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VTM: Uh...right...well...I'm pretty new with this forum stuff...sorry if this topic is a little lame...Anyway...My favorites are... From GL3: Hugh Foster and Slayn Wilder! Ya can't go wrong with a comedian and a guy...with...jello; From GL2: I like Hans, Xenos, and Brett...Hans is pretty funny, and for some reason so is Xenos (and he doesn't even try to be! XD ) And Brett because............he's....Brett....yeah....
5/31/2006 #1
Wow, another Brett fan! I thought I was the only one. I feel bad for the guy, not even having his own spot in the intro. In G2, I loved Eliotte and Kenshin Reaves, at least the glimpses we get of them. I hated Ernest at first, but he ended up being one of my favorites too. I also like Brett. In G3, I love Orpheus and Vincent, as well as Viktor, whose battle quotes always made me laugh. Monika was my favorite female.
7/3/2006 #2
VTM: Vicktor is great, he does have pretty good lines, and monika's my favorite female role too, not too keen on Annette though...I don't like "battle ballarinas"...(darn tutu's...-_-+)
7/5/2006 #3
The Number VI
Woah, so mean. ^_^
1/3/2008 #4

This seems like it would be a fun game. I have seen the game in stores and I thought the character designs on the box looked like somethin I would play, but I have never gotten to it.

What is the gameplay like? I love Strategy turn-based!!!

11/6/2009 #5

I'm new to this forum thing on fanfic so I'm just gonna say what's on my mind.

My favorite guys are Carmaine, Slayn, Wein, Grey, Ernest, Orpheus, Vincent, Reaves, and Hans. I know all the cute guys and the funny guy, sterio-typical favs but I really can't help myself.

My favorite girls are Monika and Julia since they're the only ones overall that I don't want to kill.

Growlanser is a turn-based system RPG that allows one to fight on a battlefield, walk around (and get chased lols), and cast spells and such. There is armor and gem customization and the discussion choices you make have an impact on gameplay.

9/21/2010 #6
The World Arcana
I just play Growlanser 5, so I must say Haschen/Zeonsilt, Ziekwalt, Randall, Rufus, Gaerik, and Seldous(Before Randall story begins) for the boys and Korin, Sherris, Romina, Yurii, Lily, and Fanille for the girls
8/14/2016 #7
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