Precure Academy, Training the Legendary Warriors of Tomorrow!
Come one come all to the Precure academy! The groups of Precure decided to create an academy to give new and young Precures the chance to hone their skills against the forces of evil! Just remember that attacks from all and fan-made series are regular so keep your guard up!
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The Seventh Sage

"Yeah. I think I'll just stick to music." Arashi nodded, not really thinking about what she said.

2/24/2015 #61
"Also what kind of music do you do?" Terri asks curiously as she felt that Phantom was still follow her closely but could only be seen at the moment by those who Terri considers as friends with the illusion spell that she activated.
2/24/2015 #62
The Seventh Sage

"I play piano, ocarina, violin, and clarinet." Arashi told her dully. "Not anything too complicated or unheard of."

2/25/2015 #63
"I see and actually that would be considered amazing since it's already hard enough to learn one instrument but 4? You have to be really talented to do that," Terri compliments Arashi as she writes a note and sends Peace with it on her leg. Moments later Chance flies by and lands on Terri's head.
2/25/2015 #64
Spirit Dragoness
"Orion?" Hiroshi spoke up, looking at her depressed fairy. "What's wrong? Why are you so sad?" Orion didn't answer straight away. "...the Star Queen was killed when we were invaded, I could have protected her-oru." He sighed. "You're the last hope for my Kingdom to ever live again-oru." He said. Hiroshi looked surprised. "Me?!" "The power of the Star Queen presented itself as a Cure Form for you to use in combat-oru." Orion said.
2/25/2015 #65
Terri winces a little bit noticeably when she accidentally bumped her bandaged hand into another person.
2/25/2015 #66
The Seventh Sage

"Oh... I never thought of it that way." Arashi replied. She looked up at Orion, not sure what the fairy was talking about but certain it was important.

2/25/2015 #67
"Yeah and also do you want to compare schedules?" Terri asks as Chance hops onto Phantom though to most it looks like she's hovering off the ground.
2/25/2015 #68
The Seventh Sage

"Sure," Arashi opened her planner and held it out for Terri to view. Cherub had fallen asleep on her shoulder again.

2/25/2015 #69
Terri pulls out her schedule and it reveals that she has math, science, gym, language arts and a free period in that order for a couple of the days and the reverse for the others.
2/25/2015 #70
Except for the free period which stayed last.
2/25/2015 #71
The Seventh Sage

Arashi had Science, History, Math, Language arts, and then a free period.

2/25/2015 #72
Terri notes as she compares, "Looks like we both have a free period at the same time."
2/25/2015 #73
The Seventh Sage

"And language arts." Arashi noted. "This will be fun."

2/25/2015 #74
"Yeah and also this might sound off topic but are you able to see someone behind me?" Terri asks while indicating Phantom behind her.
2/25/2015 #75
The Seventh Sage

"Um... Sort of?" Arashi saw what looked more like a ghost; rather opaque and not noticable till she looked.

2/25/2015 #76
"Oh I see though don't mind if she seems to haunt me since she's more like a guardian spirit," Terri replies as Phantom nods in agreement while Chance flies back to Jacques and Enfer hops onto Phantom's shoulder.
2/25/2015 #77
The Seventh Sage

"Okie doke." Arashi replied, smiling at the spirit before looking forward again. "I wonder where we're going."

2/25/2015 #78
"Yeah that's a good question though I know for sure that we're suppose to follow Hoshizora-sensei to somewhere," Terri notes as she she changes her deck to her casebook and police ID card.
2/25/2015 #79
Spirit Dragoness

Miyuki stopped at in front of an enormous field, littered with marks and burns from various attacks and rock, boulders, large trees and even parts of buildings (somehow) were skewn about all over the place, there was a large amount of shouting. This looked like a battle practice area. Miyuki brought out her Smile Pact. She inserted the ribbon in.

"Ready?!" A voice game out of no where.

"Precure! Smile Charge!" Miyuki shouted.

"GO!" The voice shouted, and Miyuki was lost in a pink orb of light.

"Go go! Let's go Happy!" The voice continued before Miyuki re-appeared, in her Cure form.

"Sparkling and glittering! The light of the future! Cure Happy!" Miyuki announced. Cure Happy turned to the students.

"Can everyone please transform before entering? Not everyone has perfect aim." She admitted, rubbing the back of her neck.

Hiroshi blinked. She hesitantly took out the Star Collet, while Orion summoned the Star Gem from the clip on his cape.

"Sacred Gem! Shine!"

2/26/2015 #80
The Seventh Sage

Arashi took her Angel Charm. "Precure! Burning Might!"

Cherub woke and posed cutely as Arashi was wrapped in golden light, emerging as Cure Seraphim. "Celestial holder of flames, Cure Seraphim!"

2/26/2015 #81
Terri held out her hand with the Amethyst Infinity and calls out, "PreCure Amethyst Revelation!" A bright flash surrounds her and then disperses as she reveals herself as Cure Amethyst. "The spiritual heart of purity, Cure Amethyst!"
2/26/2015 #82
Phantom and Enfer both watch from the sidelines in case they need to switch out with Terri and Ciel.
2/26/2015 #83
The Seventh Sage

"Yes!" Cherub cheered, and Arashi smiled, feeling happy for the little lion-fairy. Whenever I transform, I feel gorgeous. Even with these wings. She looked back at her white-feathered pairs of wings, and laughed cheerily.

2/26/2015 #84
Terri asks Arashi as she looks over to Arashi in Cure form, "Do you wield fire as your element?"
2/26/2015 #85
The Seventh Sage

"That obvious?" Seraphim chuckled, summoning a sliver of flame on the tip of her finger. "Seraphim are said to be Angels of fire. And I've got some light as well."

2/26/2015 #86

"Okay and I actually use light as well as a little bit of darkness while Phantom is the total opposite," Amethyst explains as she indicates Phantom.

2/26/2015 . Edited 2/26/2015 #87
The Seventh Sage

"That's pretty awesome. Then you can adapt to the situation at hand." Cure Seraphim replied, then summoned her halo, which floated above her head.

2/26/2015 #88
"Yeah and it really helps especially when I need to have a quick escape," Terri replies as she readjusts her ring.
2/26/2015 #89
The Seventh Sage

Cure Seraphim smiled in reply then reaverted her attention to the teacher.

2/26/2015 #90
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