The Town of Elysian
Welcome to Elysian! A medium sized town where children and families live either a normal life, going to school, talking with friends and family, or you can have an abnormal life, have special powers, save the world, fight monsters. Or do what ever. Rated T.
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Lady Strangelove

Part 4, time skip to day after part 3 ended.

5/23/2016 #1
Lady Strangelove

Serenity sighed as she sat down on one of the bleachers, staring out at the football field. A book Dr. Lavendel had given her was closed on her lap, unread. She hoped Misti would be alright, after what had happened to the poor girl...

She shook her head. No more thinking about it, it'll only make her depressed.

"I feel so useless..."

5/23/2016 #2
Kris. Daughter of Death

Raya was laying in the school court yard at lunch time, finally having some better fitting clothing. She was half way asleep as she laid in the sun.

5/23/2016 #3
Lady Strangelove

Serenity's gaze turn to Raya. The fair haired girl would've waved if the other one didn't seem to be half asleep and not paying attention anyway.

5/23/2016 #4
Kris. Daughter of Death

Raya was woken up by some jerk yelling a little ways away from her. She sighed and sat up, looking around quietly.

5/23/2016 #5
Lady Strangelove

Serenity waved.

5/23/2016 #6
Kris. Daughter of Death

Raya noticed the girl and smiled before waving back. She picked herself up then walked over to her. "Hey."

5/24/2016 #7
Lady Strangelove

"Hi." Serenity smiled shyly.

5/24/2016 #8
Kris. Daughter of Death

Raya sat by her feet and smiled a bit up at her. "You okay?"

6/15/2016 #9
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