Good Warrior Names
Hello cats! This forum is for you people to tell me what you think are good warrior names and I'll leave a comment on HOW I like it, IF I like it, WHY I like it, and so on. I promise not to be harsh...No, really!
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Dragon of the Dark Realm

I am going to judge warrior names! Please have the description too! I'm honest, but not really harsh.

Also, I would like it if you said why the cat has its name if the name is unique. For instance, Hawkfrost--Hawk is because of his pelt color, frost is because of his eyes. Have something like that, please!

Please don't have anything like Crystalriver. For one, they do not know what crystals are. Two, "river" is not a true suffix.

Also, submit apprentice names that you want me to get warrior names for. Please have description there too!

Please submit!

1/2/2010 . Edited 1/2/2010 #1

I know it's the same list I sent to typer2131, but I want lots of opinions.


Snakestripe. Big tabby tom.

Mistybreeze. Silver she-cat with blue eyes.

Mossfoot. Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Fireflower.Fierce ginger she-cat.

Foxfur. Russet tom.

Flamestripe. Ginger striped tom.

Raindapple. Lightly dappled gray she-cat.

Hawkgaze. Brown tabby tom with piercing amber eyes.

Ivyheart.(I like the image it gives me of an old stone heart with ivy entwined around it.) Light gray tabby tom.

Reedstripe. Faintly striped russet tom.

Brightfrost. White she-cat.

Brindlefur. Brown tabby tom.

Rainflight. Slim gray tom with blue eyes.

Roseleaf. Mottled cream she-cat.

Adderfang. Strong tabby tom with amber eyes.

Jaywing. Tan she-cat with blue eyes.

Nettleclaw. Gray tom.

Ashcloud. Smokey-gray she-cat.

Oakdapple. Dappled brown tom.

Dawnflight. Cream she-cat with amber eyes.

Eagleclaw. Golden tabby tom.

Whitemist. White tom.

Littleflower. Small tortiseshell and white she-cat.

Dovewing. Creamy-white she-cat with blue eyes.

Otterpelt. Sleek brown tom.

Stormclaw. Strong gray tom.

Mudstripe. Dark brown tabby tom.

Tumblefoot/wind. Tortiseshell and white tom.

Raggedwing. Longhaired dark brown, almost black, tom with a battered look about him.

Iceflower. Delicate white she-cat.

Graystorm. Large gray tom.

Cloudheart. Silver she-cat with white chest.

Frostfang. Silver-gray tom.

Leafpelt. Tortiseshell she-cat.

Nightstorm. Big black tom.


Brierpaw. Pretty golden tabby she-cat. I was thinking maybe brierclaw.

1/3/2010 . Edited 1/3/2010 #2
Dragon of the Dark Realm

Snakestripe. Love it. Thought of it myself.

Mistybreeze. Not bad...creative, but a little iffy with me. Beauitful, though.

Mossfoot. What does "foot" have to do with anything? Make her have distinctive paws, or maybe I would change her name to Mosswing.

Fireflower. Lovely. But it sort sounds like firefighter if you think about it.

Foxfur. Hmmm...seems insulting to the cat. Not bad, though. Maybe Foxflight?

Flamestripe. Simple, nice, and good flow.

Raindapple. I love it! I've thought of it myself. Medicine cat? Or warrior?

Hawkgaze. Not bad. Hawkfrost clone with amber eyes? Maybe Hawktalon or Hawkfire.

Ivyheart.(I like the image it gives me of an old stone heart with ivy entwined around it.) Yes, me too, but it doesn't make sense.

Reedstripe. Russet? I'd change it to Reedfur and black tom.


Brindlefur. She-cat, in my opinion.

Rainflight. Again, sort of feminine

Roseleaf. Great!

Adderfang. Great name, but already one that Erin hunter used.

Jaywing. Hmmm...Erin hunter mentioned it but didn't use it. good.

Nettleclaw. love it!

Ashcloud. love it again!

Oakdapple. -dapple is a feminine ending to me.

Dawnflight. love it!

Eagleclaw. hmm...creative but common. but it's really good!

Whitemist. again, -mist is for she-cats.

Littleflower. thought of it myself with the same definition! Good work!

Dovewing. Thought of it too! Awesome!

Otterpelt. Very simple and good.

Stormclaw. Love it.

Mudstripe. Good.

Tumblefoot/wind. tortoiseshell tom? in the wild? wow. I say Tumblefoot.

Raggedwing. -wing is feminine to me.

Iceflower. beauitful

Graystorm. love it! thought of it too!

Cloudheart. make it black she-cat with a fluffy white chest. good name

Frostfang. Frost? Love the name, but frost is usually for girls.

Leafpelt. how about leafnose? Leafpelt is awkward to me..

Nightstorm. Love it.


Brierpaw. Pretty golden tabby she-cat. I was thinking maybe brierclaw. yes, briarclaw is good. Briarpelt is my favorite. I suppose you meant briAr not briEr?

1/3/2010 . Edited 1/4/2010 #3
Dragon of the Dark Realm

Very good. I hope you keep posting! I love your names!!! TUMBLE isn't a great prefix, but it works, since Mumblefoot was also used in Bluestar's prophecy. Overall, great!

1/4/2010 . Edited 1/4/2010 #4

Thank you.

Mossfoot. I understand what you mean, but when you think about it not many of the names make sense. (Breeze? Flower? Wing?)

Fireflower. Oh! I hadn't noticed that...*giggle* :)

Foxfur. Why do you think it is insulting? Sorry. I don't mean to sound all worked up, I'm just curious.

Raindapple. Med.

Reedstripe. Why? Arn't reed heads russet and the stalks red? I don't know why the Erin's made Reedwhisker black.

Adderfang. Oh, I have only read the first seires and up to 4 on the second.

Brindlefur, Oakdapple, Whitemist and Rainflight. Hmm, that's wierd, I've always thought of them as she-cats.

And thank you for the offer, I will. As soon as I think up some more names. I went all out on you. ^^

1/5/2010 #5
Dragon of the Dark Realm

Mossfoot--I understand. I love the name--keep it!

Fireflower--:) You can keep it, though, if you want. It gives a great image.

Foxfur--hmm...hard to say, but foxes have been bad, so sometimes cats call each other fish-face or fish-fur...I've thought of this before, so I shouldn't be talking. :) Anyway, it's a good name.

Raindapple--Great! :) Me too!

Reedstripe--oh, I'm sorry! I never understood reeds. Okay. Reedwhisker just got me confused. :s

Adderfang--you can still use it in your story, though. I mean, it's only been used once, unlike Robinwing--used a thousand times!!!

Brindlefur, Oakdapple, Whitemist, and Rainflight. Do you mean toms? I think Rainflight sounds most like a tom. Brindlefur, too, since it doesn't matter. White sounds like a tom, but mist? Hmm...every cat with mist at the end is a girl that I know of. But you could start a new trend! :) Oakdapple...I've seen Shellheart, a tom, have dapples, so I guess it works. But same as Whitemist. If you DID mean she-cats, then that's ok too. Actually, all of the names can work for both here.

Please keep posting! I feel lonely...:(

1/5/2010 #6
Prin Pardus

Alright, I need your help. I have an apprentice named Ivypaw, and I have no clue what to name her. She's one of the main characters in my fanfic, so naturally I want her warrior name to be meaningful.

She's a golden tabby with green eyes (formerly a loner kit; she was named Ivy for her green eyes, because her mother and brother had golden eyes. Loner customs stated that kits should not be named until their eyes change color, because usually they die before then). Her brother is Lightpaw, her mother is Maple (her mother didn't take a warrior name, but might have on in the future).

I'm at a loss for either of their names, mainly because I don't want any cats in the same Clan to have the same suffix. And nothing goes with Ivy very well beside "leaf" and that's overused in my opinion. ^^;


1/5/2010 #7
Dragon of the Dark Realm

Okay! about:

Ivywhisker (if she has good hunting skills)

Ivyfang (if she is good at fighting)

Ivyeyes (ick, not my favorite)

Ivynose (just random for a name)

Ivystripe (for her tabby pelt)

Yes, I like Ivyleaf. Ivyshine?







Lightwhisker (choose something different for Ivy if you choose them, then...:) )

Lightfeather (girly, sort of)


Okay. That's all I can think of that's good. If you need any more help you can ask! Hopefully you'll use one! :)

1/6/2010 #8

Okay, here are some more.

Rainflower. Lightly dappled gray she-cat.

Dewflower. Small silver she-cat

Beeflight. Tiny dark gold tabby she-cat.

Dreamflight.(not too sure about this...) Silver she-cat with blue eyes.

Swiftstorm. Fast black and white tom.

Darkstorm. Very dark gray tom.

Bearclaw.(my cats know what bears are.) Big dark brown tom.

Hollyclaw. Dusty brown she-cat with dark green eyes.

Pebblefoot. Dark gray tom.

Brackenfoot. Brown tabby tom with green eyes.

Willowsong. Lithe pale gray she-cat.

Dusksong. Gray tom with amber eyes.

Are you still lonely? :)

1/7/2010 #9
Dragon of the Dark Realm


dewflower--also beautiful

beeflight--good. i've thought of it. what about beewing? LOVE the description!

dreamflight--eh. no. cats dont name kits after dreams.


darkstorm--i think of it more as a tabby. but good name

bearclaw--bear? creative.

hollyclaw--hm...i don't think it's bad. hollyfern?

pebblefoot--um...what's so good about his paws? maybe make them black or white or darker gray. Also, this is a real name.

brackenfoot--sorry. already a name. i've thought of brackenclaw, brackentail, and brackenfall.

willowsong--sorry. but SONG??? willows and songs?? eh, no. it's beautiful though.

dusksong--again. look at willowsong. also, dusk i see more of as a she-cat, but i think tom is ok.

Thank you for posting! I'm not so lonely...:)

1/7/2010 . Edited 1/8/2010 #10

Does anyone know or have a good name for a calico she-cat? Here's her description:

She Is a calico. Not tortishell. But they are like the same thing so whatever. Anyway, she is my pet and,her name is Cupcake.

Cupcake has green eyes, a beautiful back of mixed orange-brown and black,little bit of white. She has white paws and her legs are dappled a bit. She has a white chest and the top of her head is black. I love. She is sweet,funny,would be a GREAT mother,etc. But I want her as a warrior,not med. cat or pernament queen.

Here are some ideas for prefixes:



Thanks to all who help!

1/10/2010 #11
Dragon of the Dark Realm

Dappleheart (eh)

Spottedpath (eh again)

I have some strange but pretty ones...



How about...

Shineheart (Shiningheart. Not the best)


Dapplefur (if you want something ordinary)


Dapplepelt (real name)

1/10/2010 #12

Could someone rate these names for me?

Jasminetail - fluffy cream colored she-cat with leafy green eyes

Fawndapple - light brown and white she-cat with honey colored eyes

Butterflywing - golden tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws and amber eyes

Mossfur - gray tabby she-cat with leafy green eyes

Stormshadow - dark gray tom with dark blue eyes

Pebblefoot - grey dappled tom with sky blue eyes

Minnowwhisker - dappled gray and black she-cat with blue eyes

Coppernight - light brown tabby tom with copper eyes

1/31/2010 #13
Dragon of the Dark Realm

Hi, Clovernose! This forum hasn't been used in a while. I have a new one (a better one) but thanks for coming!

Jasminetail--cats don't know what jasmine is. But if they did, this is a pretty good name.

Fawndapple--great! So beauitful.

Butterflywing--yes. I've thought of this before. I remember someone mentioning a butterfly in the Warriors series, so it is usable.

Mossfur--simple and good. I'd make her tortoiseshell with MOSSY green eyes.

Stormshadow--:) GI JOE! Yeah, it's a real character in GI Joe. But no one cares. I just don't like -shadow names.

Pebblefoot--I'm sad to say that this beauitful name was already taken by Erins.

Minnowwhisker--pretty good, just hate the double consenants. minnowfoot, Minnowleap, Minnowstream (my favorite)

Coppernight--say what? They DO know what copper is, but NIGHT as a suffix? No. Copperstripe, Copperfur, Copperpelt, Copperfoot.

Nice! Thanks again for coming!!!!!!!! Please visit my other post (if you want. Totally up to you)

2/1/2010 #14

I have these warriors: i created my cats on Create A Warrior Cat on btw so if you dont understand my description go there!

Ashpool( dark gray long furred tom with lynx markings and tipped silver; blue eyes)

Runningpelt(cream colored with long fur She-cat with cream solid markings; emerald green eyes) btw that's the name i got from the generator XD

Waveclaw(white-colored short haired tom with cream solid markings; grass green eyes)

and my apprentices:

Creampaw(cream colored with short hair she-cat with cream lynx markings; emerald green eyes) btw she's me! w

Blackspot( black colored short haired tom with gray solid markings; blue eyes)

Meadowpaw(light cinnamon short haired she-cat with white "mittens"; brown eyes)

please respond me on this site and on my email address just in case:

2/9/2010 #15
Dragon of the Dark Realm


Runningpelt--yeah, it's an okay name. Runningcloud, Runningbreeze, Runningpool, Runningstream, Runningheart?

Waveclaw--I don't think they know what waves are.

Creampaw--:) Creamfur, Creampelt, Creamfeather, Creamflower?


Meadowpaw--Meadowfur, MEadowclaw, Meadowheart, Meadowtail?

Yeah, I also have a better forum. It's the other one by me called Warrior Name Judging and Helping or something like that. that one's better. :)

2/9/2010 #16

ok. I really need your help. I have this idea for a cat but I dont know what to name her. Can u please give me some names?

Pure white she-cat with bright blue eyes. Member of Shadowclan. She is a strong fighter who can take down just about anyenemy despite her smallish body. She's an okay hunter shes good enough to keep the clan fed but prefers to fight for her clan. She doesnt have a mate yet. She's feice but is gentle to kits and any cat who needs her.

5/22/2010 #17

Hm. Silvwa, (even though this forum is dead) some name ideas are





6/28/2010 #18

I know this forum is dead.......but could someone please give me some names for these cats:


















I know it's a lot.......but you'd be a big help!

7/6/2010 #19

Can you rate these names?


Rushpelt or Rushwind

Thank you!

7/6/2010 #20

Ok, um...i am new to this site and it's so annoying how hard it is to put a picture so i gave up... anyways

How about...










or Snowfur (this name was used by erin hunter though)





Goldenfur (my sister's favorite name)



Bluestripe or Bluepool

7/16/2010 #21

hey look! the picture actually showed!!!!!

7/16/2010 #22

I don't know. I've heard "milk" used beore.


7/21/2010 #23
The Slytherin Defender

Maplepaw- Maplesong, Maplewillow, Maplenut





Graypaw-Graystorm, Grayfur, Graypelt


Snowpaw-Snowpelt, Snowcloud, Snowstorm



Flamepaw-Flamestorm, Flamefur, Flamesong

Mintpaw-Mintheart, Mintleaf




Bluepaw-Bluewater, Blueriver, Bluestream

Tell me if you use any of them!

9/11/2010 #24

Maplepaw- Mapleleaf, Maplefoot, Mapletree, Mapletrunk

Ravenpaw- Ravenflight, Ravenfeather, Ravenfrost

Breezepaw- Breezewing, Breezefeather, Breezefur

Smokepaw- Smokeash, Smokedust, Smokefoot

Sweetpaw- Sweetflower, Sweetfeather, Sweetpool, Sweetberry, Sweetleaf, Sweetnose, Sweetheart [xD]

Graypaw- Grayriver, Grayrain, Graylake

Badgerpaw- Badgernose, Badgerfang, Badgerstripe

Snowpaw- Snowpelt, Snowfall, Snowflake

Moonpaw- Moonfall, Moonhigh, Moonheart, Moonshadow

Pebblepaw- Pebblepool, Pebblebrook

Flamepaw- Flamefoot, Flameheart

Mintpaw- Mintleaf

Ashpaw- Ashsmoke, Ashflower

Goldenpaw- Goldenheart, Goldenwater, Goldenrod, Goldenbrook

Milkpaw- Milkpelt

Bluepaw- Bluebrook, Bluepelt, Bluewhisker, Blueflower

9/14/2010 #25

Here we go!

Maplepaw- Mapleheart, Mapleleaf (if you don't mind the lele...), Mapleshade (this is used by the erins OOTS, but oh well), Maplefrost, Maplepelt/fur/claw...

Ravenpaw- Ravenflight, Raventail, Ravenfang, Ravenshine, Raven...raven......AGH!!

Breezepaw- Breezeflame, Breezefang, Breezewhisp (meh), Breezeshade, Breezeshadow.

Smokepaw- Smokefur/claw/pelt, Smokeheart, Smokewhisp (again, meh), Smoketalon, Smokecloud

Sweetpaw- Sweetwing, Sweetflower, Sweetberry, Sweetcloud, Sweetstream, Sweetpelt/fur, Sweethoney (yet again, meh)

Greypaw- Greyripple, Greyspeckle, Greyfur/pelt/claw, Greystream, Greypool (I HEART THIS NAME! damn, the erins used it....), Greystripe (lol. already used), Greyripple, Greyshadow (grey is so flexible)

Badgerpaw- Badgerspot, Badgertooth, Badgerfang (used by the erins...damn), Badgerclaw/fur/stripe/pelt, Badgerstrike

Snowpaw- Snowfur/pelt/claw, Snowflower, Snowfern (pretty...), Snowleaf, Snowheart, Snowspeckle, Snowcloud (I like this one!), Snowfrost

Moonpaw- (um, you do realise that the moon is holy to the clans, and is therefore not used? Yeah, the erins broke their own rule, but yet...) Maybe Moonheart, Moonclaw/fur/pelt, Moonflower (used...), Mooncloud, Moonstream

Pebblepaw- Pebblefur/pelt/foot/claw, Pebbleripple, Pebblelake, Pebblestream, Pebblefrost

Flamepaw- Flameheart (wannabe Fireheart...hehe), Flamefoot, Flamepelt/claw/fur, Flamestripe, Flameshadow, Flamecloud.....

Mintpaw- I LOVE -MINT!!!! lol....Mintstem, Mintstream, Mintfur/pelt/claw, Mintcloud, Mintpetal, Mintfrost

Ashpaw- Ashfur (used [again]), Ashstream, Ashclaw/pelt, Ashfall, Ashstreak, Ashfrost

Goldenpaw- Goldenpetal (wannabe Goldenflower), Goldencloud, Goldenheart, Goldenstream, Goldenstreak, Goldenfrost

Milkpaw- Milkfoot, Milkstreak, Milkfall, Milkstream, Milkpool (I like this one!), Milkheart, Milkfur/pelt/claw, Milkfrost

Bluepaw- Bluegaze (my dad's warrior, Bluefall, Bluepetal, Blueleap, Bluefur/pelt/claw, Bluestream, Bluecloud (pretty!), Blueheart

Hope you like 'em!


9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #26

Ravenfeather! :D

Moonpaw- -moon is a suffix, though, like Harveymoon. What about Moonshadow?

Sweetpaw- Sweetsong!

Mintpaw- Mintleaf

9/18/2010 #27
Honey's Sweet Song
Well, Cricketsong is a little un-oringinal, but I really like Rushpelt and I LOVE Rushwind!!!!!!!!
10/24/2010 #28
Honey's Sweet Song
Please rate! :D Honeywhisker- Golden she-cat with peircing blue eyes Blossomfire- Cream she-cat with red tabby markings Nightshadow- Black tom Mouseheart- Small brown tabby tom with rounded ears Ashcloud- Gray speckled tom Dawngaze- Gray-blue she-cat with amazing amber eyes Cloudswirl- White she-cat Flamefang-Ginger tom Icestream- White-blue she-cat Oakbelly- Light brown tom with dark under-belly Please please please rate!
10/24/2010 #29
Honey's Sweet Song
Oh! Sorry for intruding on your forum! I'm Honeywhisker. I love Warriors! I can read an intire book in three days. I hope we can all share ideas and make warrior names! Bye!
10/24/2010 #30
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