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Stutley Constable

The title really says it all.

Every Friday night a new prompt will be posted by one of the members. If you have an idea for a prompt and nobody has posted a prompt on this thread after 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time in North America, go ahead and post your prompt.

Anyone wishing to participate will use that prompt to write a new story.

Responses to the prompts should be no less than 500 words, but nobody is going to count them.

When a response is completed and published the writer will then post the link to the story in this thread.

There is no timetable for responses and there is no requirement to participate.

These rules are subject to change, but let's see if we can make this work.

Happy writing!

Addendum #1 - Poems are not subject in any way to the 500 word minimum. In fact, I would rather like to see a few limericks for Holmes and Watson.

4/17/2015 . Edited 5/23/2015 #1
Stutley Constable

Prompt: Include this as a line spoken by either Holmes or Watson - "She did laugh after slapping me."

Note: This is indirectly from KnightFury who has kindly consented to allow its use as the inaugural prompt.

4/17/2015 #2
Stutley Constable

Prompt: A chipped china tea cup.

4/24/2015 #3
Prompt: "Holmes! Why are you up in that tree?"
5/2/2015 #4

Prompt: an unsigned letter

5/9/2015 #5
Prompt: a jar of pickled herring and a lock pick.
5/16/2015 #6
Stutley Constable

This is my response to KnightFury's prompt: "Holmes! Why are you up in that tree?"

I hope this will inspire others to join in. We have several really good prompts to work with and it would be a shame to let them linger ignominiously.

Also, note an addendum to the rules of this thread in the first post.

5/16/2015 #7

Reponse for Stutley's chipped teacup prompt:

5/17/2015 #8
A creaky, draughty old building (a house, warehouse, factory - anything you like) that has stood empty and deserted for many years.
5/23/2015 #9
Stutley Constable

Tonight's prompt: Slick Cobblestones

5/29/2015 #10
Stutley Constable

Prompt for June 12: Mary-Sue or Harry-Stu. Writer's choice.

6/13/2015 #11
Stutley Constable

Prompt for July 3rd: Gun Oil

7/3/2015 #12
Prompt for Friday the 10th of July: Breakfast.
7/12/2015 #13
Prompt for Friday, the 17th of July: bad weather
7/26/2015 #14
Prompt for Friday, the 24th of July: a sport of your choosing.
7/26/2015 #15
Stutley Constable

Response to the KnightFury's prompt: a jar of pickled herring and a lock pick.

Also want to point out that just because someone responds to a prompt does not mean others cannot respond to the same prompt.

7/29/2015 #16
A response to Stutley Constable's prompt, "Slick Cobblestones". Enjoy!
7/30/2015 #17
Stutley Constable

Prompt for August 21st: Lord Wellington

8/21/2015 #18
Prompt for Friday, the 28th of August: The hottest day of the year
9/18/2015 #19
Stutley Constable

Prompt for October 16: Revenge

10/16/2015 #20
Stutley Constable

Since we haven't had a prompt in a while I would like to get things started again.

Prompt for March 11, 2016: Boxer

3/11/2016 #21
Stutley Constable

Been forever since a prompt was posted. Here's one: A battered stovepipe hat.

1/17 #22
Stutley Constable

Prompt for February 19, 2021: The acrid scent of oak wood.

2/19 #23
Stutley Constable

Prompt for March 26, 2021: Invitation.

3/26 #24
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