Precure Academy, Training the Legendary Warriors of Tomorrow!
Come one come all to the Precure academy! The groups of Precure decided to create an academy to give new and young Precures the chance to hone their skills against the forces of evil! Just remember that attacks from all and fan-made series are regular so keep your guard up!
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Spirit Dragoness

((When your characters are in the academy, post here))

2/7/2015 #1

Terri arrives to the school gates with Ciel and Enfer, in their smaller forms, following beside her.

2/7/2015 #2
Spirit Dragoness

Hiroshi practically bounced in with her new school bag and Orion sitting on top. The lynx fairy's small tail swished back and fourth.

Cure Black watched the small number of new students filtering in with a smile. Mepple was standing on the window sill.

"We have a lot of people to go though orientation-mepo! Do you think some might volunteer to fight in the battle practice-mepo?" Cure Black chuckled.

"You never know when someone wants to test themsleves."

Miyuki, in her civillian form, was waving new students over in her usual excited manner.

2/7/2015 #3

Terri notices Hiroshi as she enter the academy grounds while Ciel hops onto her shoulder.

2/7/2015 #4
The Nature Precure all walk in together, with their fairies flying beside them. Rene nervously walks in with Daisy on her head. Krae is at the back of the crowd, looking at them all as she enters
2/8/2015 #5

Enfer hops onto Terri's other shoulder as she glances at the Amethyst Infinity on her finger while they head to the building.

2/8/2015 #6
"This place is big" Yuki says to her team, they all smile and nod in agreement. "Let's hope we don't get lost" Georgia laughed
2/8/2015 #7

Peace flies down to greet the Nature PreCures as she coos happily.

2/8/2015 #8
"Hey there" Charlotte and Leyla smile at Peace. "Whad'ya think you'll learn here?" Daisy asks Rene, who just shrugged
2/8/2015 #9

Peace coos happily as she glides along with them.


Phantom simply observes Terri behind her in her spectral form that most people cannot see her in.

2/8/2015 #10
"How many PreCures are there?" Krae mutters. The Natures smile at Peace and follow the crowd into the school.
2/8/2015 #11

Terri pulls out her casebook to bring out her schedule and map of the school while she glances around to see if she could recognize anyone.


Peace reveals that she has a note tied on her leg that states that Terri wasn't too far from where they are.

2/8/2015 #12
"Can you show us where she is?" Sonata asked happily
2/8/2015 #13

Peace nods happily in response as she motions them to follow her to where Terri is.

2/8/2015 #14
The team follow happily
2/8/2015 #15

Peace roosts on Terri's head once she arrives to her location and coos once again.

2/8/2015 #16
"Hi Terri" Yuki smiles
2/8/2015 #17

"Hi Yuki," Terri replies as she looks back and sees the team.

2/8/2015 #18
All of them smile and run over properly. Rene slows down and walks beside Krae
2/8/2015 #19
Spirit Dragoness

"Heeeey!" Miyuki yelled, waving new students over.

"New people with me!"

Hiroshi walked up beside the group.

"Hey everyone!"

2/8/2015 #20
Terri nods as they follow Miyuki.
2/8/2015 #21
Terri secretly writes a note and attached it to Peace by the foot who then flies off to the receiver.
2/8/2015 #22
Spirit Dragoness

When Miyuki had a large group of students gathered around her. She began to lead them around the academy.

2/9/2015 #23

Terri pulls out her casebook and begins to note down some details as they follow her.

Terri then ask the Nature PreCures, "Did you all find out which classes are you assigned to yet?"

2/10/2015 #24
Spirit Dragoness

"I've been reading though my schedule." Hiroshi said from the other side.

"But apparently we go through orientation today." She said.

2/18/2015 #25
"Yeah that's true and do you have any of the same classes as me?" Terri asks curiously as she readjusts her grip on her bag.
2/18/2015 #26
Spirit Dragoness

Hiroshi showed he the table she had.

2/18/2015 #27
"Oh looks like we have a free period at the same time near the end of the day," Terri notes as she compares her schedule to Hiroshi's.
2/19/2015 #28
The Seventh Sage

Arashi looked around with curiosity, amazed at how many precures there really were. I wonder what their dreams were, she thought to herself with a light smile. She held her planner tightly to herself, with her schedule written in already and a mechanical pencil clipped into the spiral. Her brothers would never do something quite like this!

2/22/2015 #29
Spirit Dragoness

"Yes! We can hang out after class!" Hiroshi cheered.

2/23/2015 #30
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