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Greetings and welcome, Noleme!

I'm sure you will find many things of interest here.

If you are looking for recommendations, you could look at the membership's profiles and see who we have selected as our Favourite Authors and Favourite Stories.

Even if you do not think yourself a writer, try The Character Game. It is a great exercise in imagination. You are given 3 objects and must describe the character who would have these items and why. This takes one or two paragraphs but feel free to go where your muse takes you. At the end, leave 3 items for the next person. You will find this group to be encouraging and constructive. Good luck!


9/16/2016 #91

Hi Noleme and welcome!

I envy you for being a complete newbie to the ACD fandom. There are so many wonderful fics out there waiting for you to discover! This is such a literary fandom, with many stories being very well-written.

I never thought of myself as a creative writer either, but somehow I found the courage to dip my toe into the waters here and realised that I could, indeed, write creatively and have fun doing it as well.

If you would like to message me, I can probably point you to whatever kind of fics you are looking for. Whatever they are, I imagine you can find them here.


9/18/2016 #92

Thank you for the welcome, everyone! Capt. Facepalm, I read through the Character Game thread with great interest, but don't think I'd be any good at it: I have very little knowledge about life in the UK (or, er, anywhere else really) in those days. %)

And Tripleransom, thank you for the offer; dropping you a PM.

9/20/2016 #93

Good evening! I am Cuthalion97, and I actually happened to click on this forum first (out of the Sherlock Holmes forums) because it was particular focused on Arthur Conan Doyle's original works. I first read the Memoirs when I was fourteen, and I've loved them ever since. Having devoured all that were available of the original stories, I read a few published stories on Amazon before coming here and reaching a happy but slightly disturbing conclusion: several of the stories I've read on here are very close in quality and style to those of Doyle; while most of those I had come across on Amazon were not. This conclusion was happy for me because it was cheaper, but disturbing because after all, what author selling his/her book would want to be compared unfavorably to a mere fan fiction author?

4/14/2019 #94
Rachel Indeed

Hi Cuthalion, nice to meet you. This forum has not been active for quite some time, but perhaps some of those still subscribed will respond. I must admit I rarely spend time at this particular archive these days, as much of fandom has moved over to AO3 (the Archive of Our Own site). If you are just now discovering fanfiction, I envy you -- you have many archives and years worth of amazing stories to enjoy! Although there is an odd public perception that fanfiction somehow equals bad fiction, I have found that to be very untrue. Certainly those of us who write fic ourselves don't think so :) I hope you enjoy your explorations, and find more stories that suit your taste. As for published Holmesian pastiches, one of my favorites is Nicholas Meyer's novel The Seven Percent Solution, so if that isn't one of the ones you encountered already, you might give it a try sometime :)

4/14/2019 #95
Hi Cuthalion! I am still around and still writing. The best time of year for the ACD Holmes section to be busy here is in December, as there is a writing challenge which takes place throughout the month. I am mostly writing for the cartoon Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century at the moment, but I do submit new stories for each as inspiration strikes. You truly have much to discover and enjoy! KnightFury
4/14/2019 #96
Hades Lord of the Dead

Hi Cuthalion!

Welcome! I think it's amazing the level of writing some people on this site are at and, as you rightly point out, it's great for us Holmes fans! Hope you have a fun time looking through the archives, and please do get in touch if you want to take part in the December Challenge.

4/15/2019 #97

Hmm, that actually sounds like fun! :) A couple years ago, during my last 'Sherlock Holmes phase', I read through several December Challenge collections. Do you, Hades Lord of the Dead, send out prompts?

4/17/2019 #98
Hades Lord of the Dead

Yeah, so essentially everyone who wants to take part sends me a calendar of 31 prompts in the lead-up to December. Then the night before each day in December I muddle the prompts and send them out to different users for the next day. The idea is to try and finish before New Year, but it's all remarkably chill and I myself have just finished up about three challenges from past years (oops). It's just a nice way to get you writing, basically!

4/17/2019 #99
Stutley Constable

Good morning Cuthalion97. I am Stutley Constable. Pleas call me Stutley, everyone does. I apologize for not greeting you sooner, but I am very pleased you decided to look in on the Consulting Room. Thanks to Hades Lord of the Dead for alerting me to recent activity here.

I see you have already been browsing the forum. Feel free to make comments and ask questions. Might I interest you in a cup of tea? l_lo

My observation on Fan authors vs professional authors writing Holmes is we do it out of a genuine interest and love of the stories and characters. The pros do it for a paycheck AND (I cannot stress how important this is.) they have editors and agents looking over their shoulders telling them what will and will not sell. That is a major handicap because the publishers think they know what real fans of the canon want and they market the lowest common denominator.

I am afraid I must get back to some paperwork, but I really do want to express how pleased I am to have you join us. Welcome, welcome and enjoy that cup of tea. :)

4/18/2019 . Edited 4/18/2019 #100
Ryan Holmes

Hi all,

I was so fond of reading Sherlock Holmes stories that I even adopted Ryan Holmes as my name although Sherlock Holmes is merely a fictional character.

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other." This quote from Sherlock Holmes captured my attention and I loved it since I was 12 years old. While I still cannot fully comprehend the logic used in the stories, I can deduce what his quotes mean.

In my Marketing career, I faithfully applied Sherlock Holmes' mindset, thought processes, and logical thinking. This has proven to be effective in solving the many uncertainties that I faced. I decided, therefore, to share these lessons with everyone so that they can likewise benefit from them.

My purpose of joining this group is to connect and expand the methods of Holmes application wider and help each others grow higher.

I used to dream that I can write a book which helps people to apply his methods in life. Now, I already achieved it.

Just click on and download it in Amazon: (Today, my book is free for special Sherlock Holmes fan like me.)

You can download it for free to see how to apply Holmes methods in life and career. Of course, it's just from my experience and points of view.

Thank you!

5/7/2019 #101

Welcome to our obsession. Your book sounds interesting. I will give it a go.

5/8/2019 #102
Ryan Holmes

Thank you very much! I love to share and discuss on Sherlock Holmes methods, so It's my pleasure to connect you.

5/8/2019 #103

As Cuthalion97 sneaks back into the forum and checks to make sure no one has noticed her absence . . . ;) Welcome, Ryan Holmes!

5/14/2019 #104
Surprise Beneath

Not sure how alive this place is, but, if it is, I figured I'd polite and introduce myself before I start yapping. Hi! My name's Blue, I'm a young adult living in the United States(not specifying where, for privacy), with a degree in English with a focus in Creative Writing. I'm admittedly rather new to the book side of the Sherlock Holmes fandom, I kinda took a weird path here: read some of the books, like my absolute favorite, The Hound of the Baskervilles, then I got into Sherlock(Eh, not my favorite adaptation), after getting into Elementary.

Then this pandemic hit, and I finally have the time to read my gigantic collection of Sherlock Holmes, and dang, I was missing out.

Uh... I might be talking to an empty forum, so I'll finish it here:

My favorite Sherlock Holmes novel is The Hound of the Baskervilles.

My favorite short stories are: The Adventure of the Dancing Men, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, The Adventure of the Six Napoleons, and a lot more.

So... hi. Waves

12/16/2020 #105
Hades Lord of the Dead

Hiya Blue!

Nice to see this forum revived again :D

12/17/2020 #106
Surprise Beneath

Hi, Hades! Hopefully it will...

12/17/2020 #107
Rachel Indeed

Hello, nice to meet you! :) Of course new activity on this forum is always welcome, but it hasn't really been active here in years. Don't worry, though, there are plenty of places online where discussion and fic/vid/art exchanges are happening, both for the Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories and any other adaptation you might like! I would recommend you check out:

- (right now they're doing a community read-through of all the Doyle stories with discussion posts for people to share their thoughts and feelings on each story; they also review historical books and documentaries about the Victorian era and welcome fics and fic recs, etc.)

- (a community that celebrates every adaptation of Watson, currently hosting a lot of new holiday fics. They also post monthly prompts to inspire fics and drabbles, and host a 'write every day' challenge in July.)

- (a fandom gift exchange that occurs twice a year, for winter and summer solstice, in which people can make wishlists and request gifts set in any Holmesian adaptation. They're just now finishing up their winter posts, and there are almost 40 new fics/artworks/vids etc. Variety of verses and pairings is encouraged, so no matter what kind of thing you like, you will probably be able to find something that suits your taste!)

Those are some of the more active sites out there currently where fans of the Doyle stories can interact, and of course the "Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle" section of AO3 is also active and new stories are frequently posted. You can use the tags there to select the type of stories and pairings you want to read, and leaving comments on others' work is another nice way to meet fellow fans :)

If you haven't already seen them, I'd also recommend the Granada TV series starring Jeremy Brett if you'd like to see faithful adaptations of the original Doyle stories on film -- it's a wonderful series. Here's a link if you'd like to try out some of the episodes:

Best wishes!

12/17/2020 #108
Rachel Indeed

Oops, I guess it won't let me link you to the Granada post. Sorry! But if you visit granada-brett-crumbs on tumblr, there's a link to their masterpost on the sidebar. Or of course you can also check at your local library, they may have some episodes available on DVD :)

12/17/2020 #109
Surprise Beneath

Hi, sorry for the late response! It's wonderful to meet you, Rachel! :) I adore Granada!! I found it exploring YouTube this year, and I fell in love with their adaptation of the Dancing Men.

1/3 #110
Stutley Constable

GREETINGS TO ALL! Welcome to the newcomers and hello to old friends! Happy New Year and thank goodness 2020 is finally over with!

Given my extended absence, I feel I should reintroduce myself, though I am the founder of the feast, as it were.

I am Stutley Constable and have been writing fan fiction since about 2009. Early on, I wrote a bit of this and a bit of that, finally settling on PotC, eventually transitioning to Sherlock Holmes. I am not a huge fan of the updated versions, but I liked them well enough to watch a few episodes. There were some clever ideas and some interesting bits of story craft. Overall, though, give me the original stories or pastiches set in Victorian times. I love a clever bit of crime writing! Any who have read my entries in Hades' December Challenges knows I like to come up with case fics and don't need an excuse. (A prompt helps, though.)

Looking towards the future: I am going to be dropping in more regularly and will check the discussion threads to see if any new subjects come up. I would like to start posting prompts once a week again. Anyone responding to prompts will get a review from me. If I overlook your story for whatever reason, just PM me to let me know. Also, if you have an idea for a challenge or a group project, let us know. It's always fun to share ideas and stuff.

1/17 #111
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