Finality's Dusk: A Twilight Saga Roleplay
A year after Breaking Dawn, and everything is going along just fine. Bella has gotten her happy ending, The Volturi is no longer a threat (at least not an immediate one), and young Renesmee is growing up. But peace can't always last, and this is just the beginning of something new...join now and play as your favorite characters or create your own and wait to see how the story unfolds. **OPEN AND ACTIVE** **If you want to join please PM a Mod or the Admin**
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* * * * * Roleplay Nine * * * * *

Welcome, all members of Finality's Dusk: A Twilight Saga Roleplay! This is a friendly, safe place where everyone is guaranteed a great time here! :D

Before coming on to roleplay please check in. Click here to check in.

After coming on to roleplay, please update your character timelines. Click here to update your character timelines.

If you want to chat about something outside of the main roleplay or you want to post external links please go to the chat topic.

For any information on a plot change or how anything on the roleplay works, please see 'The Guide to Finality's Dusk' here.

This roleplay takes place in 2009. Three years after Breaking Dawn.

How to Roleplay

Character1@Character2: words *actions* thoughts


Don't ignore anyone on purpose.

To avoid being ignored:

- post in bold when you first come on

- if your post ends up on the bottom of a page then repost on the new page

!!! The Current Roleplay News !!!

Roleplay Drama

Fanfiction and this roleplay is a great place to "unleash your imagination", to relieve stress, and to escape everyday life. But there are limits, and outside of crazy days (Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays) and things need to be kept reasonable and at a normal tone - not too extreme.


All members on the roleplay, new and old, mod and regular member, are expected try their very best to greet all members who come on the roleplay. Whether this means just saying hey or roleplaying with someone new. Also don't just roleplay with the same 5 people and the same characters every time, branch out and roleplay with someone new, have your characters meet new characters. Roleplaying is friendly and nobody should be "ignored" and not replied to after posting.

Open Characters

Recently a few people have left the roleplay leaving quite a few spots open. However, since roleplaying is the daily life of characters and a character wouldn't just "disappear" in daily life, please pretend a character is there even if they are not availible to be roleplayed or used in certain situtions. Doing this will keep things making sense and make things smoother for new members. Thank you :)

Any questions or concerns? please PM the admin or a mod

Admin Jenna

Mods Lobo, Holly, and Kels

8/1/2015 . Edited 2/21/2016 #1

Alice@Jaci: Your welcome to stay if you wish.

8/1/2015 #2
Just Lil Ole T

Jaci@Alice: *nods* I would appreciate it if it's ok with your family.

8/1/2015 #3
x Lady of the Sun x

Max@Danica: We'll have to be careful when we blow stuff up, but let's do it!

Laken@Alice: I understand, ma'am. I only wish my own family was alive to be protective of me.

8/1/2015 #4
Spike's Number One Pet

Violet @ emmett & Alice z: sighs in frustration

8/1/2015 #5
Just Lil Ole T

Danica@Max: *totally caught up in the excitement of it all, stands on her toes, kisses him* Thank you Max for helping me. *smiles*

8/1/2015 #6

Alice@Emmet@Larken@Violet: *Alice looks over at Emmett to see what he thought* Oh dear, what happened to your family?

8/1/2015 #7

Alice@Jaci: we can ask them when they all come back, but I am sure they will be fine with it, being your a friend of Jasper's.

8/1/2015 #8
Just Lil Ole T

Jaci@Alice: *smiles* Your Jasper is quite the gentleman. *laughs*

8/1/2015 #9
x Lady of the Sun x

(Laken. Sorry, I don't like correcting people, but yeah :))

Max@Danica: *Blinks in surprise* No problem, it's been fun.

Emmett@Alice: *Frowns at her*

Laken@Alice: My father was burned, and my mother was killed at birth because of me being a half-vampire. My sister was all human, and she was killed in a car accident.

8/1/2015 #10
Just Lil Ole T

Danica@Max: *thinks nothing of the kiss, takes his hand and pulls him through the back door which opened into a small backyard leading into the forest*

8/1/2015 #11

Alice@Jaci: Oh yes, the true southern gentlemen, & we are still crazy about eachother even after all these decades.

8/1/2015 #12
Just Lil Ole T

Jaci@Alice: *tilts her head* You were a vampire for some time before you met Jasper?

8/1/2015 #13
Spike's Number One Pet


8/1/2015 #14

Alice@Jaci: I was, in fact, when I awoke, I first had first a vision of Jasper & I meeting, then the visions of meeting the Cullens & I knew I was meant for Jasper.

8/1/2015 #15

(awe ok have a good night Spike)

8/1/2015 #16
Just Lil Ole T

Jaci@Alice: *nods* Jasper mentioned how you two met. I wish I had some sort of gift such as yours.

8/1/2015 #17

Alice@Jaci: Oh goodness, it can be a bother I promise you that, but it can be helpful to.

8/1/2015 #18
Just Lil Ole T

Jaci@Alice: *shrugs* I've only been a vampire for 10 years. I didn't have much life experience prior to becoming a vampire so I'm sort of at a loss on some things so a little nudge in the right direction sometimes would be wonderful.

8/1/2015 #19
x Lady of the Sun x

Max@Danica: No... problem... *Follows after her, letting her pull him along to wherever it is she's going to*

8/1/2015 #20

(Still waiting on Larken's reply to ALice asking him what happened to his family)

Alice@Jaci: You don't have a coven? And I am sorry, you know my name, but I never got yours.

8/1/2015 #21
x Lady of the Sun x

(It's Laken, and I did answer)

8/1/2015 #22
Just Lil Ole T

Danica@Max: *walks into the forest with him to a clearing surrounded by dense forest stopping at the edge, she sets the box in the middle and come back to him* Would you blow it up for me?

8/1/2015 #23

(I gotta go but was awesome rping with u guys hope to do it again :D)

8/1/2015 #24
Just Lil Ole T

Jaci@Alice: Oh...please forgive me. I'm Jaci. *she smiles, then shakes her head* I have no coven. I've been on the run since I was turned.

8/1/2015 #25
Just Lil Ole T


8/1/2015 #26
x Lady of the Sun x

(Sorry I have to go as well! I'll be back either later or tomorrow)

8/1/2015 #27
(Sorry for disappearing earlier, wifi was acting up. Anyone on?)
8/1/2015 #28


8/1/2015 #29
8/1/2015 #30
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