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A place for fans of the original ACD canon and pastiches based on the stories. Please read the Rules before posting on this forum. Thank you.
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Stutley Constable

Mission Statement – This forum has been established to discuss Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes canon and pastiches based on it. We welcome discussion of the original works, movies, non-canon novels and short stories, but discussions of the modernizations of the canon, such as BBC's 'Sherlock' and CBS's 'Elementary' should be very limited. If the modernizations are your passion, perhaps another forum would suit you better. I recommend Mrs. Hudson's Kitchen. They are a friendly lot and BBC's 'Sherlock' is their primary subject of discussion.

Rules – Please keep in mind that I, Stutley Constable, as the creator and primary moderator of this forum, am responsible for its content. I don't intend to be a tyrant, but I have a responsibility to see that the forum is a place where we as fans of the canon can join in friendly discussion. These rules are intended to keep things peaceful and running smoothly.

1: Anyone may join the forum at any time provided you introduce yourself in the Introductions thread before posting on any other thread.

2: Be respectful to other forum members. Disagreements among people are to be expected. Members of this forum will be civil to one another in such disagreements or they will be banned for a period of no less than one month. Arguments or flames will not be tolerated. Arguments should be conducted via PM between the parties in disagreement. If said arguments spill onto the threads of this forum, all involved parties will be banned from the forum without warning. Such ban will remain in place until I feel the parties involved have matured enough to participate in civil discourse. Flames will result in a permanent ban.

3: Language: This one is twofold.

First and most important is swearing, cursing, cussing and vulgar language. If you have gotten out of grade school without hearing or using the F-word and the like, I am amazed. That doesn't mean members of this forum want to see it or similar crude words in any of the threads. I don't wish to activate the filters for such so please keep your posts T rated at the worst. Note: Abbreviations such as WTF will be acceptable.

Second, this is a website dedicated to writing. Please do not use "chat speak" on the threads. Abbreviations such as OMG and so on are acceptable, but entire posts should not be composed of a series of letters.

4: Each thread has a topic. Please try to stick to that topic in your posts. Any off topic discussions should be taken to the appropriate thread, the General Discussion thread or conducted through PMs.

5: Any member may start a new thread. However, new members should participate in discussions on the forum for no less than two weeks before doing so, or receive permission from one of the moderators.

Do keep in mind, though, if the thread is redundant or deemed unnecessary its content will be moved to the appropriate thread and the new thread deleted. No offense is intended by this action, but keeping things neat and orderly makes a forum more user friendly.

Creating a spam thread will get you banned from this forum for life and will result in you being reported to FFnet's admin. No exceptions, even for members in good standing.

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