Precure Academy, Training the Legendary Warriors of Tomorrow!
Come one come all to the Precure academy! The groups of Precure decided to create an academy to give new and young Precures the chance to hone their skills against the forces of evil! Just remember that attacks from all and fan-made series are regular so keep your guard up!
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"Yeah and also how's Orion, Hiroshi-san?" Terri asks as she notices Arashi.
2/23/2015 #31
The Seventh Sage

Arashi was now completely oblivious of her fellow students, mapping the school out in her mind. This place is really cool! she thought giddily and rather, she decided, childishly.

2/23/2015 . Edited 2/23/2015 #32

Peace decidedly fly over to Arashi and coos happily to greet her since Terri took notice of Arashi.

2/23/2015 #33
The Seventh Sage

Arashi noticed this much, now snapped out of her daze. "You're so cute!" she gasped, still managing to be quiet enough not to disturb anyone. "It's nice to meet you." she added, grinning now.

2/23/2015 #34

Peace coos happily in response as she indicates where she flew from.

2/23/2015 #35
The Seventh Sage

"Oh," Arashi rocks on her heels before approaching Terri. "Hello." Arashi tried not to look at her shoes. Why am I always so nervous around new people?! she thought to herself in frustration, adjusting her thick-rimmed glasses.

2/23/2015 #36

"Oh hi there, I'm Terri Ace and it seems that you have met my pet dove, Peace," Terri replies as she turns to see Arashi after she heard her while Peace lands on Terri's head again.

2/23/2015 #37
The Seventh Sage

"I'm Arashi, it's nice to meet you." Arashi briefly wondered where Cherub had gone off to, but figured he was taking a nap in her bag again. Just to check, she stuck her hand inside and felt his fur before withdrawing her hand. "Peace is very pretty." she added thoughtfully.

2/23/2015 #38

"Same here and would you like to hold her?" Terri asks as Peace hops down to her shoulder while they head towards the main building.

2/23/2015 #39
The Seventh Sage

"If you're both alright with it, I'd like to." Arashi beamed. Animals were so beautiful to the fourteen year-old, especially the gentle ones.

2/23/2015 #40

"Okay and she really is gentle," Terri replies as Peace hops down to Arashi's hand while cooing happily.

2/23/2015 #41
The Seventh Sage

Arashi started, slowly, to pet the little bird with light strokes. "She is." Arashi breathed. "And she's so relaxed." after a minute she slowly moves to hand Peace back over as Cherub stirs in the bag. "Do you like animals alot, Terri?"

2/23/2015 #42
"Yeah I do like animals actually and we also have a peregrine falcon as well named Chance," Terri replies as Peace flies over to Ciel's head.
2/23/2015 #43
The Seventh Sage

"Wow." Arashi managed. Before she could say anything else Cherub flew out of her bag, flapping his wings wildly.

"Good morning! Oh, is this the school? Why is there a dove in here? Not that I'm in any place to ask, but-" he was cut off by an exasperated look from Arashi. "Oh, right! Hi, I'm Cherub!" he waved at Terri, then at Peace.

2/23/2015 #44
"Hi Cherub, so you're Arashi's partner. Also these are my partners, Ciel and Enfer," Terri introduces Ciel and Enfer who are walking beside Terri but in front of Phantom.
2/23/2015 #45
The Seventh Sage

"I don't think he's very old for a fairy," Arashi muttered to Terri as Cherub flew around after waving to them. "He's very childish, you see." as if to prove her point Cherub began to do backflips midair while humming the melody to a march Arashi had played the other day.

2/23/2015 #46
"That's really cute though Ciel and Enfer both are about 200 years old each and have served other PreCures before me," Terri mentions as she uses one hand to fiddle with the Amethyst Infinity which belonged to Lekai, her great great grandmother who was a PreCure before her.
2/23/2015 #47
Spirit Dragoness

"I am seventeen in Fairy thank you very much-oru!" Orion yelled, trying to keep his dignity.

"And I served as the Star Queens captain of the Royal Guard-oru!" he added, then suddenly looked downcast.

2/23/2015 #48
The Seventh Sage

"Wow. They must be very wise then," Arashi replied, a bit surprised. "At least more so than Cherub." Upon hearing Orion, "I'm sorry sir. I wasn't talking about you, you don't seem very young." Cherub landed on Arashi's head at that moment.

2/24/2015 #49
"Yeah and I wonder what's going to happen today other than the orientation?" Terri wonders as she readjusts her grip on her bag.
2/24/2015 #50
The Seventh Sage

"I don't know. Maybe they'll have us transform for something?" Arashi shrugged, rubbing the Angel Charm and flipping it around in her palm.

2/24/2015 #51
"Yeah that might be the case. Also how long have you been a PreCure for?" Terri asks as she felt Phantom following behind them with a watchful eye.
2/24/2015 #52
The Seventh Sage

"Two weeks." Arashi shrugged. "Not very long, but Cherub says I'm doing alright." She honestly wasn't sure if the little guy was just sparing her feelings or not. In any case, she felt like she was decent for her level.

2/24/2015 #53
"I see and I have been doing this for about 3 years on top of all of the police cases that I'm working on if I don't have classes to attend," Terri explains as pulls out her casebook with her police ID card.
2/24/2015 #54
The Seventh Sage

"Wow." Arashi hadn't really thought of how Precure could come to affect her everyday life. Besides the academy, of course.

2/24/2015 #55
"Yeah but for fun, I can perform magic," Terri mentions as she turns her casebook and police ID card to deck of playing cards.
2/24/2015 #56
The Seventh Sage

"That's amazing!" Arashi watched, putting her free hand into her purse to stroke her ocarina for comfort. Just having an insturment nearby helped her not feel so nervous, and Terri seemed really quite nice.

2/24/2015 #57
"Thanks and Mom and Dad just happens to be a magician and a detective respectively," Terri explains as she shuffles her deck.
2/24/2015 #58
The Seventh Sage

"That would explain it." Arashi says cheerfully. Her own mum was a good singer, with a light soprano voice, but otherwise her parents weren't very musical. I wonder why I couldn't have gotten Dad's academic habits instead of being a virtuoso. She wondered with a sigh.

2/24/2015 #59
"Sometimes it's hard to balance the four though since at least two would conflict with each other," Terri explains as has a bandage wrapped around her right hand which covers a bullet wound that she got from a suspect in a case from the day before.
2/24/2015 #60
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