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Stutley Constable

Have you found a story you really liked? Well then, what are you waiting for? Share it with the rest of us!

Note: Members may self-promote their SH stories here or recommend stories they have found particularly enjoyable. This thread is intended for Sherlock Holmes canon stories and crossovers, not 'Sherlock' or 'Elementary' stories unless they are crossed over with the canon. Please be sure to follow the form below.

Story title:





Ship (if any):

1/5/2015 #1
Stutley Constable

Since I created this thread I figure I can be the first to post to it. :)

Pride of place goes to a dearly departed friend. Nytd was a great influence on me and my writing. Aside from being a skilled writer she was always a supportive reviewer, never failing to find something good to say about peoples' work. This story remains a favorite of mine and certainly belongs here in this thread.

Story Title: A Study in Rum

Author: Nytd

Rating: K

Summary: One wicked and clever pirate. One singular and brilliant detective. One hundred and fifty years apart. An impossible meeting? Perhaps just improbable... Crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean.


Ship: None

Note: This particular story is a crossover and may, therefore, not be your cup of tea. It suited me right down to the ground.

This next story is actually a long series of poems by one of my favorite people and a good friend I met through FFnet. We were introduced, in fact, by Nytd who had invited her to join in discussion at the Black Pearl Forum where I had been a crewmember for several years before starting this forum and remain active there.

Story Title: A Study in Generes

Author: mrspencil

Rating: K

Summary: Continuing a series started by Lemon Zinger, running through the listed fanfiction genres. A Study in Family: Three Moor Brothers


Ship: None

Note: While I loved the Western portion of this series and enjoyed the other sections very much, my favorite piece is chapter 45.

Finally, to prove that it's okay to recommend one of your own stories, here's one of mine.

Story Title: The Case of the Honourable Men

Author: Stutley Constable

Rating: T

Summary: SH/PotC/Treasure Island crossover. There is something afoot in Black Hill Cove that needs looking into. The great grandson of the wealthiest treasure hunter in English history must call in Sherlock Holmes to put things right.


Now then, if you have read a story or written one that you would like to recommend to the rest of us, here's your chance. :)

1/5/2015 #2

Do the stories need to be here on FFdotnet? Or can they be outside links?

1/6/2015 #3

Story title: The Weeping Waxwork

Author: charleygirl

Rating: K

Summary: A case brought by the director of a famous waxworks may be just the distraction a bored and depressed Holmes is looking for.

Link: The Weeping Waxwork

Ship: Holmes/Watson friendship

Review's Note: I really enjoyed this story, which is an oldie but goodie, having been written back in 2008. Charleygirl has written many stories in the Holmes fandom, but this one works particularly well for me. The characters are well-drawn, the motivations are believable, and the mystery is an intriguing one. I particularly like the real-life setting at Madame Tussaud's. It follows her earlier story Jack in the Green, but does not depend on it.

1/13/2015 #4

Story title: The Ghosts of England

Author: DocJorgensen

Rating: K

Summary: England is haunted by many ghosts, but none loom so large in legend as Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. Time dries their stories, but the truth remains, lingering in the very stones of London. Character death.


Ship (if any): none

1/13/2015 #5

whoa! That was a -forgive me - really haunting story! I love the way the author sustained the kind of dreamy, elegiac tone throughout.

1/19/2015 #6

And now I'm going to recommend a story by (gulp) myself. I just posted my first story to FFdotnet. I wrote it for the ACD Holmesfest on LiveJournal and thought this might be a good place to post it in the outside world, so to speak. I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to take a look and let me know what you think!

Story title: Prelude and Fog

Author: Tripleransom

Rating: K

Summary: A chance encounter on a foggy night has unexpected consequences.


Ship (if any): None

Prelude and Fog

1/19/2015 #7

Oh my god, YES!! The Ghosts of England was one of the first SH fics I ever read and I fell in love with it. The line "and if he gently fingers it [his hat] before he leaves you – well – he is a gentleman" very nearly killed me. And Triple! You've finally posted here? XD It only took you ten years, lol.

1/20/2015 #8
Stutley Constable

Have to agree about 'The Ghosts of England'. That is a good one.

1/20/2015 #9

Following on from discussions on the Group Read thread ( please do have a look)

I would like to recommend this fic, which fills in the space between Maiwand and London, with a great deal of care and research...

And two authors who expand the lives and places of the Scotland Yarders...bemj11, and aragonite

4/5/2016 #10

On Afghanistan's Plains is a wonderful read. I would also recommend its companion piece A Young British Soldier.

4/5/2016 #11
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