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Stutley Constable

Hound of the Baskervilles in German:

7/3/2015 #31

BUT IT'S IN GERMAAAAN!! (Which is to say, are they any subtitles in existence? I don't know a word of German XP)

7/4/2015 . Edited 7/4/2015 #32
Stutley Constable

Sorry, Starluff. I can't find a version of this film with any subtitles other than in German.

Maybe this will make up for it (Russian with English subtitles):

By the way, how many languages do you speak? I have a little German, a few words of Spanish and even fewer words of French.

7/5/2015 #33

I already have subtitled Russian series but these seem to be better subs, so thanks for that :)

As for languages, my first language is English. My second is Arabic, which I speak fluently but with an accent (and I've only recently found out about the masculine/feminine part of Arabic -- because people will make fun of me :( -- so I'm trying to do that right but it is so freaking hard when you've never learned it before), and, last and definitely least, I know some French from school. Which is to say, I get tolerably good marks on my test but would never be able to speak it, because haha Egyptian education need I say more? And, if this makes any difference, I knew like three words in Japanese and Russian because I watch shows with subs in them XD\

And hey, what about everyone else? I think someone around wrote fics in French? Or was that someone from another forum? (Oh, and if you answer, answer in General Discussion, please.)

7/5/2015 . Edited 7/5/2015 #34
Hades Lord of the Dead

*Ambles in on conversation month or so late*

First language is English, studied Mandarin for a while and currently studying Russian - considering going on to study it at uni :) Would be interested in knowing about others too?

I wanted to ask what people thought of Sherlock Hound??? Only watched the first episode and was very surreal, but it has a certain charm about it so far _ link to the opening music (English version) if anyone is interested - http s: // www . youtube . com / watch ? v =r YuFHLezUyo - having a younger sister is a wonderful thing as I can slowly feed her more and more Holmes interpretations before she gets onto the books...

7/23/2015 #35
Stutley Constable

Do you mean this Sherlock Hound, Hades?

I was a little too old to find it interesting when it aired in my area. I watched the first five minutes or so and passed on to something on MTV. That was back when MTV actually played music videos.

7/23/2015 . Edited 7/24/2015 #36
Hades Lord of the Dead

Hmm, doesn't look like that video's available in England for some reason so can't tell Stutley! Yeah it's definitely targeted at a younger audience, but still quite interesting to see the changes they've made in their adaptation - at least I think so! :)

7/24/2015 #37

Did you know Hayao Miyazaki had a hand in making that show? You can tell because Mrs. Hudson is awesome (oh Miyazaki and your genuinely strong female characters) and there are airplanes :P I think it's funny that Miyazaki originally wanted Mrs. Hudson to be the real genius, running circles around Sherlock and Moriarty XD I read a fic for that show and I think it said you could watch it with English subtitles...? I want to watch it with that instead of English dub. Oh, for those who don't know, you can watch the English dub on youtube. Last I checked at least.

8/1/2015 #38
Stutley Constable

My dear friends, I have just watched 'Mr. Holmes' staring Sir Ian McKellen. In my humble opinion this is the best non-canon Holmes story available. More than that, I would rate it very high on any Holmes list you care to put together, unless you decide to go for some action oriented list. Then this one would not fit at all.

From start to finish 'Mr. Holmes' is wonderful. All of the acting was superb. Sir Ian made a very convincing Holmes and actually played two Holmeses of different ages. At first I was stunned to see how he had aged so much since his stint as Gandalf and then there was a flashback and he was striding around with a straight back and a keen eye and I was stunned by his skill.

Before I go on and on gushing about how good this movie is I'm going to stop myself. Beg, borrow or steal* a copy of 'Mr. Holmes' (kneecap someone if you must**) and watch it. You will not regret the time expended.

*Note: Theft is a criminal act and you should not take this statement as my endorsement of committing any crime.

**Note: I am not being serious about this portion of my statement. Doing harm to another is not something I would endorse save in self defense or in defense of another.

10/13/2015 #39

This is amazing!!! I don't actually know anyone 'in real life' who has watched (most of) the Sherlock Holmes adaptations that I've seen, so coming across this is great! I love the Livanov adaptation - I thought Moriarty and Mycroft were unusually well-cast; and despite not looking particularly like Holmes, Livanov did an incredible job of portraying the detective. I also really liked Watson and Mrs. Hudson. I watched parts of the new Russian version, but couldn't really stomach it. If it hadn't been supposed to be about 'Holmes and Watson' I'd have liked it better - neither of them was in character at all, and I seem to remember Lestrade being brutal. Of course, the Ronald Howards are one of my favorite versions ever, but Basil Rathbone was the first Holmes I saw. (I've seen all fourteen films). He still, to me, possesses the closest physical appearance to Sidney Paget's drawings; I would have loved to see him act in the BBC version!! If he had had those scripts and the opportunity, I rather think he'd have done better than Jeremy Brett. Then again, Brett's acting was brilliant, though the later seasons seemed to me to be getting stranger and more far-fetched. David Burke is my favorite Watson ever, I think. . . It's hard to tell. Certainly he seems to be the most accurate. I also watched most of 'Hound' in German, but I was half-asleep at the time, so I don't really remember much. Has anyone here seen the Peter Cushing version of 'Hound'? There were two made - I am speaking of the more recently produced. It was surprisingly intense at moments, and Stapleton was incredible. Let's see; I also saw a movie called, I think, "Sherlock Holmes in New York", which I cordially despised. I saw the same actor somewhere else as Watson, and didn't like that either. Christopher Lee in 'The Deadly Necklace' was good, and Christopher Plummer played a good Holmes - I just found quite an old version of 'Silver Blaze', which I hadn't known existed. I did NOT like Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes at all, though Jude Law played a pretty good Watson. Benedict Cumberbatch - his acting is absolutely impeccable, but again, the series became weirder as it went along. I would love to see Cumberbatch and Freeman in a ACD-style version! I know I've seen at least three other people play Holmes - Barrymore, perhaps, was one - but at the moment I don't recall others. :)

4/17/2019 #40

Well, welcome to the Forum. As you see, not so much action here nowadays, but still plenty of good stories to read. I've got several that I need to put up over here, in fact. I keep forgetting to do it.

Jeremy Brett is Holmes for me, although Sir Vasily runs him a close second. Favorite Watson is split between Jude Law - I thought he owned that role - and Vitaly Solomin. Most of the others are kinda meh, although I like David Burke well enough. If I could timeswap young(ish) Jeremy Brett and Jude Law together, I'd be in heaven! I couldn't handle the new Russian version either. Livanov was asked his opinion of it and he said "these guys are punks" which I thought about summed it up. The less said about Elementary the better, IMHO, and the same goes for Sherlock, but that's just me. It has to be always 1895.

I've probably seen most of the adaptations, (or tried to watch them) but they either get too Hollywood, or they just get it wrong somehow. If Holmes and Watson aren't great friends, you've missed the heart of the appeal. The Hound with Richard Roxburgh and Ian Hart is very atmospheric - it rains a lot - but Holmes and Watson act like they hate each other and that kind of ruins the story for me, although Richard E. Grant is definitely the Creepiest. Stapleton. Ever. If you haven't seen it, that one is worth a watch.

You don't mention Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century either, which is a cartoon series and much under-appreciated I think. It's available on DVD and has generated some nice fanfic. Speaking of, I've been in the fandom for many years and can point you to many obscure and not so obscure links, especially on Live Journal. I'm pretty good at finding stuff on the Wayback Machine also. I used to run a Jeremy Brett fansite also, so if I can help you find anything or answer any questions for you, ask away.

Anyway, again welcome and happy browsing through the site!

4/19/2019 #41
Stutley Constable

Well, I have a memory teaser that simply will not leave me alone. I was going to check IMDB for this but thought it would be entertaining for some of you folks who like to look for obscure adaptations.

Many moons ago, sometime in the mid 1980s, I watched a version of HOUND on HBO. I recall little about it because back then I was less than interested in mystery stories of any kind. The only actor I remember distinctly is William Shatner who portrayed Stapleton. Considering Shatner's physique and "distinct" style, he seems an odd choice for the villain. Does anyone recall this version and do you have any idea who portrayed Holmes? Part of me is afraid to watch the movie again because it my be a train wreck, but part of me really wants to see it.

1/18 #42
Rachel Indeed

You're thinking of the 1972 adaptation with Stewart Granger as Holmes and Bernard Fox as Watson. You wouldn't have found it on IMDb, as an embarrassed Shatner has apparently had his credit removed, but he does indeed play both Sir Hugo and Stapleton. I haven't watched this version myself, but my friend Sanguinity live-blogged her reactions while watching it. She thought it was kind of plodding and bland, but mostly fine. Shatner chews the scenery as Sir Hugo, abetted by a pair of horrendous false eyebrows, but oddly enough he makes a very boring Stapleton -- he's just given nothing to do. Dr. Mortimer is presented as the more sinister suspect for most of the film! The sets look like some unused TV Western sets repurposed to approximate Dartmoor. Watson in this version is kind of dim/bumbling (which tends to annoy me personally) but he's not a total imbecile and makes occasional useful contributions. This Holmes is fairly quiet but he has a bit of a sense of humor, and the script allows him to depart from the canon events a little bit -- without ever straying too far -- which adds some interest to familiar scenes. A few plot details are changed to give Holmes more scope to use his chemistry skills in making deductions. He also comes up with a clever idea for his confrontation with the Hound that manages to spare Sir Henry the trauma of being attacked and mauled, so good for him! All in all, this movie isn't likely to wow you but it's not among the worst Hound adaptations by any means. That was my friend's verdict, and it sounds like a fair assessment to me :)

1/18 #43
Stutley Constable
Shatner chews the scenery as Sir Hugo

ROFL!!!! Although I have never heard it before, I love that description! Seems typical of the man in question.

Thanks, Rachel!

1/18 . Edited 1/19 #44
Surprise Beneath

I do believe the question is when does Shatner ever not chew the scenery in what he's in? Now, for my favorites... admittedly, I will have a soft spot for Elementary for getting me into the series as a whole in the first place. As for overall quality? It may sound cliche, but Granada has been superb from what I've been watching.

1/18 #45
Rachel Indeed

Granada is my favorite, too :) It's really wonderful, and I'll be forever glad they made it. Fair warning, though, the quality plummets in the final years because Brett was so ill (he was dying), and the scripts also decline once they have to draw from Doyle's less well-written stories. But you have many, many excellent episodes to enjoy before the series gets to that point.

Last year some Holmes fans who run a podcast contacted Prim Hardwicke, Edward Hardwicke's widow (I don't know if you've gotten to this part of the series yet, but he is the second actor to play Watson, after David Burke.) She is a lovely person and shares some personal behind-the-scenes memories about the making of the series and about Jeremy. If you google "Prim Hardwicke podcast" you can easily find it if you're interested -- it's free to listen to, and very sweet.

1/18 #46
Surprise Beneath

Thank you for letting me know, I'll listen to it when I can.

1/18 #47

Hi, Fractals:-) I have never seen Elementary...keep meaning to, and heard very positive things about it. Fond of the Granada series, though I missed the first showing and haven't seen all of them, and, yes, I can imagine Mr Shatner making the most of his Sir Hugo role. Lime Stutley, I am very fond of HOUND and fascinated by the different versions and angles on the tale. I have holidayed regularly on Dartmoor, an amazing space, very suitable for mist and giant glowing hounds.

1/19 #48
Surprise Beneath

Hi there, mrspencil!

Elementary is pretty great, it's not always book accurate, but I'll be grateful to it for introducing me to the series as a whole. :)

Whoa, that's cool! You may not have seen a glowing hound, but maybe you'd see a Cryptid or two?

1/19 #49

Although I had read and enjoyed the books, or at least most of them, it was the Jude Law, Robert Downey Junior films that reminded me of Sherlock Holmes existence at the time I was browsing fan never occurred to me before that, that there would be Sherlock Holmes tales included here.

1/20 #50

Although I had read and enjoyed the books, or at least most of them, it was the Jude Law, Robert Downey Junior films that reminded me of Sherlock Holmes existence at the time I was browsing fan never occurred to me before that, that there would be Sherlock Holmes tales included here.

1/21 #51
Surprise Beneath

To be honest, I felt similarly to that sentiment. I thought more people would be writing for say Sherlock or Elementary, not for the actual books themselves. Which is nice.

Also, if you want an intriguing variation on the canon, Moriarity the Patriot is pretty fun. It's supposed to be a 'prequel' to the events of The Final Problem.

1/21 #52
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