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Stutley Constable

I have been considering creating this thread from the time I established this forum. Truth be told, this forum came about in part because of Hades December Challenge of Awesomeness. The purpose of this thread is pretty straightforward: Challenges.


1) Any member of the Consulting Room may initiate a writing challenge.

2) No member in good standing may be excluded from any challenge. *Note* Non members may join the forum in order to participate in any challenge that strikes their fancy.

3) The member who initiates the challenge sets the parameters of said challenge. Parameters may be as loose or restrictive as the issuer chooses.

4) All members wishing to participate in the challenge will notify the issuer of their interest and the issuer will add them to the list of participants.

5) All members participating in the challenge will then write a story that answers the challenge and conforms with the parameters.

6) The issuer will add links to each completed story to a post on this thread, thereby grouping the stories together for easy access for readers.

Sounds like quite a lot to take in, doesn't it? Well, it isn't really. To prove it I will issue the very first challenge.


Every year for the last three or four I have issued a Halloween challenge at the Black Pearl forum in the POTC fandom. The stories have all turned out really well and I think everyone has enjoyed them. This year I want to see what my fellow Sherlock Holmes fans can come up with.

For the Holmes Halloween Challenge all you need to do is write a spooky story. Ghosts, goblins, family curses, witches, vampires, mummies, evil idols and all manner of things that go bump in the night are fair game. The story can be supernatural or mundane, serious or humorous, adventurous or dramatic, but it must fit with the Halloween theme. Any canon characters can be featured. There is no requirement to include either Holmes or Watson.

Story length - One chapter. No less than 500 words and as long as you need it to be to tell your tale. *Note* Word count does not apply to poems.

Deadline - Stories should be ready to post the week leading up to Halloween with a final deadline of October 30th. If you will be later than that... Well, let's worry about it when the time comes.

Anyone interested in participating should PM me directly and I will add your name to the list which will be posted in this thread. Anyone who has questions or who wishes to brainstorm on a story, please PM me and I will be glad to do whatever I can to help.

Current participants:

Hades Lord of the Dead



Westron Wynde


I'm Nova

7/22/2015 . Edited 8/12/2015 #1
Stutley Constable

Okay folks, it's getting on towards spooky month and our deadline for the Halloween Challenge is approaching. There's still plenty of time to join in on the fun. Also, if anyone has friends who might like to participate in the challenge or the forum this would be a great time to introduce them. If anyone wants some help with their story, please let me know. I would be glad to lend a hand in way I can.

9/29/2015 #2

I have just submitted mine. I was beginning to think that I was going to fail - this is the hardest piece that I have ever been foolish enough to attempt - but it is done and I am relieved. May I go and collapse, now?


10/30/2015 #3
Wumbo-Girl 1314

Mine's posted as well tps://

10/31/2015 #4
I'm Nova Here is my contribution to the challenge. This bunny bit me and refused to let go until it was written. I'm not sure how it turned out.
10/31/2015 #5
Westron Wynde

I'm late, but I managed to get something written. I've tried free verse this time, it's more difficult than it looks!

11/4/2015 . Edited 11/4/2015 #6
Hades Lord of the Dead

Hello! So sorry to have been so absent from this site, and to have so utterly failed in posting my Halloween response!

I have another challenge now December is approaching so please read below and message me if interested... I will likely be sending several of you emails too.

Every year I run something called The December Calendar Challenge of Awesomeness. The challenge was conceived by myself and another user, Spockologist, a few years ago.

What is it?

Essentially the idea is that everyone involved sends in an advent calendar-style list of Sherlock Holmes prompts, with one prompt for every day of December and each day one of these prompts will be sent to a different user.

For example:

There are 7 users taking part: USER, USER2, USER3, USER4, USER5, USER6 and USER7.

On the 1st Dec I would muddle each of these users into a random list, like so:








4's prompt would go to 5, 5's to 1, 1's to 7, 7's to 3, 3's to 6, 6's to 2, and 2's to 4.

This would go on for all of December (the final prompt is sent on New Year's Eve, not Christmas!!!), with a different random list of users each day.


Prompts can be as long or short, weird and wacky as you want. Remember, though, that this is a Sherlock Holmes challenge, rather than BBC Sherlock or any other adaptation - the prompts, therefore, must reflect this. So you could give a prompt which is simply "Write a crossover", but not one which is "Write a crossover with {insert adaptation here}" the reason being that, no matter how popular, it can never be guaranteed that everyone participating in the challenge has known that adaptation.

This goes for bringing in other fandoms too - you cannot give a prompt which says "Sherlock Holmes takes a trip in the TARDIS". You can however give the prompt "Sherlock Holmes takes a trip in a time machine". It's just a case of leaving it open ended enough that those who don't know about Dr Who, or any other fandom, aren't intimidated or forced to spend hours catching up with the fandom in question to be able to write a response.


The prompt you receive may be interpreted in any way you wish, the only limitation being to keep it rated T and below. This is just so that everyone can read and enjoy what you've written despite age or any other limiting factor - if you have one or two responses rated M then that's acceptable, but do try to keep it to a minimum.

It's best to post responses for each day in separate chapters of one story, so that those reading can subscribe to the series of responses, and also so that I can add you to the December Calendar Challenge of Awesomeness community. This is also a great place to look at examples of what has been done in previous years, and to get an idea of who is participating whilst you are.Here's the link:

Deadlines and Timings

I will send prompts out the night before the day they have been written for - for example I will send the 1st December prompts on the 30th November and the 2nd December prompts on the 1st December and so on. Therefore if you want to get the most of the Challenge, you should aim to get your calendar to me by 30th November at the latest. Latecomers are welcome to join, but will obviously have to miss out the prompts for the days which have already passed in December.

Please don't worry about not being able to respond to a prompt a day. Although many people might aim to do so, in order to motivate themselves, it's really down to the individual when they get around to answering prompts. I would ask, though, that you do write responses at some point and to remember that setting yourself the goal to have it finished by New Year's Day is a brilliant incentive to get writing (which is, after all, the entire aim of the challenge). Saying that I am certainly not one to speak, given I still have a floating prompt from the 2012 challenge...

Anything Else?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask either through PM or by commenting on this thread. Also if you know of anyone who might be interested, then spread the word! The more the merrier.

11/11/2015 #7
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