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Welcome to Elysian! A medium sized town where children and families live either a normal life, going to school, talking with friends and family, or you can have an abnormal life, have special powers, save the world, fight monsters. Or do what ever. Rated T.
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Like it says above!

Used mostly for:



-making babies (but not in this topic of course)

-and so much more!!!

1/11/2015 #1
IsaBella ElisAbeth

(I'm here. :3)

1/11/2015 #2

(Hello :3)

1/11/2015 #3
IsaBella ElisAbeth

(Where do you want to start?)

1/11/2015 #4

(Do you think they'd get married before or after the baby? Because I know for a fact I was going to have Alex formally propose soon. Even if the wedding wasn't for a while.)

1/11/2015 #5
IsaBella ElisAbeth

(The baby would have been born first. No way Bella would have had her wedding with a baby bump. Lol)

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #6

(That's what I figured, just wanted to make sure. Then, we can have her have the baby. Well start there and work to the wedding. And this is the engagement ring- )

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #7
IsaBella ElisAbeth

( go first. :3 *secretly nudges*. Dude! I love that ring. I WANT THE RING!!! As for Rays she can be with Alex and Bella it really doesn't matter.)

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #8
Kris. Daughter of Death

(What should I do with Raya?)

1/11/2015 #9

(*nudges back* alright, I know where to start! And Kris, I couldn't tell, is Raya and Lance a thing?)

Senior exams. Whoop de freaking who. Alexander Onyx, on his part, was probably failing. They got to take exams much earlier, after all they were graduating in less than a month.

1/11/2015 #10
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Bella smashed some textbooks back into her locker. Her baby bump was as big as they expected him to be, the baby would be small and luckily Bella could put Alexander's sweatshirt on and only looked like she gain ten pounds when in reality she gain over thirty.

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #11

Finishing up, he turned it in, and moved out into the hall, catching his fiancée by the waist, kissing her cheek. "It's good to see you, love."

1/11/2015 #12
IsaBella ElisAbeth

"I wish I could say the same," he hormones were raging because of finals, "but right now all I can think about is ripping heads off everyone's bodies." She kissed him back.

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #13

He hugged her gently, rocking slightly. "But not mine, right?"

1/11/2015 #14
Kris. Daughter of Death

(I don't think so.)

1/11/2015 #15
IsaBella ElisAbeth

She hummed liking the rocking sensation that released pressure on her back. "I don't know, are you the ultimate reason my back is killing me right. All because you couldn't keep it locked up?" She teased.

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #16
Lady Strangelove

(Mind if Sarilene is somewhere in here?)

1/11/2015 #17
IsaBella ElisAbeth

(Bring whoever I would like Zig to be here seeing he is the godfather. :3)

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #18
Lady Strangelove

(Okie dokie,)

Zigfried was in the library with Felix, his oldest brother was helping him study, and Leon was also at their table, though not talking to them much, as he was studying as well and didn't want to be bothered by his brothers.

Serenity was sitting in one of the arm chairs with a book in her hands and a stack of read and unread ones next to the chair on the floor.

Sarilene sighed as she packed up her things from her office, and stuck them in her bag, she was tired... Then again, when ever was she not tired? She slung the bag over her shoulder and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her, she had a feeling she was going to resign from her teaching duties soon, she might go back to being a Privet eye, but didn't know yet... But she did know she was going to stay in town.

1/11/2015 #19
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Xavier entered the Library taking a seat next to Leon, "Hi." He also took out his textbooks.

1/11/2015 #20
Kris. Daughter of Death

Raya was at her locker, she looked at herself in the little mirror she had on the door, she looked tired. She sighed and shut her locker

1/11/2015 #21
Lady Strangelove

Leon looked up at him a second and smiled at Xavier before returning to his work with a straight poker face, like always in the presence of his brothers he showed no real outward emotion... Well, mostly just around Zigfried, with the exception of Felix every now and then.

1/11/2015 #22
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Xavier frowned his...partner or what the hell the called themselves stuck his nose back into his book. Leon never really showed emotion something he still wasn't us to. He left his coat and books behind going to search for another book a couple isles away.

1/11/2015 #23

He shrugged, kissing the side of her head, keeping up the motion. "It's what happens when you're unbelievably in love with the girl of your dreams. You just have to make her yours."


(Oh...can I makes a love interest then?)

1/12/2015 #24
IsaBella ElisAbeth

Bella smiled, "how unbelievably cheesy of you." She closed her eyes getting rid of all the days worries. "Can we sit down my feet are killing me."

1/12/2015 #25

He took a deep breath before swinging her body into his arms. Those extra push-ups from fencing practice paid off with a pregnant fiancée.

1/12/2015 #26
IsaBella ElisAbeth

"Babe," she hit his chest, "put me down you'll hurt yourself." But she secretly liked it, it made her feel lighter then a small baby whale.

1/12/2015 #27

He rolled his eyes, kissing her head. "I'm fine. Supernatural good looks and strength."

1/12/2015 #28
IsaBella ElisAbeth

She rubbed her bump a volcano of hungry was erupting. "Where do you want to go for lunch?"

1/12/2015 #29

"Want McDonald's?" He asked, smiling.

1/12/2015 #30
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