Precure Academy, Training the Legendary Warriors of Tomorrow!
Come one come all to the Precure academy! The groups of Precure decided to create an academy to give new and young Precures the chance to hone their skills against the forces of evil! Just remember that attacks from all and fan-made series are regular so keep your guard up!
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Spirit Dragoness

This is where the RolePlaying takes place! Just remember newcomers, you don't start off in the academy you need to either be discovered or gain your Cure Powers first! I am also going to be playing some Canon Cures aswell.

9/16/2014 . Edited 9/16/2014 #1
Spirit Dragoness

Nagisa leaned back in her chair as she stared at the clock.

"So much paperwork, I never thought running a school could be so tough." The woman sighed.

"Honoka was better at this stuff anyway." She sighed, rubbing her face. Mepple jumped up onto her shoulder.

"Aww come on Nagisa! Cheer up! The new Cures you're all training are thriving like this! They don't have to hide as much as you did!" Nagisa couldn't help but smile at her friend.

"I guess so." She replied. She blinked in surprise when Honoka came rushing in, looking ecstatic.

"New Cures! Mipple and Poruun picked them up!" She almost squealed. Nagisa stood up immediately and ran out the door into the city.


Man that was tiring. Hiroshi yawned as she walked down the street to get home. After quite a long few hours of helping out several of her friends she was eager to get home and put up her feet. She the frowned in concern and felt her right wrist where the light she touched a few days ago absorbed itself into her. She didn't want to tell anyone about it but the secret was killing her. She suddenly stopped at a sound, it was coming from a back alley near her. It sounded like it needed help! Without thinking she bolted into it to see a little creature and a large black monster.

A fairy?! She guessed with a hint of excitement. But it turned to dread when she saw how beat up it looked. The black creatur towered over it with a growl, the Fairy gripped a small box it held even more. Just as it was about to be caught Hiroshi dived forward and grappled the fairy, taking it and her out of harms way. The Fairy (It looks like a lynx! she thought as she looked at it.) looked up at her in surprise.

"What are you doing!?" It yelled at her.

"You almost got hurt!" She yelled back.

"This is dangerous stay out of it!" He yelled back. The black creature reared up.

"Give him to me." It snarled. She yelled back at it.

"Never! He's hurt!" The creature roared in rage and dived at her, left with no time to dodge, she covered the Fairy and the strange box he held with her body and waited for the waves of never came. She blinked and opened her eyes and almost screamed. Her entire body was aglow with brilliant golden power! The creature screeched and drew back. What happened?! The Fairy was staring at her with a kind of misty look of disbelief.

"No...could it be?"

9/17/2014 . Edited 9/17/2014 #2

(So can oc cures help since Angie has been a cure for awhile).

9/17/2014 #3
Spirit Dragoness

((Yep! Cures Black and White will also arrive on the scene as well. Also if you want to look at the Canon claim section I edited it a little, and I'm gonna update the rules.))

9/17/2014 #4

From a nearby rooftop is another Cure watching the scene unfold as she is prepared to step in to help if the situation calls for it.

(-this well be for inner thoughts for Cure Starlight and so Black and White where the founders of the school who recruited all the other Cure teams for this academy?).

-This girl she has the power of light but I well still step in if the situation gets out of her control-.

9/17/2014 #5
Spirit Dragoness

((Yes they did. Everyone knew they won't be around forever so they decided to help prepare any new cures that pop up.))

The Fairy took out the box.

"Put your hand on this!" He yelled, Hiroshi hesitantly placed her hand on the top of the box, it glowed and she drew her hand away in alarm, the glow lined the boxes 'lid' and it opened, revealing a whole manner of intricate and beautiful galaxy designs on it. She noticed a slot that should hold something. The star clip on the fairy's cape glowed and out shot a brilliant star with tiny designs on it.

"Insert it in the Star Collet and yell "Sacred Gem! Shine!"" He told her, Hiroshi sweat-dropped.

"W-What? Why?"

"JUST DO IT!" He yelled back, Hiroshi hurriedly inserted it and yelled.

"Sacred Gem! Shine!" The galaxies lit up with golden power as did the entire box. She felt the power she absorbed by accident a few days ago burst through and fill up her entire being.

W-What's going on?! She thought in panic as the Fairy jumped out her arms and floated in front of her. The black creature screeched and fell back from the impossibly bright golden light.

9/17/2014 . Edited by megagirlZX, 9/23/2014 #6

Cure Starlight stands up and observes the transformation to come as she summons her starlight bow and pulls an arrow back prepared to fire if the monster is about to attack.

-That power its not like any of the older cures in the past or the ones to date and that monster was stunned so there is still time for her to transform-.

9/17/2014 . Edited by megagirlZX, 9/23/2014 #7
Spirit Dragoness

The light vanished to reveal her Cure form. She went with the Cures impulse to recite her introductory speech.

"Guardian of the Night Sky! Cure Star!" She struck a pose like any other and held it for a few seconds before blinking in confusion and looking around.

"What was that? What did I say?" She asked herself, but the lynx answered for her.

"I-I can't believe it! You have my Queen-samas power! You transformed into a Precure!" Hiroshi's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates as she hurried to look herself over. She practically squealed with delight.

"OHMYGOSHI'MACTUALLYAPRECURE!OHMYGOSHTHISISSOAWESOME!" Then the creature roared and swiped at her, with a scream she jumped...a lot more higher then she intended. She went flying high above the buildings with a scream.


9/17/2014 #8

Watching this happen Cure Starlight does not suppress a soft laugh as she charges an arrow and then calls out.

"Precure Star Dust Wave".

With that she fires a single arrow as more of a distraction for the moment so that the monster does not go after Cure Star.

9/17/2014 #9
Spirit Dragoness

Cure Star looked down far below her.

"Woah!" She yelled. Was that another Precure? At east she was on her side.

"Use your Star Burst attack!" The lynx fairy yelled.

"Starburst? I shoot candy?" She asked with a frown, already imagining herself shooting out Starburst candy.

"No! Your Precure attack! "Precure! Star Burst!"" The fairy yelled at her with a hint of annoyance.

"OK OK!" She yelled back and concentrated.

"Precure!" Her entire costume lit up with golden energy.

"Star...BURST!!" She creamed, blasting stars from her hands down at the monster, which combine with the Star Dust Wave from Cure Starlight, screeched in pain before blasting dark waves.


"Look! A fight's happening!" Mepple yelled at the tons of stars being shot out of no-where.

"I'll guess that's the new Cure." Honoka said with Nagisa nodded.

"We'd better hurry." Nagisa said, running faster.

9/17/2014 . Edited by megagirlZX, 9/23/2014 #10

Cure Starlight adds more of her power to the attack as she see's that Cure Star has added her own attack to the mix as she continues her focus into the combined attacked.

(So is this a rare exception or is this a common monster because I know in actual battles the older veterans would be fighting even if she has been fighting a few monsters before this).

9/17/2014 #11
Spirit Dragoness

((Special exception but this post they'll appear.))

The creature roared and clawed the powerful attacks away. It finally burst through the black skin into a...

"ZAKENNA!" It roared at them, this one looked a lot stronger then a normal Zakenna as well.

"Huh?!" Cure Star yelled, finally landing beside Cure Starlight.

"What is that thing?!" She asked her.

"Stay back! We'll handle this!" A pai of older voices called behind them. A pair of women in their 20's were behind them, with fairies on their shoulder. The fairies turned into Communes and the Zakenna, recognising them, roared.

9/17/2014 #12

Cure Starlight gasps when she see's the upgraded Zakenna and nods to the 20 year old women.

"I know when the enemy is to strong".

Looking to Cure Star she says to the other Cure.

"That is a different kind of monster then I am used to by the way my name is Cure Starlight and that creature is Zakenna or a stronger one I should say".

9/17/2014 . Edited by megagirlZX, 9/23/2014 #13
Spirit Dragoness

Cure Star nodded.

"I guess you already know me." She says sheepishly. Remembering her borderline embarrassing introductory speech.


Nagisa and Honoka both nodded and began their transformation sequence.

"Dual Aura Wave!" They shouted, being lost behind a pillar of light. They emerged in their Cure forms.

"Hikari no shisha, Kyua Burakku!" Cure Black shouted.

"Hikari no shisha, Kyua Howaito!" Cure White continued.

"Futari wa Purikyua!" They yelled together.

"Yami no chikara no shimobetachi yo!" Cure White began.

"Tottoto ouchi ni kaerinasai!" Cure Black finished. Cure Star almost fainted.

"Oh. My. Gosh."

9/17/2014 . Edited 9/17/2014 #14

"Yeah though you get used to the introductory speech part and its pretty amazing about meeting Cure Black and Cure White they are first cures".

Cure Starlight says though inwardly she is thinking about what her grandmother told her as she watches the transformation sequence and the emergence of Cure Black and Cure White.

9/17/2014 #15
Spirit Dragoness

Cure Star nodded and watched in complete awe as the two oldest Cures launched off the building and slammed into the Zakenna with expert provision. The Zakenna roared and swiped at them, they dodged and leapt up into the air Cure White grabbed Cure Black by the elbow and threw her at the Zakenna. The black-clad Cure slammed her fist into its head, causing a powerful gust of wind.

9/17/2014 . Edited by megagirlZX, 9/23/2014 #16

Cure Starlight knows how strong the two are as she hopes to one day be part of a team since Precure that are on teams seem to be able to do so much more and have a great deal of trust between them.

"I wonder where Shiny Luminose is guess that she did not come with them though the two of them alone are strong as is".

(My last post for the night I am heading to bed shortly).

9/17/2014 #17
Spirit Dragoness


Cure Star nodded in agreement as the duo slammed their attacks into the Zakenna repeatedly.

"I wanna become as strong as them."


The two Cures looked at each other and with a nod they gripped each others hands.

"Burakku Sandaa!" Cure Black cried. "Howaito Sandaa!" Cure White roared. Black and white lightning streaked down from the Sky and hit their palms, causing them to start glowing. "Purikyua no utsukushiki tamashii ga..." Cure White began. "... Jaaku na kokoro wo uchikudaku!" Cure Black finished. "Purikyua Maaburu Sukuryu..." "... Makkusu!!" They both roared. A massive beam of electricity shot from their hands and annihilated the Zakenna. It was burnt into oblivion with a dying cry of.


9/17/2014 #18

(How can I start with Yuki, she's been a Cure for about three days)

9/17/2014 #19

(Anycure on?)

9/17/2014 #20

(Sorry for the late reply and I'll mostly be on this forum from 5 am to around 7:50 mountain standard time just so you know as well as from 3:15 to 10 pm during the weekdays.)

9/17/2014 . Edited 9/17/2014 #21

(Is anyone else on? Or is it just me? Damn sometimes living in England really messes up times with these forums! If anybody is on can you help me get Yuki in)

9/17/2014 #22

Cure Starlight runs a hand through her hair as she see's how quickly the Zakenna went down as she is embarrassed to say.

"I have only been a precure about 2 months I am surprised that the other precure had not found me out until now".

9/17/2014 #23

Yuki was with Diamond, walking around.

"Three days of being a Precure and only one battle," Yuki sighed.

9/17/2014 . Edited by megagirlZX, 9/23/2014 #24
Spirit Dragoness

"Look at me, I'm still freaking out." Cure Star beside her deadpanned. When the Cures asked to follow, she did her best but still overshot most of her speed and jumping...then undershot and overshot and catch her drift.


The two Precures landed lightly next to them.

"You won't have to worry about your power. Cure White and I have been doing this for years." Cure White perked up her head.

"We're not done yet." She said, Cure Black turned to the new Cures.

"Follow us." They ran off towards Yuki's location.


"Are you looking for one?" A dark voice whispered to Yuki from the shadows around her.

9/17/2014 . Edited by megagirlZX, 9/23/2014 #25

Cure Starlight nods as she uses her knowledge of her powers and what her grandma trained her to do as she manages to keep pace with the rest but paces herself.

"So there are a lot more Cures out there my grandma told me there was quite a lot and more keep popping up because there is darkness that seeks out the light of earth".

9/17/2014 #26
Spirit Dragoness

Nagisa nodded while Honoka was busy helping the near hysterical Cure Star with her jumping (she face planted against a large billboard).

"That's what we were chosen to do, all of us."

9/18/2014 #27

"My grandmother was a Precure when she was younger and I inherited the powers of Cure Starlight".

Cure Starlight wonders who Cure Black and White really are but knows that all Cures unless the situation is dire.

9/18/2014 . Edited by megagirlZX, 9/23/2014 #28
Spirit Dragoness

"That's new." Cure Black said without thinking.


Cure White came up to them, her arm was almost dragging the red-faced Cure Star with them.

"Aaaaaaaaahhh..." The new Cure moaned.

9/18/2014 #29

"She said a few other things but for now another Cure is in danger right another new one".

Cure Starlight says as she observes Cure Star seeing how she was 2 months ago.

9/18/2014 #30
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