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bryan mccloud

hey guys bryan here, there is an author here going by the name sfa334 who is going against lancexstorm5 by copying his stories without his permission and posting it up as his own without giving the original author credit.

this is completely insane can anyone do that to you unless you give him permission. don't you agree with me? i already inform lancexstorm5 about it.

what do your guys think if someone completely copy your story and never change anything and just post it on the website without your permission and never give credit to you?

7/19/2010 #1
bryan mccloud

alright, this is starting to be really stupid.....what i mean is that sfa334 is really stupid.

date he join: 16 july 2010.

he reply to me and said that he wrote the 3 stories 7 years ago.

but don't you find it strange? the date he join and the reply he gave it to me is contradicting each other. if he already did the story then why join now instead of 7 years ago?

your opinions everyone.

7/21/2010 #2
Crafty Lefty

He's obviously just copying it and trying to take credit for it while hoping he goes under the radar. Lance already messaged me about it and asked me to submit a report to the admins pointing out the plagiarizing. If anything, anyone who cares to should do the same to solidify the fact to them that it's not his work.


7/22/2010 #3

Wonderful! I didn't think people would go around do that. Maybe we should check a bit more, I guess.

7/29/2010 #4
bryan mccloud

ok i got 1 thing which i believe you all should take note of....the admin refuses to suspend sfa334's account. i believe you all know that already.

another thing is he said that his sibling uses his account on this website to copy YOUR stories and i have solid proof that he is lying about it.

1) if his sibling uses your account he has to get your permission to use it.

2) there is no way your sibling knows your account and password when you are using a laptop to login especially since your laptop if sfa334 is using one is password protected.

3) if sfa334 is the only child of the family, then i think he is lying and making excuses.

4) i already seen through everything of his, lies and excuses and he block me from reviewing completely deeming me as a threat.

5) this is reference to the admin whoever he/she know the word who believes in sfa334 lies and excuses and never think that far as me.

all in all i really am disappointed about the lack of security for this website to prevent such things for happening.

p.s. it is not easy to fool me. if you want me to believe what you say you need to provide solid proof.

p.s. this message is a risk to incur the wrath of the admin(s) as well as getting my account being suspended.

8/5/2010 #5
bryan mccloud

i believe most of you know the name i use to review when i am not sign in.

do your really believe what he says? this is the message he reply back to me.

from sfa334 "oh i am so sorry my brother all ways finds out my password i have corrected what he has done" i don't think he is telling the truth and trust me when you read my previous post message for this topic.

8/5/2010 #6
bryan mccloud

this is the last message he sent to me.

from sfa334 " you have been denied entry you will remain blocked sorry about this ordeal but you are a threat"

the only way to know why he view me as a threat is from the previous 2 messages i posted in this topic. if your still don't understand why he view me as a threat, you can pm me and i will explain to you all the reasons.

8/5/2010 #7
bryan mccloud

ok, everyone i am going to monitor sfa334 who change his nick to faro6658kill and he also mentions in his story that lucarioblaze is his co-author.

i know he change his nick because none of your except him ban me from pm. and i can't pm faro6658kill at all.

anyone who needs ideas,help and inspiration for your next story just pm me, i will reply to you.

9/1/2010 #8

Necropost to say: did this ever get resolved?

1/12/2011 #9
bryan mccloud

you can go ask the is if they are ever online or you know who they are.

1/15/2011 #10
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