Precure Academy, Training the Legendary Warriors of Tomorrow!
Come one come all to the Precure academy! The groups of Precure decided to create an academy to give new and young Precures the chance to hone their skills against the forces of evil! Just remember that attacks from all and fan-made series are regular so keep your guard up!
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Spirit Dragoness

Come here to say whatever!

9/15/2014 #1
Spirit Dragoness

(Since nothing has been said...)

So...I was watching Precure transformations/attacks. And I decide to go to the comment section...most of the comments are good (praising the show for various things) or neutral (just commenting their thoughts) which I don't mind if they say they didn't like it. It is their opinion and I won't be a hypocrite by trying to shove the show down everyone else's throats... but when I see "Oh this is such a rip off of Sailor Moon!/Tasteless Rip-Off, Sailor Moon did it better/ Sailor Moon soooooo better then this piece of sh*t/(insert magical girl anime here) made my eyes bleed but I had to have brain surgery after watching ths ripoff/blah blah blah"...who else wants to throw that person out a window of a top-story building?

I mean seriously! Does Sailor Moon fist fight giant monsters?! Huh!? HUH?! NO SHE DOESN'T! She just runs away while her "helping companion" Luna b*tches at her for being "nothing like her last incarnation"! Jeese people watch the show or at least a review before calling b*llsh*t!

11/2/2014 . Edited 11/2/2014 #2
I agree with that, for the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it's good that you didn't do it back too but I'll bet that at least a couple of the bad comments there are there to intentionally troll the PreCure and Anime communities.
11/3/2014 #3
Spirit Dragoness

Yes, and I'd like to introduce them to a really pissed off Cure Moonlight...

Cure Moonlight is sick of your incompetent bullsh*t trollers. Leave my fandom before she escorts you out and wipes the floor with you.

11/3/2014 #4
Well hell hath no fury when the normally calm and collective Moonlight is pissed.
11/4/2014 #5
Spirit Dragoness

*nods in agreement* Amen to that *turns back to trolls and haters* Oh yeah, and the rest of the Cure Army is here to beat the sh*t outta you.

11/4/2014 #6
That's going to be one heck of a mess full of haters/trolls... when they're finished.
11/5/2014 #7
Spirit Dragoness

Yep...*summons popcorn and munches on it*

Want some?

11/6/2014 #8
Thanks. *takes some and munches on it too* I can't believe that this series reached 10 years since the premier of the first season in 2004.
11/6/2014 #9
Spirit Dragoness

I know right! I still go "Oh hi (insert Precure here) every time one shows up at the beginning of Happiness Charge Precure! *troll energy splatters bullet and Cure-proof glass*

They're wiping them out out there!

11/7/2014 #10
Same here and have you seen the live action shows of PreCure? *Brings out a colourful cheerleader pom pom.*
11/7/2014 #11
Spirit Dragoness

No I haven't. Is it good? *cleans blood off the windows and Cheers on the Cures*

11/10/2014 #12
It pretty good and there are some full length shows floating around on YouTube that you can watch now though it going to be a bit hard finding some of the live action shows for the older seasons.
11/10/2014 #13
Happy First Day of December!
12/1/2014 #14

Is anyone still on/active?

12/3/2014 #15
Spirit Dragoness

OK, can everybody please use this thread only to chat? I don't want to be flooded with chat posts on RP threads :)

2/7/2015 #16
By the way, on Sunday, I will be busy at work, but I'll be available from around 12 pm to 2 pm, mountain standard time (GMT-7), when I get my 30 minute break as well as after 4 pm when I am finished with my shift.
2/8/2015 #17
By the way the post before pretty much applies to almost every Sunday.
2/9/2015 #18
So many different holidays coming up....! :)
2/11/2015 #19
Including Valentine's Day..
2/11/2015 #20

Yup and how's your character coming along?

2/11/2015 #21
Still Brainstorming about Her. I am thinking of making an Magical Boy named Cure Flare with an male kitsune fairy. :D
2/11/2015 #22

That sounds like a pretty good start then. :)

2/11/2015 #23
His power would be Fire.
2/11/2015 #24

Well that makes senses and I can't believe that Chinese New Year is coming up shortly.

2/11/2015 #25
My element in the chinese zodiac is water. My Zodiac element is fire. So I am two conflicting elements.
2/12/2015 #26

Oh I see.

2/12/2015 #27
My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Ox. My Regular Zodiac Sign is Aries.
2/12/2015 #28

I'm also an Ox but I'm Leo.

2/12/2015 #29
Ever heard of Saint Seiya?
2/12/2015 #30
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