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Stutley Constable

This is where we can all just sit back and relax. Pour yourself a cup of tea or a nice sherry from the decanter and warm yourself by the fire. You're among friends here. Tell us what's on your mind. It doesn't have to be about anything related to Holmes and Watson. Talk about whatever you wish.

12/13/2014 . Edited 12/13/2014 #1
Stutley Constable

Just want to let everyone know that I have selected two folks to be moderators. Mrspencil and Ennui Enigma have kindly consented to serve in this capacity. Their status has not yet been confirmed by FFnet, but it is as of this morning in effect. Please show them proper respect.

In time other moderators may be appointed. We'll need to see how things go and if more moderators are necessary or desirable.

Also, I want to thank three other folks for helping to get this forum going. Without them, I would not have followed through on this notion of mine.

Thanks to Hades Lord of the Dead, Capt-Facepalm and especially to Medcat for helping with the wording of the rules of conduct. Along with Mrsp and EE they are the founding members of this forum.

Let discussion begin!

12/14/2014 . Edited 12/14/2014 #2

Just popping in to say hello, hope everyone's doing well. Trying to get some writing done this evening.

12/14/2014 #3
Helloa! I should really be sleeping at this time (02:25 by my phone at present) but sleep is being confoundedly illusive. I shall be worse than useless tomorrow! By the way, I apologise now for any disjointed, confusing or otherwise peculiar reviews that I may have left within the past few hours - I can only assure you that every single one made perfect sense to me at the time.
12/14/2014 #4
Stutley Constable

Sometimes the confusing reviews are the most fun to read KnightFury. Hope you were able to get off to sleep.

12/15/2014 #5
That is true, but I apologise all the same. I believe I eventually managed to sleep for an hour or so at some point after 09.00... I am still rather tired, however.
12/15/2014 #6
Stutley Constable

Just finish my December 16th story. Halfway through!

12/15/2014 #7

My Dickens paper has made me so abysmally behind in my advent collection... oy.

12/15/2014 #8
Stutley Constable

What are you covering in your paper, Giry?

12/15/2014 #9

It focuses on Bleak House and talks about how disease becomes a physical representation of the problems in the social system at the time.

12/15/2014 #10
Stutley Constable

My knowledge of Dickens' works is sorely lacking, but your premise intrigues me. I once wrote a paper on Tolkien's use of color to indicate good and evil. I think your paper will be somewhat more relevant to the real world. Good luck!

12/15/2014 #11

Now that sounds a fascinating topic as well. I turned in a draft tonight to present on, and now I have 24 hours to tighten it before I turn it in.

I miss fun writing though. Far too much academic boredom. And I really liked Bleak House before this paper.

12/15/2014 #12
Stutley Constable

Well, maybe if you leave 'Bleak House' alone for a time and then read it again in a few months, your appreciation of it will not only return but increase.

12/15/2014 #13
Hades Lord of the Dead

I'm also very behind, but we broke up for the Christmas holidays on Friday, so have no excuse...

12/16/2014 #14
I am now only one day behind. But my last two entries were terribly short. It certainly snowballs quickly!
12/16/2014 #15

It's a very slippery slope to falling behind...

On the plus side, I'm just editing the final draft of this paper before I turn it in. Ten pages of Dickens in all his glory...

12/16/2014 #16
I do love Bleak House myself. I do know what you mean though - I once had to study Great Expectations. For a year our so afterward, I could not face it - but it is now one of my favourites.
12/16/2014 #17
Hades Lord of the Dead

Woop go Giry, you can do it!! (Motivating others makes me feel better about my own lack of motivation...)

12/16/2014 #18
Stutley Constable

Just finished my December 18th story.

How'd your paper turn out, Giry?

12/17/2014 #19

Just turned it in, and am glad to be rid of it. Though I think it did turn out much better than I thought it would. We'll know come Friday...

And now I realize just how far behind I am in my fics... should start writing.

12/17/2014 #20
Stutley Constable

So, Giry, how did you do on your paper?

I just finished my Dec. 19th story and posted it. Probably has typos out the wazzoo, but it's up.

Don't know how many more I'll be posting in the near future. I'm headed back to work tomorrow morning and I don't have any clear notion how long this job will last. Rumor says it will go until after the first of the year. I'll still drop in to check on the forum, but I might have no energy to write or even read and review.

Good luck to everyone else!

12/19/2014 #21
Stutley Constable

Merry Christmas, to you all!

12/25/2014 #22

A Happy New Year to everyone:-)

I have completed the December challenge now, and have read a huge variety of tales from other participants...some truly talented and inventive writers:-)

1/3/2015 #23

Received a 98% on that paper in the end. And then promptly fell ill as soon as I returned home for the holiday break. Hardly been able to sit up for the last two weeks. But doing much better now.

1/3/2015 #24

Giry...really well done!

But sorry to hear you have been ill, glad you are recovering now.

1/3/2015 #25
Hades Lord of the Dead

Ditto to that - poor you!!

1/4/2015 #26
I am glad that you received such a good mark - it was certainly well deserved, judging by the time and obvious effort that went into it. But I am very sorry to hear that you have been unwell.
1/4/2015 #27

Thank ye all kindly for the good wishes! Completely fell off the map there for a while. Flu can get quite nasty. But it's good to be back and better. Missed writing.

1/5/2015 #28
Hades Lord of the Dead

Laptop was broken but is now fixed, and I can return to the distracting world of fanfiction - huzzah!

1/13/2015 #29

Pleased to hear it, Hades:-)

1/13/2015 #30
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