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Have a couple things I want to post, but not quite there yet...

4/28/2015 #61

Thanks for the link, Madam'zelle! I like your poems :)

5/2/2015 #62

The Top 5 Publishers for New Authors

Came across this today and thought some of the forum members might find this of interest:

5/2/2015 #63

Thank you, dear. :)

5/2/2015 #64

Hello, Giry. Hope you have a good weekend ahead.

and thank you for the link, Cat:-)

We have Monday off here, as a Bank Holiday.

5/2/2015 #65

My pleasure re: link, Mrs P., and enjoy the long weekend!

5/2/2015 #66

Taking a break from studying to sit in the tea shop and write... lovely.

5/16/2015 #67

An excellent pastime, Giry:-)

5/16/2015 #68

It's a very cute little shop. Get to go in and have a pot of jasmine and a pastry, and usually sit here til closing. :)

5/16/2015 #69

Very nice:-)

I've been watching a series called "The secret History of London's Streets" ; 6 episodes...each focussing on one street in the City from an assessment of housing and class on each street, made by a Mr Booth in 1886, and charting how it has evolved to the present...fascinating:-)

5/16/2015 #70

That sounds really interesting, MrsP. Going to have to look into that.

5/16/2015 #71

Yes...a bit like the genealogy programmes...but for houses and streets:-) Slums becoming posh areas, beautiful Georgian house being demolished for ill thought out estates being swallowed up by the city.

Did you get much writing done?

5/16/2015 #72

Not really... got a bit twitchy and had to leave...

5/17/2015 #73

Oh, OK...doesn't always go to plan, sadly. Hope you find a peaceful corner today.

5/17/2015 #74

Happens more often than I'd like... but I'm working on it...

5/17/2015 #75

Wishing you luck with that:-)

5/17/2015 #76

5/17/2015 #77

Thanks for that...a while since I have watched Mr Brett.

5/17/2015 #78
Westron Wynde

Very good video - enjoyed that very much. The true spirit of Sherlock Holmes, indeed :)

5/18/2015 #79
Stutley Constable

Must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Possible origin of the Giant Rat of Sumatra!

6/2/2015 #80

Haha, good one, Stutley ;) Possible origin of Godzilla too, eh ;)

6/3/2015 #81
Stutley Constable

A few of you already know that I have written a novel based on a plot I originally put together for one of my POTC crossovers. I still have quite few things to do before I can publish it, including a cover illustration. Well, last evening I went and purchased a tablet for my computer and I'm pretty excited about all the things it can do with the free software. What's more, I can create the image with the tablet and then upload it to my Photoshop program to add all the graphics like the title and other text as well as sizing the image and cropping it to fit the cover dimensions. All very exciting! I haven't had a new piece of tech in forever. This should be really fun and interesting.

What's everyone else doing? A lot of you just got out of school and are surely on summer break. Anyone traveling? Anyone getting a job?

6/8/2015 #82

Wishing you all the best, Stutley...sounds like a useful new bit of kit...and, as you say, fun too:-)

No new job nor full summer break for me. 25th year in the same post:-p I have just returned from a week on the east coast though...blown a few cobwebs away.

6/8/2015 #83

Congrats on the new tablet and soon-to-be-published book!

As for my summer break, I JOINED A WRITING COURSE!! Aah, so excited! It's in Diwan, a big bookstore that's near me. It might be a bit difficult, because it's going to be hosted during Ramadan, so I'll be going there and back while fasting, but on the upside it'll get me out of the house. I practically never leave the house during Ramadan XD (I'm sure you guys will understand my excitement for joining a writing course; my friends barely read so they didn't really care.)

6/9/2015 #84

Congrats, Stutley! That sounds like quite the fun project.

I for one just graduated, and am working at a camp this summer as I continue to job search... hope springs eternal!

6/9/2015 #85

Starluff, that's great...I have never been on a writing course...and hope it goes well:-)

6/9/2015 #86

Thanks! I hope so too XD

6/9/2015 #87


What in Heaven's name is Mycroft's job?

Yes yes, 'minor position in the government' my foot. But it says he is the most the most indispensable man in the country, describes him as some kind of computer, etc. Surely someone, somewhere asked this same question? And maybe posted it online or somewhere equally accessible? And while we're on the subject, what about Mycroft from BBC? The two are very different, since BBC made Mycroft into a much more prominent, almost too powerful role. So. Got anything?

6/15/2015 #88
Stutley Constable

Good morning, Starluff.

I've been considering what I know about Mycroft and I think the best I can tell you is that he is a highly placed and very confidential analyst for the Crown. Consider his position along the lines of a governmental consulting detective the same way Sherlock Holmes is a private consulting detective.

Here is what someone else thinks:

www dot sherlockian dot net/world/Mycroft dot html

As for the new version of Mycroft in the BBC show- He is a spy master. It is an old fashioned term, but fitting. Mycroft is not at the top of the political food chain, he simply controls the it and is too formidable to be attacked.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the subject? Don't be shy. I could be wrong, and where would that leave Starluff if nobody steps up to correct me?

6/27/2015 #89
Guardian Of The Gates

Hi, new here :) *waves shyly*

Starluff, we know from The Greek Interpreter that Mycroft works in Whitehall, so that would mean he's a government employee. That is one of the earlier cases, dated around 1888. In the Bruce-Partington Plans (1895), we learn Mycroft doesn't just hold a government position, he basically /is/ the British Government. This is the quote from BRUC:

"...By the way, do you know what Mycroft is?"

I had some vague recollection of an explanation at the time of the Adventure of the Greek Interpreter.

"You told me that he had some small office under the British government."

Holmes chuckled.

"I did not know you quite so well in those days. One has to be discreet when one talks of high matters of state. You are right in thinking that he is under the British government. You would also be right in a sense if you said that occasionally he is the British government."

I can't say much for the BBC series, because beyond the first season, I really don't care for it, but I think they were going with the concept that Mycroft basically runs the government, and that he's some type of omniscient politician.

BTW,I'm curious, do most of the fic writers here base their works on Canon or Granada?

6/27/2015 #90
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