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Stutley Constable

This is maybe the best documentary on Doyle and Holmes I have ever seen. Many interesting experts give insight on either the writer, the character, or both. I enjoyed this very much!

7/7/2015 #31
Stutley Constable

Everyone has difficulty from time to time in coming up with names for their characters. Here is a list of the 1000 most common names in the 1890s in United States.

www dot baby2see dot com/names/1890s dot html

7/29/2015 #32
Stutley Constable

Here is a website I just came across. I have not yet explored it, but it looks interesting.

sherlockian dot info/index dot html

8/11/2015 #33
Stutley Constable

For anyone who ever wondered how the infamous air rifle of Colonel Sebastian Moran worked, here's a video about an Austrian military air rifle from 1780.

10/2/2015 #34
Stutley Constable

I found another resource for quick reference:

This channel does not address only the Victorian era. There are plenty of other bits of information on a wide range of subjects. Everything from carving stone balls to baking bread to making mail armor.

12/6/2018 #35
Stutley Constable

Was doing a little nosing around, trying to keep myself occupied since my driveway is iced over and I cannot get my vehicle out to the road. I came across this site on Sir Arthur.

The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia (

It seems to be quite extensive, covering not only his Holmes stories, but Brigadier Gerard, Professor Challenger and several other stories I did not even know existed. It includes his plays, as well.

Note: You will need to copy and paste the link. It should take you to the site's main page.

Note 2: A video clip plays on the main page showing Sir Arthur surrounded by a group of people. I do not know the context but what surprised me is that he stands half a head taller than the men around him. I did not realize how large he was.

2/12 . Edited 2/12 #36
Stutley Constable

Found another resource. Anyone who has read 'A Christmas Carol' or seen any of the film adaptations will recall the simile game Scrooge's nephew played with his guests. Well, here is a dictionary of similes.

www (dot) bartleby (dot) com/161/

Frank J. Wilstach, comp. 1916. A Dictionary of Similes

2/13 . Edited 2/13 #37
Stutley Constable

Discovered an entertaining article about Victorian Era slang.

Mentalfloss (dot) com/article/53529/56-delightful-victorian-slang-terms-you-should-be-using

3/12 #38
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