy as Marik,). He lead the way to a passage that lead underground "In here, and you're first so go."

10/22/2014 #61

Lyric had been about to protest before reminding himself who he was dealing with, and sighed, waking down.

10/22/2014 #62
Lady Strangelove

Bakura gave him a slight shove from behind "Pick up the pace, will you."

10/22/2014 #63

"Hold your horses...." Lyric growled.

(My eyes are shutting, if I keep going they might actually drop my phone onto my face and that would be a tragedy.)

10/22/2014 #64
Lady Strangelove

(Lol! Night Black!)

10/22/2014 #65
Lady Strangelove

The tunnel opened into a large room. It looked almost like a tomb, hieroglyphics were all over the walls and pillars, there was what looked to be a door at the far end of the room, and a large stone shaped like a sarcophagus, but it too was covered in hieroglyphics, and had holes in it that looked like they held some oddly shaped items.

Bakura entered after Lyric "I brought them here!" he shouted "Now I want my pay!"

(The sarcophagus stone is, I think, either called the millennium stone, or millennium tablet, each of the millennium items fits into one of the holes in it... I'm going to go find an image)

11/3/2014 #66

A dark figure entered, almost like a shadow.

"Your pay will come in time."

It swirled around the three.

"My sweet Melody, my brave Lyric, my clever Bakura, how has it come to this?"

11/3/2014 #67
Lady Strangelove

Bakura rolled his eyes "Cut the theatrics, Death, I'm sick of waiting."

11/3/2014 #68

"Bakura, your impatience is not appreciated." Two red eyes formed, staring him down.

11/3/2014 #69
Lady Strangelove

Bakura sneered and rolled his eyes "I brought them, now what?"

11/3/2014 #70
Lady Strangelove

(Millennium Stone:

11/3/2014 #71

"You've done your part, that's all I've asked. What is it that you seek now?" The mist spoke softly.

11/3/2014 #72
Lady Strangelove

"Where is my brother? Ryou. If he's dead I swear, I'll march straight to the Pharaoh and have him and his priests seal you away like they did to Zorc!" Bakura barked, either very brave or too crazy to care he was yelling at Death.


(Ryou: in the anime they're not really brothers, and normally Bakura wouldn't care what happened to Ryou, but I tweeked their personalities... A little, Ryou might stay the same, if I portray him right... Oh, and I think Ryou would be in the Pharaoh's palace... since he's younger he probably doesn't remember Bakura very well.)

(One more thing: I was thinking of writing a fan fiction for the Sarilene and Atem/Yugi love story, but then the fear of character theft reared it's head...)

11/3/2014 #73
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